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What is your strategy to counteract your high, when U R 2 high

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by Kosherbubba, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    Why not just skip the strains that leave you comatose?
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  2. Willy

    Willy Well-Known Member

    I do nothing cos I very rarely get too high :)
  3. Mr. Whitewall

    Mr. Whitewall Well-Known Member

    In a 100% glass airpath tower!
    I read (maybe here? :hmm:) when there's too much THC, CBD is supposed to interact with it in order to suppress the effects of an excessive dose?

    One of the "standard procedures" in Coffee-Shops is to give sugar to people when they start feeling weak. Soda/Juice/Tea also works. Fresh air and being left alone too.
    Also, having slept/eaten well previously is key.

    Get on a good position; lay down on your side, or lay/sit comfortably. Or put your head between your knees whilst sitting and breathe deeply.
    DO NOT get up until you feel ok (and those white dots filling your field of vision have gone :freak:) and DO IT SLOWLY; you don't want to transfer too much blood from one place to another at once.

    Don't panic, try to laugh about it; just realise you got a little stoneder than usual and it'll pass :D. If you can't distract yourself with something, sleeping it off is good too, just close your eyes and take deep breaths.
    If you aren't comfortable being wasted in front of too many people, take a friend you trust along outside, or to a quieter table and have him/her bring you a drink/check on you from time to time.
    As a scuba diver, we were taught in our First Aid course that the setting may make things worse for someone in distress, things like lots of unwanted attention, etc.

    If all else fails, I've been told that some shamans have a simple method for "coming back"; go to the shower, take off your shirt and splash a good amount of cold running water over your shoulders and head/face with your head down into the bathtub for about 2-3 minutes.
    Take deep breaths and keep calm. Dry thoroughly.

    ...Just my experience from seeing a few people faint at Coffee-Shops and elsewhere.
    Mind over matter.


    PS: Another technique for anxiety I heard is to slowly rub your index and thumb together whilst breathing deeply.
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  4. Baron23

    Baron23 Well-Known Member

    This has happened to me with edibles only. In those cases I'm experienced enough to know to just grab my ass with both hands and wait an hour. It will pass.
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  5. Alex3oe

    Alex3oe Well-Known Member

    I'm so envious of you guys, talking about getting to high of edibles and simply use a different strain and so on
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  6. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I got too high on edibles once- it felt more like a trip than being stoned. I've been too wary to try purchased edibles since. If I want an edible I make a cheese cracker or firecracker.
  7. Kosherbubba

    Kosherbubba Active Member

    Toronto, ON
    My son had a really bad experience with edibles. He tried 1/9 if a brownie for 3 days and the 4th day he tried 2/9 of a brownie and got really bad hallucinations. Which is why in Canada even though it will be fully legal to use weed, the edibles our outlawed from being purchesed in our country. I can see why . The edibles your are getting THC in its pure form and they studied it and found that more people will get fucked up on edibles and bring them to the emergency department in waves. The Video is a simulation of what happened to 2 toronto cops eating a brownies. True story!

    Click to play YouTube Video


  8. Kosherbubba

    Kosherbubba Active Member

    Toronto, ON
    I have never heard of a cheese cracker. Do you just put regular cheese or the cheese wiz?
  9. uncanni

    uncanni Well-Known Member

    dirty south
    CBD works wonders. What I have also found in my own experience that place and circumstance have everything to do with the kind of high I experience.

    What I have done for a weed anxiety attack is get by myself, lay down, breathe deeply. Friends agree that being in the wrong social/public circumstances is the biggest no-no.
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  10. JadeLioness

    JadeLioness New Member

    CBD isolate works
  11. analytika

    analytika Well-Known Member

    San Francisco, California
    Ringo's Gift or Harle Tsu
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  12. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    I just make a firecracker with cheese and ritz crackers. It may have it's own name- I don't know. I don't have a cheese spread but I make it by grating whatever cheese I have. Given my negative experience with edibles I like being in control over how much herb I add.
  13. AMiA

    AMiA Well-Known Member

  14. uncanni

    uncanni Well-Known Member

    dirty south
    Best way to counteract a bad high: get the hell out of wherever you are and into a safe place.
    Remove yourself from the company of unsafe or stress-causing people.
    Get grounded: hug your dog, or cat, or teddy bear. Or be with a safe person/people.
    Say your mantra and slow your breathing down.
    Surrender to the trip: relax into it, perhaps lie down and let your mind fly free
    Learning how to surrender to cannabis when one gets too high is valuable.

    I've been smoking since the 60s and only had a bad experience with cannabis after I dropped too much acid once. I stayed away from it for a while until my mind cleared, and all was well after that. Fast forward 46 years and last fall, I got too high in the wrong circumstances, and I had a full blown panic attack. I got by myself, slowed down my breathing for about an hour, then I was able to drive home and lie down. I was ok after that; i was reminded that cannabis can open "the doors of perception" similar to the ways that hallucinogens can do. Not as intensely or for as long, but man was I stoned. Most importantly, I needed to get into a safe, quiet space.
  15. snamuh

    snamuh ghost

    I dab CBD.
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  16. P.A.M.

    P.A.M. Vapo Rising

    Planet Earth, North America
    Some very good replies , I do wonder if your @getting too high" is related to using the same amount of flower for all strains. If you vape .1 of medium grade stuff and then next day do .1 of top shelf stuff , or 2 different strains in same size joints, it could attribute to getting too high . Strains not only different potency but also have different size:weight ratio. I do get what you mean though, lolit happens to me sometimes , mostly good times! But you wait it out and try what everyone here as mentioned.
    Also if you vape the same amount of flower that you smoke in joints, that could explain how you get so high with Your desktop vape .Try cutting the dose down a little for vaping if comfortable doing so , to see if it can help you gain a more controlled high . Ive read before that vaping the same amount you would smoke is over kill when vaporizing your flower . Material efficiency is one of vaporizing advantages over combustion .
  17. ginolicious

    ginolicious Well-Known Member

    I think I know what you are referring to. Like when you get too high and your anxiety starts to raise?

    I try to zone out in random bullshit Instagram posts or conspiracy theories.

    I haven’t baked in a while. Last time was Saturday. And I got a weird feeling in my Adam’s apple like something was stuck in my throat. Mind you I hadn’t baked in over a month before that.
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  18. dave123

    dave123 Member

    Interested in this.

    I enjoy vaping but it's a creeper and you think your not high and carry on vaping.... All of a sudden it hits you all at once.

    Felt a panic coming on the other night, id just had a big dinner and was drinking lager. Two things ive since been told to avoid.

    Also been told that orange juice is the antidote

    I ate a magnum and half hour later I was fine.

    Been told to avoid tobacco, alcohol, and don't get high after a big meal.

    Orange juice on standby or something sugary

    Vit c is supposed to pull you out of it.

    Cbd is supposed to work but im dubious. My cbd gets me quite high if I take too much ..

    Want to try some cbd isolate tho. Sounds good
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  19. howie105

    howie105 Well-Known Member

    Muck some stalls, nothing brings me down quicker then the smell of horse poop.:)
  20. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead High Standards

    The Full Spectrum
    With a bit of meditation you can turn a racey anxious high into an enjoyable little mini trip!
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  21. wall

    wall Well-Known Member

    I really dig this thread because its something that isn't talked about a lot, I have depression and sometimes it gets worse if I "over due it" I'm having a great time and boom I'm telling myself how bad this is and how shitty of a person I am. So for me I've learned to take it slow, I rarely turn to any session style vapes ( I have a few of them) anymore, I like my ff2 and FP and now my Mv-1 (still trying to dial that one in). So take a hit and don't be afraid to put it down and wait to see what happens. I actually get worse if I'm just in my room listening to music and I'm to high, it's like I get sucked into my own thoughts and they can turn nasty in a hurry. Maybe just turn on a very light tv show to watch and keep your mind busy on other things so you don't turn back to inner reflection. Another good one is meditation, it helps keep your mind off of the world and helps you just let the good in. Last for me I like to put my headphones in and take a walk around the block, sunshine makes me feel really good even sober so it never hurts (for me at least). Also (and I speak for myself) come here, I like to think this community only wants the best for others and to have a positive experience, hell shoot me a pm and I'll try to talk you threw it and I offer that to anyone here who has a bad trip.
  22. hibeam

    hibeam alpha +

    Brave New World
    CBD isolate for me is so strong I limit use to topical, but it doubles the pain relief I get from a Sativa and gives me the la-de-da attitude of an Indica (a la Annie Hall). Like I said earlier, niacin is also a bad buzz killer but it burns my stomach at the effective dose.
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  23. vapenerd

    vapenerd Well-Known Member

    Avoid getting too high in the first place. Take it easy and microdose.
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  24. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Notorious

    Land of Confusion
    I have found black pepper aroma works perfectly for me, but yes with effort meditation can work for me too
  25. Likes2vape

    Likes2vape Well-Known Member

    On top of a Magic Mountain
    No such thing as to high!!
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