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    First Vaporizer? Can't decide between HerbalAIRE, DaBuddha, or the Arizer Extreme Q

    I love my HA. That said, there are health concerns about teflon, but they're about 50 degrees F above what the device sees. If you want more info, there's plenty out there about it. In practice, the device has not been shown to reach those temps, but that isn't to say that it's not possible...
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    Maintaining the High You Want

    I have found functional experiences easy with vaping, far more so than combusting. For this experience, I avoid the theoretical 'proximity effect' by keeping the material as far from the heat exchanger as possible, using lower temperatures, and fresh material that's been well kept. This all...
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    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    No problems here, was just offering an alternate opinion.
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    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    Thanks for the instructions, but I'm familiar with how to avoid combustion, but it occurred when I let someone else use it. Maybe, but I find torches easier to use, you just have to alter your speed. With candle flames the temps fluctuate more than when I use torches. I found that a quick draw...
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    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    Tars are rather hard to liberate, so I guess we will have to try what we can.
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    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    Hmm, I guess I now have a vape purchase to regret. Interesting to note is that due to the dissimilar materials, the wood splits as the metal inside expands.
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    Good Videos to watch when you're Vaked!!

    Really anything by this guy is a great watch when vaked.
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    Discontinued Vapor Lithe

    I recently acquired one of these, and when letting an acquaintance use it, combustion accidentally occurred. Now after swabbing it many, many times with cotton swabs + ISO, it still tastes quite a bit like combustion. Anyone been able to remedy this issue?
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    Are there vape downsides?

    A huge downside for many new vaporists is the learning curve that may or may not exist with a particular vape.
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    Dream Vaporizer

    There's quite a bit of misinformation in this thread. It is 100% possible, though it may be difficult to fit into the size of a pen-sized vape. Using monochrometers, you can select the exact energy range you are looking for, which gives control over the spectrum emitted. There's plenty of...
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    Discontinued The Hammer Vaporizer

    I found that the GonG stem works great, and I'm not attaching it to anything but the hammer, draw right off of it.
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    Random encounter with another vaporist

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    Vaping not effective for me any advice?

    Not ridiculous or illogical at all. I'm assuming you're using your lungs to draw and not your mouth, as when you sit in different seats your posture changes. With different postures, your draw speed will vary, assuming you are breathing with your diaphragm. With different draw speeds you will...
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    Coming out

    It's very unfortunate you have to hide who you are from others, but it's understandable given the circumstances. :( I really think it's professional people coming clean that is helping to shift the perspectives of those with no exposure though.
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    Discontinued The Hammer Vaporizer

    What's the sledge going to look like? I hear it was inspired by an early post in this thread. /Rumor control
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