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    Arizer Solo

    I bought a Solo on January 8th. The unit was an M102 model, specifically. I've used it 2-3 times per day since buying, and have absolutely zero problems with it. No funny smells, no ceramic flaking and I can easily roast a stemful to whatever degree of doneness I want. A few joint/bong smoker...
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    I gotta ask any American who watches politics; super committee ??'s

    I try to follow US politics (3-4 US news channels, several websites, RSS feeds and 2 newsmagazines) and I've been aware of the super committee since the idea was first floated publicly. I knew what it was empowered to do, even if subsequent legislative measures might try to oppose it and I'm...
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    Recent Acquisitions - Post Your New Pieces Here

    I cringed when I got that forum email :( Sorry to hear that. Sadly I've learnt that broken glass comes with using glass; for me at least. The casualty list since April this year; -Beaker of my first bong broke ~ 1 month after purchase. -Handle of a beautiful diamond cut type bowl broke when I...
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    Discontinued Vapor Blunt

    There doesn't appear to be any temperature control other than the turbo boost mode. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. However, even though this may lack fine temperature control (I've got no problem admitting it if I am), this looks like a very good portable solution for someone who wants...
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    Arizer Solo

    Is an authorized reseller? They have thje Solo listed for $259.00 shipping and taxes included. It says full support and warranty, but.... Tom (I've bought from them before; an MFLB)
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    BHO extraction on goes BOOM!

    I get 'agitated' when I see stuff like this (I hope to God no one was injured in any manner). I've got a degree in chemistry and I don't fuck around when I am experimenting at home (read extracting, purging, boiling, evaporating or whatever). If you need to vacumn purge, get a water tap...
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    Ideas for a Cannabis 'Full English Breakfast' please?

    Thanks for all of the ideas. The following is what I am going to try on Friday morning :ko: before off to Remembrance ceremonies (don't know what the rest of the world calls it; in Canada a national holiday honouring armed forces sacrifices and WW1 armistice....I'm probably wrong, sorry I'm a...
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    Discontinued VapeXhaleLabs Presents: The Cloud

    A question for those who have used the VXC; how quickly can you finish a load? I'm not talking about 'fiending' taking hit after hit until it is gone; I'm curious to know how much you could finish a load (0.3g?) in one haul/rip? Is it possible to finish a load in one hit, much like you would...
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    just broke up with someone i still love

    weedemon; I split with my fiancee back in April. And that came with a truckload of financial hurt. I saw her on July 29 when she cam to pick up some of her stuff. I don't love her. I don't miss her. If anything I feel sad that she's going through life with so much toxic anger. But it ain't my...
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    Ideas for a Cannabis 'Full English Breakfast' please?

    I'm looking for ideas on how to best incorporate MJ into the following breakfast (I usually eat every Saturday morning); -fried tomatoes -fried potatoes -fried mushrooms -some kind of fried meat (typically sausage, but I'm partial to kidney) -eggs optional (I avoid them usually) but poached...
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    Arizer Solo

    A lot of the questions that are asked are almost impossible to answer meaningfully. Or they've been asked/answered before. I think Max gave an intricate and specific answer to be honest. Tom
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    Proposed changes to Canada's Medical Marijuana laws

    The trouble with the proposed changes (and I mailed my MP and MLA using my real name and address) is that there are no price controls on the MJ that will be sold by these companies. Currently, the weed you get from Health Canada is capped in cost $7.50/g I think. When Health Canada gets out of...
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    Americans, did you ever receive a traffic violation through email?

    In 1993 I was driving a 1963 Ford Fairlane convertible (not mine) in North Dakota. It had an improperly installed metric conversion kit (my buddy and I are Canadians and use metric). I was caught going about 30 mph over the limit. Explained to the officer (was still given a ticket), so he paced...
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    Proposed changes to Canada's Medical Marijuana laws

    Mods, please leave this post in this section; thanks. ^^^^--------- The above link is the Canadian Federal Government website listing the proposed changes to Canada's MMJ laws. Highlights: 1. The core of the...
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    Best/Worst advice from a doc was . . .

    Both my GP and a specialist strongly advised me to take EPO (Erythropoetin sp?) because I was severely anemic due to kidney damage. I refused because the EPO was of human origin, and at that point (Fall 2001) synthetic EPO was not approved for human consumption in Canada. Well, lifestyle and...
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