1. 1nd3cEnt

    The Nova FX by Ardent

    Meet Ardent's Nova FX ($350, free s/h): From the Ardent website: "We are so excited to announce the FX all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen aka the Easy Bake Ardent! You can do it ALL in this wonder device. Almost 4x bigger than the Nova with...
  2. R

    Egg Lecithin

    Greetings, First time poster and New Medical Marijuana Card Holder. Have learnt a great deal by reading these Cooking Threads... so much so, I order the Ardent Lift so that I can begin making edibles. With that said, I see a number of posts that mention Lecithin... Soy Lecithin that is... Soy...
  3. D

    Problems with weed decarboxylation, help with color needed

    Hi all, Stoner for years, new at the edible section. Trying to decarboxylate my White Whidow weed but I cannot figure out which color the weed have to turn to. All the products I ate with the decarboxylated weed, did not result in any effect. I tried eating it in firecrackers and cakes but...
  4. Litg3

    Edibles on an empty stomach or not.

    Tomorrow will be my third time eating an edible and i was wondering if i should try taking it in the morning on an empty stomach, the other two times i did them i ate a fatty meal around 2 hours before taking it because i read somewhere if you have fat in your stomach the thc can bind to it or...
  5. S

    Fast, Easy coconut oil weed to eat

    Ive been cooking pot for 40 plus years to eat and feel it, never to cook with. If you like the feeling of eating this is a Fast No frills easy without waiting for hours and a lot of equipment. Its to get high NOT taste good. take a frying pan or wtf ever, put some coconut oil in there...
  6. Bad Ocelot

    ABV Heath Bar Cookies

    Had great results with this recipe, both flavor and effect wise. ABV butter: 1.5 sticks butter 1/4 cup coconut oil 15g ABV, stems, rosin chips 2oz EtOH If the ABV & whatever else you've got in there isn't finely ground, run it through a coffee grinder or somesuch. Preheat a nonstick skillet on...
  7. Treeburner

    How Many Cook with New (unvaped) Bud?

    This forum is full of posts about people cooking with ABV or trim, but very little about cooking with high quality, cured bud. I recently switched from vaping to eating, and have been having great results with 0.75g per day divided into three 0.25g doses in coconut oil containing oatmeal raisin...
  8. Treeburner

    Shelf Life of Cookies with Coconut Oil

    I've been cooking my cannabis lately instead of smoking or vaping, and have settled on 1/2oz of high grade bud per 1/2 cup of coconut oil made into oatmeal raisin cookies with .25g per cookie. Three per day keeps me good all day long. Instead of having to cook so often I made a batch of 112...
  9. FR0ST

    How much more bud do you need to use when cooking?

    So I know the exact amount that I would put in my vaporizer, to reach my desired effects. However, does anyone know how much more would I need to use when cooking to reach a very similar level? Is there some sort of math that I can apply between vaporization dose and edible dose :P?
  10. Treeburner

    Minimum Amount of Coconut Oil/Butter

    I'm looking at making a batch of cannabis-infused fudge for Christmas, however my favorite fudge recipe only calls for 1/4 cup of butter (will be using coconut oil instead). Would 1/4 cup of coconut oil contain enough lipids to extract the cannabinoids from about 2.5 Oz of material (2 Oz. ABV...
  11. S

    Decarboxylation of cannabis

    Just want to mention that PsychedlicSam of the Sticky thread on GC called Another Tincture Thread, try it you'll like it (400 pages) has done extensive testing and he now recommends that decarboxylation be at 240 F for 40 minutes. If you are interested in the tests and / or tincture making...
  12. F

    Green Eggs & Ham

    So, I would like to share a really easy way to go medible with your breakfast. Mind you this is a green egg sandwich, the ham is optional :tup: This is a recipe that I learned in the "Soy Lecithin as a Potentiator" thread via luchiano so i will post his original comment as i think that the...
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