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What's good?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Jambi619, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    My VAS has been mostly under control since I got the Lotus, but, with all these new portables on the market, I'm starting to think about pulling the trigger on something new.

    I'm thinking something electronic since torch lighters aren't very stealthy. I like the idea of convection and thought about the swift pro or CFV but then I saw the Argo and Terra that's coming out sometime soon...maybe.

    Arizer has a solid track record so I tend to lean in that direction. Is the quality on the Boundless/flowermates decent? Heard battery life is lacking. Are there any vapes I'm missing?

    I don't mind spending like $300 for a quality vape, but if there's a good budget option, I'd like to know.

    Fury 2 had my eye for a min but they seem to have odor issues which turns me off.

    Sorry for making a post like this but I just started working for USPS and the hours are insane. Thanks for any help.
  2. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    Now there's an old FC member I rarely see around lol.

    Sounds like you like to make long-term investments.
    Have you looked into the Sticky Bricks line of butane vapes? I know you're not interested in butane but might be worth considering.

    Alternatively, I think you should check out the Arizer Air2 - the new heater technology heats up faster, and the 18650 batteries allow you to easily swap out batteries and continue vaping.

    All vapes have odors my friend. The Fury2 is no different from the Ascent or the Plenty which are both very stinky vapes lol.

    I have a Fury1, it's fucking awesome for the price. My only complaint is the non-replaceable internal battery. Otherwise it heats up fast, has a nice discrete OLED screen, and a fairly nice sized oven.
  3. hoptimum

    hoptimum Well-Known Member

    that comes as a revelation to me
  4. asdf420

    asdf420 Well-Known Member

    tubo evic
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  5. lookhigh

    lookhigh FC member

    Mystcal land of Eire
    The argo is out now.
    The flowermate cfv is good except for the battery life.
    The terra is the replacement for the cfv and should be out in the coming months.
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  6. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    really digging the new Ghost.

    Kinda intimidating with all the hype, but it is a heavyweight.
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  7. P.A.M.

    P.A.M. Vapo Rising

    Planet Earth, North America
    Maybe have a look at Vapwood's lil'bud , handcrafted by @Bravesst . It looks very promising . It is a unregulated , on-demand, convection vape. www.vapwood.com or check out the thread in new and upcoming portables. It's within your budget ($145 to $195 plus shipping) not butane, convection and similar in size/format as other vapes you mentioned. No plastic , no glue, all natural vapor path. I have not tried the lil'bud , swift pro or cfv but from what I read and trending , these on-demand vapes are a power house and tough to beat. Lil'bud pre-order still open for now , projected mid February .
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  8. habitat-fc

    habitat-fc Well-Known Member

    The Haze Square may be worth looking into as well, as it looks promising and is priced about $170 - $190. It is on demand convection and has four chambers. It isn't released yet but early reviews are now coming in and they are taking Pre-Orders to ship around the end of April.
  9. sickmanfraud

    sickmanfraud Well-Known Member

    I recommend the TUBO. Great device. Great people to deal with.
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  10. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    There was at least one guy who said his Fury had robot fart smell, but I do get the Ascent comparison cause that one had a siliconeiness to it. I like a bargain, but I don't wanna sacrifice too much in terms of quality.

    The Air interested me when it came out but I feel like it's too similar to the Solo to justify me owning both. Argo is like this new cool design, compact, removable battery, all good stuff. My only slight concern is the potential for material to get stuck down in the heater, but probably a nonissue in reality.

    That Tubo looks interesting...weird but interesting. The glass sticking out kinda lowers the portability but short stem might be ight as long as the vapor isn't hot AF. I do like the versatility of being able to use any 18mm male connection...fkn LSV wand with EQ basket screen?:science:

    Ghost seems legit AF but I feel like tiny parts are bound to get lost and cleaning seems like a bit of pain. Same with the Square.

    Probably won't actually buy till 4/20 so maybe the Tera will be out by then...I like the dual batteries and it looks pretty slick. Hopefully it performs well.
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  11. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    Haze Square is an on demand convection vaporizer. Has 4 bowls. A lot of momentum with this vape currently. Just being released now. And haze is quite the reputable brand I have noticed.
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  12. Jah1975

    Jah1975 Well-Known Member

    As far as the smell goes with the fury 2, all youyneed to do is use the WPA. Its still almost as discrete as the air, tastes pretty Much the same, and blows it waaaaay out of the water hit-wise
  13. beyond6strings

    beyond6strings Just another traveller in the Cannaverse

    I continue to fall deeply in love with my Omnivaps. I have a Carbon Fiber Omni XL, Cocobolo Omnivong, and a Cocobolo double crowned body waiting on me to commit to a condenser. I have used these with flower, oil, crumble and wax, and the extraction is always even and complete.

    And given Dynavap's M, DynaBuilder, and their parts department you can go from the simple powerhouse of an M for $55 or get a Titanium Omni XL and spend closer to $200. You cannot go wrong.
  14. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    Dynavap did catch my eye as I was researching, I use a hitter right now when I'm out n about and it's sorta the vaping equivalent. I'm kinda confused by all their different prefixes...do all the omnis have spinning mouthpieces? Can a vong fit in a stashbox?
  15. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    IIRC they spin but that's also how you adjust the carb/air intake setting for Omnis. The VonGs are bigger than the standard VapCaps so no unless you modify it... or if you have 10mm pieces, the standard mouthpieces on the non-VonG VapCaps fit in there (how I use my Ti blackwood with my new 10mm rig).

    I really like the Ti blackwood I have, spinning mouthpiece (but I never really use it to spin), nice wooden/metal fusion, and kicks ass! If you want all electronic, a few of the members are making induction heaters that work fantastically with VapCaps. Off top @Pipes has 3 or 4 different induction heater models that run off batteries or off wall power.

    And nice to see you around here again ;)
  16. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    Thanks :wave:

    I'd probably just buy a separate midsection rather than attempt a mod, just needed to know the compatibility of the stash boxes. Those are only for the standard length stems?
  17. Newcastle

    Newcastle Stoned!

    In The Closet
    They make an XL box as well. I believe the Vongs fit now as well.
  18. Jambi619

    Jambi619 Cannabis Crusader

    I sent em an email, we'll see what's up. Major difference in vapor quality on the XL and standard?
  19. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    My experience is that the longer stems are milder than the shorter ones. But as long as you get a vapcap other than the M the stems are interchangeable so you can have standard and XL on the same body. Also some here are making great stems.

    I'd third the tubo or mistvape. And the haze square has a 10 year warranty.
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  20. Boden

    Boden Aspie polymath

    In the shop
    Not that I’ve noticed. The DynaVap ain’t flavor machines but they are very effective.
  21. Jimmyweaese

    Jimmyweaese Well-Known Member

    I have 2 Flowermate both are really odor free. Sure there is some. But I'm very very pleased with the low low level. Also have x maxx starry. 10 times the smell of Flowermate
    But still quite acceptable.
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  22. Mr. Whitewall

    Mr. Whitewall Well-Known Member

    In a 100% glass airpath tower!
    If you're looking for convection and portability it's always going to be more demanding powerwise, hence the majority of portables are conduction-based, so they have more autonomy?

    I own the Milaana and its pretty good flavorwise! Very pure tasting. Same as my MiniVap (which is a hybrid, can be a portable, desktop, or both).
    Also @Alan 's versions of RBTs design, the iHeat. Vapwood has been mentioned too, which is yet another take on the same concept: wood body/stems, convection heater, removable batteries (most 18650, but @Bravesst is working on a 26650 model if I'm not mistaken).

    One of the ways I use for deciding is how it improves my portable needs: how discreet am I being using it in these X amount of situations I'm gonna be in? Am I gonna run out of power and how do I deal with that? How easy is it to carry in summer/winter? Etc...
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  23. Bravesst

    Bravesst Full Steam Ahead Manufacturer

    Vapwood USA
    Two things... the iHeat is a superb vape, not really a version of anyone else's. The Lil' Bud was originally slotted for a bigger battery, but the efficiency of the coil heating system made the need disappear. The 18650 provides plenty of power and longevity.

    Neither of the above units feature glass, epoxy, or mica.
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  24. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    FWIW Fury 2 has excellent taste imo.
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  25. Godspeed

    Godspeed Well-Known Member

    I will have to respectfully disagree with this.

    The two Ti Omni’s I use produce great flavor but I use the lowest temperatures possible.

    The chambers are both set at 50% and I heat them four times per load. It may be that I only consume .05mg a day so my tastebuds are more sensitive, but I find that the Omni’s produce much better flavor than my Firefly2 while using considerably less material.
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