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    Good bye.....

    I didn't know that mom had made a farewell post, but it has been a busy day. I'm a little sad to say that I'll be leaving as well, on to the same "another venture" as mom. I don't want to spam the forum but we won't be that hard to find. I'll hang around for a short time, since my account...
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    Herb Grinders

    A lot of people take being called "ignorant" as an insult, so I'd take this as an unofficial warning from an official source to avoid using that term for other members here. As for needing an o-ring on a grinder, it's clear that you've never used my favorite brand. MixnBall grinders are no...
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    Micro-dosing is the thread topic, and cannabis is the forum topic. If you guys want to talk about another topic, please find an existing thread or make one.
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    VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    You mean factory second, not a refurb. I wouldn't worry about it. A dent would have to happen when the glass is still soft/hot, and should be cosmetic only, and a chip will just give you a rough spot. Cracks are what you don't want, and those aren't mentioned. A factory second has one or more...
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    Toxins present in vapour? Or purely in combustion?

    This is an old study, but there's not much of a recent nature to cite. I wouldn't worry about toxin levels with vapor. You'll breathe more crap on a daily basis in most cities than via vaping. If you're concerned about keeping the levels low though, just stay away from the higher temps.
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    That one is excellent for this purpose. If you're not loading micro as well though, you have to pay careful attention. The one I use these days is the HipVap. A narrow vapor path and your temp on display makes it easy to sip a micro dose.
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    Other names for vapor/vaping

    Get used to it. 'Vaping' is here to stay. Saw a sign in a library parking lot yesterday- No smoking- no vaping- no tobacco. Of course it was referring to e-cig vaping- can't have that nasty water vapor in the air in our county parking lots. :rolleyes:
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    Fuck you !!!

    Listen up yourself 'Mr. I have all the answers'. The only person who can make changes in the way the forum is set up and operates is the owner, who's MIA 99.9% of the time, and no longer has any real interest in the forum. There are four staff members keeping the place running in a somewhat...
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    Vaping and second hand high

    If you get vapor exhaled right at you, you could be affected. People have exhaled into paper bags and that exhaled vapor has then been inhaled, to good effect. This in itself, has blown up the theory that you get all the actives from mj vapor with a 2-3 second inhale. Exhales into a room though...
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    convection vs conduction

    Hot air or vapor isn't a function of vape type, just the vaping temp and how close your mouth is to it. The user is always capable of controlling the vapor temp- even if the temp is set high your draw speed is very much a part of the equation. I've gotten too much vapor per hit many times, but...
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    Odin by Top Bond

    $84.15 now at puffitup. $99 and several codes for 15% off- bignews, puffedup, fc-1. My wife appropriated mine so I had to get another. :\
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    Completely New To Vaping. Need All Advice I Can Get.

    There's a forum site with lots of good info, and no link needed since you've already found it. Don't know of any books on vaporization, and really, you just need to go ahead and try it to see if it's for you. Vapor certainly provides a cleaner high than smoke, and the consensus is that it's less...
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    Arizer Air vs Grasshopper

    The OP has not been on the forum for almost a year. Click on any user name and you can see the last log on.
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    Lead in our cords?

    Most power cords have a small amount of lead. It helps with flexibility. You can't absorb lead through the skin, even if it were to leach out -highly unlikely unless it's crumbling from age, in which case you'd be foolish to use it for electrical safety sake. This just isn't a concern.
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