Lotus vs Underdog vs E- nano


Hey guys, I need some advice, I've been lurking here for weeks but I finally joined yesterday and this is my first post.
I'm looking to transition from smoking to vaping and after doing some research I've narrowed the search down to the Lotus, Underdog, and the e-nano.

They all seem to have their individual advantages and drawbacks for eg; Lotus requires finesse to use but is portable; the log vapes are straightforward in terms of usability but require a powersupply etc.

I guess what I care about the most is #1 vapor/rip quality and quantity and #2 herb efficiency.

Also I probably will use a waterpipe in tandem at least a few times a week.

It'd be great if you helped me choose,


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Any of those are great options with water tools and dry, I would say it depends if you want a plug in (UD, enano) or a portable (lotus)

I'd say they're all about equally efficient with bud and very similar in vapor quality.


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My vote would be with the E-Nano.

I can hardly even look through the Nano Mega-Thread, as I want one soooo bad, but the finances just aren't available yet.

Welcome to FC! :D

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I'd say it also depends on how easy of an experience you want. The lotus is going to require some finesse making sure your torch flame is the right size and right distance from the cap. While the logs are much simpler, it doesn't take much to figure out your screen depth/voltage and after that it's as simple as sticking your stem on the log and inhaling.

I will say that I was making a similar decision on what logs to buy, and I went with the Underdog and HI over the e-nano for a couple reasons. 1, both of them run at 12v while the e-nano runs at 120v. This means it's relatively easy to take underdog with you either with a car charger or a variety of 12v battery packs. You can use an inverted to bring the nano with you but it just isn't as simple or elegant of a solution imo. The lotus is of course much more portable than any log.

Part of the reason I chose an underdog is customer service. It's really clear to me that the UD team goes above and beyond for their customers, and while epic vape customer service seems to also be pretty good, it doesn't seem to be on the same level. At least, that's the impression I've gotten from reading their respective threads.

I'm also slightly uneasy about the enano having aluminum in it but this unease is probably unfounded.
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I have the e-nano and UD. I agree about the customer service. The underdog staff respond immediately with any requests for help. Pricewise- if you don't care about exotic wood, they often have a sale of a basic model (not econo-dog) that's pretty inexpensive and have a sale right now on some beautiful logs. They come with several stems- you can get a selection of gongs and regular stems included in the price. So if you are going to use water, you're all set. You can get a battery pack for the UD to turn it portable and also can control the temp by buying some extra equipment that they will point you to. I like the temp control on the e-nano but since I can have that on the UD that wins for me.


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Great Question!

I have both the nano and the Lotus. I enjoy them both, and each has its specialties. I would buy them both if I could start over again.

I like to use my glass in the evening and would be fine with either the Lotus wpa or the nano. I get a very consistent heating with the nano, and I'm on a nano kick right now because I just bought it a few weeks ago. The Lotus is faster in that you load the wpa, cap, torch and done. The nano you gotta plug in and wait, load the bowl more precisely, then deal with that large power cord (unless you decide to leave it on 24/7). The nano is more of a time-spent ritual. The Lotus is fast and furious (and portable) when using the Al stem or J hook.

Don't worry, you'll buy one now then crave and buy the other in a few months. :spliff:


You guys are probably right, before I read all your replies I was thinking "Honestly any of these will occupy me until I have the spare funds to buy another".

I think I'm going to get the lotus first since it's so elegant and versatile.

Do you guys know if they have any FC discounts?

Thanks a lot!


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I would recommend you go for the Underdog, the quality of rips you will get from a plug in is much more consistent than what you get from the butane vapes. This is simply because there is much less user error that can go wrong. You just plug it in, put the stem in and it's good to go. Where as with the butane vapes you really gotta get into the technique, which can be fun, but I think as a first vape, a log would blow you away with its simplicity/ease.

Also as someone who started with portables and eventually moved onto desktops myself, I think it would have been better to start with the best (desktops) then move onto the portables later (instead of vice versa, portables first), so you have a higher standard to compare the portables to (also helps avoids the quick onset of VAS).

Anyways, all three are great choices, just don't be afraid of the desktops unless you absolutely need to be portable. I know they look intimidating, but they really are the best!

As for underdog vs enano: the underdogs can be had for less $$$, look nicer, and come with/have more stem options to play with!
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