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"Weak" Strain List

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by GenYHippie, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Just curious if anyone knows of a list of the weaker strains out there? Extra points if sorted by sativa/indica/hybrid ;). I know its the opposite of what most are looking for but being new and low tolerance it seems they are just what I need. The querkle I have got had moderate reviews for that batch (due to lack of potency) but is been a great PM one for me.

    I know it varies batch to batch but a general list of what wasn't strong enough for most Is a great start for me :).
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  2. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    Great White shark I tried that 3 times from 3 different suppliers and it was mild to me each time

    If you want to learn about strains try leafly.com
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  3. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Durban poison and most of the thai stuff
    Durban Poison indoor, outdoor
    Imported from South Africa, produced in Holland. Exclusively inbred, never hybridized, 100% Sativa. Large long budleaves, buds are also large and long with lots of resin. A sweet licorice or anise flavour. “Up” high similar to Thai. High yields. Well suited for outcrossing with late bloomers to produce earlier flowering. Also does very well under artificial light. A very popular variety.
    THC: 8.6%
    flowering period: 8 - 9 weeks
    harvest time outdoor: end of Sept.
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  4. davesmith

    davesmith Well-Known Member Glass Blower

    the seeds by cbd crew are generally 5%thc which is low. They also have 5%cbd which is very high but people have reported them as a good but weak smoke (nordle seems to be the favourite)

    Dutch passion orange bud is a nice daytime smoke can't remember but i think its %60 sativa about 15% thc
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  5. cityslang

    cityslang A taste on the tongue

    In the UK we have plenty of week weed:tup:
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  6. caliwisp

    caliwisp Cali Dreamin'

    @GenYHippie the weaker strains tend to be higher in CBD fortunately!

    In NORCAL we have SPARC in SF (their website menu can be searched by percentage CBD and percentage THC and they have been getting a nice variety).

    Harborview in Oakland is committed to higher CBD and gets some lower potency THC.

    Oakland Organics has a strain called Pennywise that is mild but I have not tried it.

    Lost Coast Botanicals Collective in Humboldt County is dedicated to higher CBD strains coming out of SOHUM Seeds.

    Project CBD website has a good strains page.

    I hope we will see some of the strains developed in Israel here soon.

    Thanks to the growers for continuing to diversify and find strains that work well for the medical community!

    I have tried the following:

    Cannatonic - 50% I/50% S- comes in varying THC:CBD ratios 1:1 to 1:20 (these days I think it is also being called AC/DC)

    Harlelquin - 20% I/80% S - have seen this around a lot and in varying ratios

    Frank Ocean - 12% THC, 13% CBD

    Suzy Q - S dominant - 0.5% THC, 12% CBD

    Omrita RX3 - 65% I/35% S - 8.5% THC, 8.5% CBD

    Harle Tsu - Hybrid - 0.9 THC, 12% CBD (there is also a Swiss Tsu)

    Green Peace - Sativa - 6% THC, 9% CBD

    Jamaican Lion - Indica Dominant - 7% THC, 15% CBD

    Lion Fire - Sativa Dominant - 7% THC, 15% CBD
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  7. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    Here's a slightly-different tip:
    A weak strain is a strain you've been consuming regularly for a good while.

    Ex. Pick up an ounce and vape it exclusively for a month? For the last week, the strain isn't going to hit you very strong at the same dosages.
  8. Magic9

    Magic9 Plant Enthusiast

    Middle of the Map
    California Hash Plant. Decent plant, just quite weak as far as potentcy goes.
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  9. syrupy

    syrupy Authorized Buyer

    I think it's somewhat dependent on the quality of the grow and the individual vaporist's chemistry. For instance, my friend says trainwreck does nothing for him, but it obliterates me. I had some killer Hash Plant^ not long ago, so everyone's experience is unique.

    But for some reason, blackberry kush does little effect wise on my system. I thought it was a weak batch, but I've tried it a few times from different vendors and the results were consistent and underwhelming, at least for me.:shrug: :hmm:
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  10. GenYHippie

    GenYHippie Well-Known Member

    Southern California
    Great to know. They didn't have any at either dispensary today. Oh I do a lot of research sarting on leafly then I keep going and going lol. I get reccs then to leafly, then I research the genetics then I go find more forum and leafly review on the parent strains then I average it out and see if the odds are in my favor.

    Great to know as well. I will keep my eye out for that breeder. Im nowhere near growing yet but I will add them to my notes and keep a lookout for the dutch passion orange as well.

    Hahaha I have plenty of pen pals in UK to bad you cant air mail weed

    I only have one experience with a very CBD strain and it wasn't fun so ive been leary to try again especially at 20 something a gram. Just like the edibles give me 4 - 6 weeks and i'll get over the anxiety of trying it again. Oh I had forgotten about project CBD it was one of the sites they told be about when I got my card. I will have to go a-browsing :). Cannatonic an Harlequin are what my main one has I tried cannatonic (not nice to me) butmay try harlequin down the road. The rest I haven't seen around me. Other places advertise high CBD but they don't lab test so who knows?

    If its not lab tested I wont exceed $15 per gram why pay more when I have such a low tolerance and I don't know what makeup it has? Thank you for sharing the ones you tried :)

    My issue is that one hit was like 3X to much for me. Ive noticed with Querkle im starting to use a bit more to get where I was my first time but not by much.

    Hmm im not versed in hash plant is that like non-active hemps beefier cousin?

    Yeah I know there is a lot of variability the first dispensary I went to today was able to give me a good primer on harvet time and potency which helped. The one who helped me out went through all the strains she tried and would have had to smoke a half ounce of to get relief. I figure her high tolerance can guide me away from the too potents an towards the mellow ones. She said she is a daily wax user along with bud so that seems very high tolerance to me through the lens of my limited experience :).

    One of the dispensaries had blackberry kush but it was top shelf and I didn't have much cash on me (I don't like to do debit in case social security decided to give me crap about it) and id already picked out a lot. If ic an make it out there again I will stop at an ATM on the way.

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