1. Hobbess

    Best BHO Extraction tube

    . I've been running my BHO out of 5/8" copper tubing for years and I want to switch to a stainless steel tube with valves for closing and keeping the pressure inside the tube. I've found two versions, one from Ablaze and the second from Best Value Vacs. Ablaze offers a 45 gram tube, including...
  2. D

    Vape juice from hash bho

    Hi all, long time lurker here ... Apologies if this has been covered, I have been experimenting with thc ejuice and love the convenience. I realise this can be made by extracting flower using bho method. Although I am going to use dexso as it is safer. What I would like to know is I have loads...
  3. VapingDitto

    Cannabis Concentrate Reviews

    Greetings, I wanted a place where users can share their cannabis concentrate knowledge.:myday: I also wanted a place where people can practice reviewing cannabis concentrates :nope: I hope that more people contribute and make this an awesome thread. :brow: Here is my first strain review...
  4. 5

    MYSTERY SOLUTION AFTER WINTERIZATION!! Self proclaimed noob, please help :( :(

    First of all, thanks for even clicking on this thread. I’ll explain in full detail what my process was and include pictures to describe what’s happening. In a nutshell I blasted with a closed loop butane setup, purged in a vacuum oven, dissolved in everclear, froze for 2 days, filtered through...
  5. Sara

    Tek latest concentrates extraction method?

    I always use butane for extracting concentrates, but recently I heard about a lot of different techniques. So what are the latest techs? and what is the best one that can be done at home?
  6. JRR22611

    BHO Edibles

    I'm planning on cooking some BHO into canna butter. I've never cooked with concentrates before so I was wondering if someone on FC can lend some advice. I plan on using the same technique as cooking with raw cannabis but I imagine I would't have to cook BHO for as long, maybe an hour or less...
  7. hemp55

    Best Vacuums to buy for purging BHO concentrates

    Would like to know what everyone thinks the best Vacuum's out there are for purging any concentrates. Even great brands that aren't $3000. Thanks for the info and love fuckcombustion family.
  8. F

    Gummi Bears - What's my dosage at? A math question

    Hi I recently made some gummi bears and dissolved 1 gram of 50% BHO into 100 ml of the gummi bear liquid and made 100 1ml gummi bears. My question is using the math of 500 mg / 100 serving gives me a 5mg/g gummi?? Is this the correct math to determine doseage.
  9. J

    How Long Do Concentrates Stay Potent?

    So I'm curious if anyone has any experience with the length of time concentrates will stay good for? I know personally I've kept concentrates in sealed containers in dark dry places for say 3-4 months with no noticeable drop in quality, but that's as long as I've ever had them last before they...
  10. F

    A little help picking out a box mod? Ceramic Kiln 2.5?

    I have a few mechanical mods and a few different pen style batteries. The problem is they do not have the voltage or heat I need as I use them for extracts and not so much for tobacco, so I decided it was better to invest into a box mod. I was looking at the Sigelei 150w TC, when I saw some...
  11. Treeburner

    Vaping Swamp Oil (aka dark oil, abv bho, etc.)

    Recently I ran 10oz. of butane through about 20g of decent abv, and was left with approximately 1g of dark black oil. Since I typically vape between 400 and 430°F there's obviously little to no thc remaining in the oil, but definitely some other high-boilers as applying the oil to smoked...
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