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    This Akin Thing...

    I just find it insane that a grown , educated man could not understand that sperm + egg = pregancy , regardless of the circumstance. My friends 7 year old knows how the human reproductive system works better than some of the people in office.
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    So I want another Vape...

    herbalAire. I apologize , its been a long night.
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    So I want another Vape...

    After some more research and talking with some folks , I'm leaning towards either the Solo (which even though is a portable unit , others have said that it has the kick of a desktop unit) or the Herbalizer. It seems that these two are the best fit for what I'm looking for. Can anyone whose had...
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    So I want another Vape...

    So i've had my Iolite for about 3 weeks and have loved vaping with it. Its a great unit but here is the thing: Its too small. I want a good desk unit. Ive looked at some of the options and the only limit is really my budget. If I buy it this month , I have about 175-200 to play with. If I wait...
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    Oops? Ad Accidentally Acknowledges the Harm of Fear-Mongering

    Big Pharma , The major booze lobbies and conservative lobbies are the people who fund the drug free adverts and such.
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    Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

    Just got back from the VA , had to sleep there overnight to get some test done. As soon as I got home , loaded up my new Iolite and total relax. I love vaping.
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    Curiosity landing on Mars in less than an hour!

    Honestly , this is awesome. This is what it must have felt when people saw those images of Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon. I really hope we keep pushing the boundaries of what mankind can do. The great thing about this kind of research is that unlike most of the world changing technologies ...
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    Curiosity landing on Mars in less than an hour!

    I dont disagree with that , lwien. Im just saying that the greater return for the investment wont been seen for a long time. All the tech and science that has spawned from space exploration is great and it of course it changed human history. I just think it will be a long , long time before deep...
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    Curiosity landing on Mars in less than an hour!

    I think space exploration is a needed investment , not that most of us will see the real fruits of this. The ability of humanity to migrate to place to continue our history should be our number one goal.
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    Curiosity landing on Mars in less than an hour!

    Between this and the fact that we most liklely finally found the Higgs Bosom , seems like this is a good year for science.
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    Rick , my prayers go out to you and to your family.
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    Has Chick-Fil-A Essentially BuFu'd Themselves?

    I agree with what Tea Party said on the issue : I dont agree with their view but I will defend their right to say it. But what I think is wrong is the fact that they are using company funds to buy adverts opposing gay rights. I'm sure there are people who work for them who are gay and now feel...
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    nice guys...

    I feel you , OP. That was my train of thought before meeting my wife. We met when I had said fucked it to dating and now we are happily married. We have a very balanced relationship and now I am the most fullfiled I've ever been in a relationship with any one , ever. Time , my good sir , Time.
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    MMJ and Mental Health

    I was just wondering if anyone here , other than myself , uses MMJ for mental health and how has it improved their quality of life. My PTSD and Depression are 10000% better when I medicate , even if it is not daily. It relaxes me but not too opressively like Xanax or Ativan does. It also slows...
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    First vape, cheap & worth the money

    I got a VG coil and two weeks later , I'm still burning my buds. In my case I think its because my medical condition prevents me from having the kind of fine motor control to keep the flame just right.
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