I recently just tried Blue Lotus in my Anvil and perfected the correct heat up timing, it tasted tangy/sweet. It made my body feel fuzzy after. Hit was abnormally smooth and flavorful natively (I've shared here before that I can't notice difference in taste with weed) using it through bong took away a lot of flavor.

I'm looking to try Lavendar and Mugwort next, but I've read past certain temps the material can produce toxic fumes. Now since the Anvil is meant to "ride the line" which i believe is around 450F so I may be fucked trying them. But at the same time who really knows cause none of this shit has been researched and damn it I'm trying to feel something nice. So fuck it I'm gonna do it regardless with the Anvil.

Anyone have any experiences with all these different herbs people vape/smoke? I've ready people even doing it with catnip. Looking into this stuff kinda made me want a MFB cause that seems low powered compared to heavyweight Anvil.
This probably won't be everything you need, but might give you some useful info:
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