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    Looking for reviewers to test the Dablamp E-Rig

    If your still looking for volunteers I'm happy to participate.
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    Discontinued Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    I'm glad its not just me. I gave up on this guy a long time ago thinking I was an outlier. I saw all these other posts of good interactions, decided it was a one off and let it go. My first unit caught fire. After numerous emails he agreed to send a new unit. I sent my old one back and after...
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    Dreamwood Glow

    This happened to me. I ordered in early November and the tracking started off fine for the first week and a half then nothing. Everytime I checked, it just said waiting for dispatch, delivery unknown. Joel was great and responsive. The day he personally was going to look into it, it showed up...
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    Gone from vaporDNA at 20% off apparently. I double checked. Its not the direct from manufacturer site. Thanks for the look out!
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    .....aaaand they're gone!
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    Tafée Bowle

    Damnit...VAS is getting harder to fight! Stop all the positive reviews! I feel the $500, with all the add ons, leaving my account as I type this......
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    The Vapbong from Art of vapor

    Thank you! Gonna see if I can find a 5A on Amazon or elsewhere to compare.
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    The Vapbong from Art of vapor

    Would a VVPS from @edstnt or any other log vape work? I've noticed the included box also gets pretty hot.
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    Tafée Bowle

    Is the base puck the same for the long and short version? Theoretically could you buy one and later get a replacement stem of the other length? It seems like a bit of a big price jump for an inch of material.
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    THANK YOU!! @Kaptan I think it worked. Put a small piece of wood under the contact. Went pretty smooth. Test running today!
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    Stink wont stay away?!

    This is a brewery kettle cleaner intended to clean parts of the Kettle that are hard to reach. Works great on glass and SS. I use it for everything super gentle and effective. (Obligatory final hot water rinse & shake works here too.) Check Amazon.
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    TinyMight Vaporizer

    I feel like my tinymight has been less effective lately. It is is good for one or two hits and that's it. Even though the unit is hot there's no vapour being produced. Has anyone else had this issue? When its good its a couple great hits but uneven abv and then nothing a whole lot of hot air...
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    Grasshopper AC Adapter Kit (and 18650)

    What reason is that? It seems that a lot of the manufacturers have been great contributors here. One of the draws to the site is the manufacturer's participation. I would be curious to hear what your experience has been.
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    Healthy Rips FURY EDGE

    Going beyond the click is gonna combust a most of the time, especially as it builds up heat. Try thinking if it like a barbecue, you want to slowly bring your product to temp.. Heat it till it clicks. Let it cool till it clicks and hit it again. The click will come quicker as it heats up and...
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