1. Bravesst

    Timber 510

    Hello All, Vapwood is constantly moving forward, trying to produce innovative products. The latest in that line is the Timber 510 mod box for dry herb 510 devices, which have become quite popular. Timber 510 is based exclusively on the Timber Elite design, which incorporates a single li-ion...
  2. Bravesst

    Discontinued The Timber Elite by Vapwood

    The Lil' Bud Elite, for sale at: In production for just about a year, the Lil' Bud is about to go through a big change. The Classic, as it's known around Vapwood, took about a year to perfect, and now pretty popular here on FC, but there was a call for fully automatic regulation...
  3. Bravesst

    Lil' Bud Elite Quick Start Guide

    The Lil' Bud Elite by Vapwood is an all wood on demand portable convection vaporizer that is equipped with the Evolv DNA75 color control board. The Elite features the Insta-Heat stainless steel coil designed by @Alan Gray. This user guide features 8 sections Safety Herb Prep Roasting Tube...
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