1. Bravesst

    Lil' Bud Elite Quick Start Guide

    The Lil' Bud Elite by Vapwood is an all wood on demand portable convection vaporizer that is equipped with the Evolv DNA75 color control board. The Elite features the Insta-Heat stainless steel coil designed by @Alan Gray. This user guide features 8 sections Safety Herb Prep Roasting Tube...
  2. M

    Buying advice, one for hash, one for discretion

    First time poster, if I´ve done something wrong by posting this here, please let me know. I´m gonna replace my MFLB, and I hardly ever use my Extreme Q. Looking for some advice before I spend my money. Will be ordering a Ti Grasshopper in a while, but I´ve decided to get something while I wait...
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