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    Arizer Air to Flowermate Mini Pro

    How worse is worst? In comparison to it's Mini S counterpart and the FM5 Pro. I'm still tossed up about getting the bulkier size but with double the battery capacity, whereas Mini Pro is about size and to a lesser extent, USB charging which probably wouldnt do much for my type of technology...
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    Arizer Air to Flowermate Mini Pro

    I checked the price of the Vapcap and I'm immediately picking it up next paycheck. No idea why I haven't done so before. I checked out the Dynastash and it's great and all, but honestly I could get away with getting a cheap dugout box and rigging a magnet on it myself for a little more than half...
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    Arizer Air to Flowermate Mini Pro

    I've actually been considering a Vapcap as a secondary portable due to how intrigued I am by the simplicity and without the need for batteries. It's perfect for one of those situations where you're not around electronics but you have a lighter with you. But isn't it more like a one-hitter than a...
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    easiest vape for an older person?

    I probably wouldn't recommend a portable since she has hand tremors, but it shouldn't be ruled completely out (it's especially great if she can't always move to her hypothetical desktop vape). If I could make a personal recommendation, I say go with either the Da Buddha Vaporizer (roughly $150)...
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    Arizer Air to Flowermate Mini Pro

    I'm going to keep this condensed for simplicity, but long story short, I'm giving my brother my Arizer Air and in turn I'm looking for a new portable vaporizer that suits my needs. As someone who lives very close to the mountains and loves to hike/do other outdoor activities, I want to keep the...
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    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    I'm in university and work so I don't nearly have as much time for video games as I'd like but I do play Smash Bros 4 Wii U daily, and going to buy FC: Primal my next paycheck
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    Your next two vape purchases?

    For my next vape I'm buying an Air (next Friday actually). For the one after, in my dreams a Volcano but most likely either a MFLB or UD
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    Arizer Air or MFLB?

    Thanks to all who replied! After serious considerations and looking at some alternatives others posted on here, I've decided to go with the Air. I already have a desktop vape (EQ, actually---so I'm comfortable and happy with the Arizer brand) so this will definitely suit my portable needs
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    Need a new vape, after 4 years of daily SOLO usage

    I'd definitely look more into the Air. I'm actually watching some review videos on it right now and it seems like what the Solo should've been in the first place. That and it's very efficient with better air flow too. The difference in vape quality isn't very noticeable from what I've...
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    Arizer Air or MFLB?

    I'm a university student who is now looking for a portable vape that I could take around campus/out for hikes and vape with friends. I own a desktop vape but for paranoid and discreetness reasons I left it at my parent's for my brother and father to use. I'm not looking for a desktop-replacement...
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    Struggling between Extreme Q and DBV

    Thanks everyone! After much MUCH more research and looking into my situation, I went ahead and ordered the Extreme Q. I would like the option of bags and I would be sharing a lot (especially with the whip), so hearing about the EQ having the 360 whip vs the Da Buddha, and of course the bag...
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    Struggling between Extreme Q and DBV

    Thank you! I just hate the feeling of going wrong with a vape, especially since I'm a broke college student haha. But would you say that the whip quality of the EQ vs DBV is lesser because it offers the hybrid feature? The issue with me is, I never used a vape before (except the Thermovape but...
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    Haven't been on here in ages...

    Haven't been on here in ages...
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    Struggling between Extreme Q and DBV

    Hello everyone, It has been a long time since I've been here. The last time I posted I claimed about purchasing a product, but long story short things did not fall through. Now, however, that my first college year is over and my birthday is coming up soon I'm resuming the vaping route as I want...
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    Budget Portable Vapor For College Student?

    After seeing the overwhelming amount of support for the Solo and many video reviews, it really does seem like a top vape. I'm sure if I went with the Lotus I wouldn't have gone wrong, but I love the idea of conserving some herb and pick-up-and-go. It's also small enough and easy to store. I'd...
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