Lil' Bud Elite Quick Start Guide

Lil' Bud Elite Quick Start Guide

Lil Bud Elite User Guide


Congratulations. You’ve just purchased one of the most technologically advanced dry herb vaporizers on the market. This guide will walk you through just how to get started, so you can get the most from your device right away. Lil’ Bud Elite features an all wood body, stainless steel coil, and the Evolv DNA75 Color power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for a tremendously pleasurable vaping experience.



Lil’ Bud Elite utilizes an 18650 Lithium Ion battery. Li Ion batteries need to be handled and stored properly. When not installed in the unit, Li Ion batteries MUST be kept in provided plastic storage case. Avoid contact with battery terminals and any metal objects. Do not keep loose batteries in your bag or pocket. Also gently install and remove batteries from the battery compartment, being careful not to crush spring terminals. Also be sure battery wrapping remains intact and doesn’t tear. Do no use batteries with damaged wrapping.

Be sure to store batteries in cool area (not in a hot car). Cells should be removed and recharged when the charging indicator reaches no lower than 5%. You can also avoid battery removal by charging in place via the USB port. Do not overcharge batteries. Remove from charger when at 100%. Do no leave on charge overnight.


Many safety features are built into the control board. The Elite includes an automatic shut off if the unit is left untouched for 240 seconds (4 minutes). In addition, if the unit is powered (fire button pressed) for more than 20 seconds, it will automatically cut out.



To get the absolute most out of your Elite, we recommend prepping your flower which is a two-step process. First, remove excess moisture by placing a few buds (a gram or two) into small bowl, and putting under a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. Keep the product a few inches from the bulb for about 30 minutes, more if necessary. Next, take your dry buds and grind / shred into a semi fine dusty powder. Your flower is ready to be loaded directly from the bowl, or you can load a doob tube with the contents of the bowl. I like to use a small funnel to keep things neat.


The Elite comes with a short 19 / 22 roasting tube and a 12 mm basket screen. The screen is inserted from the tapered end, basket side toward coil. A small dowel or pencil can help push the screen back to about 1/8 of an inch from the tip. You can experiment with this distance for different effects.

Load with enough flower to fill the basket screen after a light tamp (about .1 gram) You are creating the perfect flower puck. Be sure not to tamp too tightly and restrict air flow, or too loosely disrupting even heat distribution.



Take the unit out of the box and load with an appropriate 18650 Lithium Ion cell, positive side down (except for a certain early models). Press the large FIRE button five consecutive times to power up the unit. Using the UP (top) or DOWN (bottom) button and SELECT (middle) button, highlight the current profile. Navigate to the profile named Watt Boost to get started. Place the male tapered end of the roasting tube into the female joint on the unit, preloaded with your product (approximate .1 gram). The tube should stay in even when holding the unit upside down. That’s it, you’re ready to hit the fire button.


Press the fire button and inhale slowly. If the unit / load is ice cold, it will take a couple of second to produce vapor, but no more. The default starting wattage in Watt Boost mode is 28 watts, and that should be plenty, but if not, you can bump up.


Using the 3 small navigation buttons (up, select, down) highlight watts (middle button), then select up or down to change the wattage. Watts will jump by .5. A bump up of one watt up is recommended to start, if you’re having trouble getting vapor, or drop one if you want cooler, smoother vapor.


Continue to press / inhale until vapor production slows. At some point a small bump up in wattage can access most of the remaining flower. I quick stir and retamp can completely consume the entire contents of the tube.


After the final inhalation, it’s recommended that your empty out and clean the tube and clean the screen with your pick tool. Occasionally, or when the screen gets too clogged and interferes with the open airflow, you’ll have to remove the screen and clean or replace. You can do a burn off, or soak in alcohol, or dispose of and add a new screen. You can also use a small pocket knife to gently scrape the inside of the tube. That is the only maintenance necessary.


If you’d like to buff up your Elite, a little heat from a blow dryer will melt the already existing applied beeswax. Buff with a clean rag. You can also add more beewax to the finish using the same heat application technique with a blow dryer. Be careful not to use too much. Beeswax available on


For more information on the safe and proper operation of the Elite, equipped with a DNA75 C, go to:

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