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VapeXhale Cloud EVO

Discussion in 'Plug-in Vaporizers' started by stonemonkey55, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. xenith

    xenith Well-Known Member

    Still rockin the Evo with the swag double and plenty of ELBs and VXNs. Its just hands down the cleanest, most efficient extraction method for herb and for hash. I particularly like it for BHO, it really takes the butane edge off of the taste.
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  2. LumeKa

    LumeKa Member

    I think that the Cannabis Award is not a solid argument. These constest are more about politics than fair competition. Otherwise we would take Green House Seeds as one of the best breeder out there which is obviously not the case.

    Anyway the failure / success point of view could also depend on which side of the Ocean you stand.
    From a European point of view, it's been too long (more than a year, maybe two considering the issues of the former model) since Vapexhale has not been able to sell products that work properly. Which is clearly not a criterion of reliability or success.
  3. Deadhead101

    Deadhead101 I am the Vapor King--I can do anything

    Last night I loaded a kief bowl and when I was putting it into the EVO, as I'm pushing it in, an air pocket seemed to be formed and as I continued pushing the ELB in, there was a loud pop and I noticed a bit of an 'implosion' inside (there was even like a yellowish color briefly). Everything works fine still, but it was a bit odd to say the least. What could be causing this?
  4. Hexi

    Hexi Well-Known Member

    Urban Cali
    Planetvape VXNs are now $37/ea... they are still sold out on the custom evo whip.

    I made a boo boo last night, put in an oversized dab of oil/melt. Like 4x the size of a normal pinhead dab. DO NOT DO THIS! Do not make the mistake I made, almost ruined my Evo, lol so much near-combustion at the end.

    VXN, do not overload these! Spare your Evo the mess
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  5. max

    max Out to lunch

    Politics is why VapeXhale hasn't won more of 'em. The company doesn't play that game, and your inference that they had to do so to win one is untrue. You're obviously just tossing out unsubstantiated accusations. As for Europe, a lot of companies don't even make an attempt to market there, due to random customs issues (like a few years ago here when all Volcanos were being held up at U.S. customs out of the blue), and the question of whether producing 220V units is even worthwhile, sales wise. I can say that if it were me making the decision, I'd still be playing the waiting game on producing units for the foreign, non 120V market.

    I certainly don't blame anyone for being skittish about shelling out big bucks for a vape that's had all the issues of the Cloud. The company has had to weather some huge bumps in the road (more of 'em than the general public AND FC membership knows). IMO that's all the more reason to call the original design a success. Despite all the problems and uncertainty, the demand for a Cloud EVO is still going strong.
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  6. EverythingsHazy

    EverythingsHazy Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to taste butane in BHO. It is supposed to be purged out. Otherwise that is harmful...-__-
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  7. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Deadhead101: I can often see particles flash in the bamboo especially when I pull out an ELB too fast.
    I think these do not explode into so much energy to damage anything but its visible as a yellow sparkle that can light up the bamboo yellow for a milisecond almost like its LED.
    I din't notice that at the beginning but now that I'm avare of it I'm seeing it constantly (especially in dark).
  8. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    I'm pretty sure he meant the butane from using a torch rig. ....
  9. Deadshort480

    Deadshort480 We're here to fuck shit up.

    The East Coast
    Also, unless you are inhaling directly from a can or are in a room where butane is in higher percentage than O2, it is not all that dangerous. Of course it is dangerous around open flame.
  10. LumeKa

    LumeKa Member

    Well that's your presume. I just said that Cannabis Cup can't stand as a solid judgement base. Didn't say they deserve it or not. I was just balancing your output as being a stated truth.

    Actually they did make that attempt, involving ITL IGG & pre orders. That was their choice a year ago.
    People are stil waiting for promises to be fulfilled a year after.
  11. JJ420

    JJ420 chillin on the couch, sippin off a 22 ounce.

    Rust Belt
    ^^Quoted for truth!! Anyone who has half a brain knows that the HTCC is a joke beyond comparison. Like you said, Greenhouse Seeds?? Everyone knows that stuff is pure CRAP. Same with Barney's Farm and a lot of the past winners... Oh yeah, Cali Connection too - JOKE!

    Where is Bodhi on the podium? Snowhigh?? Top Dawg??? The injustice goes on and on!

    Also, I've never seen Sovereignty or Toro winning any awards there for best glass products. High Times mag continues to believe Roor is still somehow relevant.:rolleyes:
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  12. photobooth

    photobooth Well-Known Member

    Out on a limb, are these just particles burning within the hot bamboo or is it possibly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triboluminescence ?
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  13. JJ420

    JJ420 chillin on the couch, sippin off a 22 ounce.

    Rust Belt
    Btw, Did anyone see that Getting Doug With High episode where he tries out the EVO for the first time? It made me cringe. I'm really surprised those fools didn't destroy the thing in the process! :doh:
  14. Frederick McGuire

    Frederick McGuire Aggressively Loungey

    The Land of Oz
    Doug doesn't really seem to get vaping to begin with...

    It may have been in that same episode as the EVO, he was talking about how he didn't get why vapes had adjustable temps...
    He figured "just set it to the right temp for weed" and be done with it.

    There was a similar lack of knowledge back in the day when they sent an OG cloud to joe rogan to demo on his podcast, and he couldn't quite get the swing of the thing either.

    I'm thinking VXL might need to re-think their freebie-units-advertising policy a bit:
    For the people they send em to that are "professional" reviewers, everything should be pretty fine, I'd assume those guys are used to figuring out how something works before they use/review it, but when they're sending a unit to a prominent stoner to feature on their podcast/web show/whatever, I really think they need to send someone along with the unit to give them a rundown on just how to use the thing.

    I know that's not the most practical thing, but maybe it could be a task to be outsourced to a few lucky fanatics every now and then?

    The cloud is incredibly easy to use for a vaporist, but for your run of the mill smoker, any vape, no matter how simple is gonna be that little but confusing/intimidating...

    If I'd never heard of the cloud before the joe rogan podcast, I most certainly wouldn't've been buying a cloud after it, and getting Doug didn't seem to be the best demo of the EVO...
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  15. biohacker

    biohacker Cannasseur

    Didn't the Cloud actually break during that demo? Memory is a bit foggy, but I agree....some of these freebie reviews are not doing VXL any favours. In fact, I believe the FC FAMILY helps alot more with videos, awesome setups with glass, etc. youtube videos...and so on...

    I am on the side that does not believe the Cloud was a smashing success. Although I LOVE the Cloud/EVO, there were alot of growing pains which is understandable, but from my perception (and I believe SM55 said this), they were about to go under. They abandoned the original design, which went extinct, and then they dishonoured their warranty and left alot of people very bitter. The EVO was supposed to be "perfected" which it wasn't, and I still think different people get different experiences with the EVO based on the bamboo, not so much the vape.

    If the EVO continues to impress without hiccups, and can get hot enough for the high temp users, I believe over the next year it will become a smashing success, even though it didn't place at the recent cup competition (which we all know doesn't mean much). I am very much looking forward to the future of VXL and the perfection and smashing success of the EVO.

    I also am looking forward to the Botanicals i've been waiting years for....they same more elusive than a Samsquanch!
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  16. VapeNStone

    VapeNStone Mark

    Yea good luck. I suggested this the first time this getting Doug with high EVO thing came to light. They also could gain a lot of ground getting these celebrities to wear their clothing. I have tons of good ideas just need somebody out there to trust in me to carry them out. I would love to be a travel rep for VapeXHale! To be the face of VapeXHale lol one can only dream.
  17. Cannabis Connoisseur

    Cannabis Connoisseur I LOVE LIFE

    MARK FOR VAPEXHALE TRAVEL REP. 2014 :rockon::wave::clap::nod::tup::science:
    I'll be your campaign manager
  18. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Why would this happen in the bamboo?
    No, I'm pretty sure it's just tiny combustion.
    I can replicate it easily by just pulling out a loaded ELB quickly when hot.
    Half second after pulling it out looking in the bamboo i can see a tiny flash and tiny cloud of smoke comes out. So I'm pretty sure it's just a particle falling out from the ELB by pulling it out too quickly and combusting in the heater part of the bamboo.
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  19. exit

    exit Well-Known Member

    lately i can't help but feel every time i use my evo my weed tasted kinda burnt and nasty. even thru a dry piece. i dont see anything cracked in there or anything like that. what can i do about this. i have clean elb's and everything just tastes kinda..... torched

    been usin my solo more and evo less because of this so if anyone has an idea please help :(
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  20. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Try cleaning the bamboo when coolded down and try lower temp.
    Clouds can make any herb taste like almost torched from certain dial upwards.
    I believe this is because of the insanely precise power of the PHS.
    At high temps, all the air is super hot.
    At no point in the bowl there is cooler air hitting your herb to make that delicious low temp vapor to mix in the taste.

    With other vapes, you are getting a wide spectrum of many air temps on your inhale both spatialy and temporally and also dependent on you drawspeed.
    Dialing only shifts that whole spectrum.
    This spectrum is very narrow in the Cloud.
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  21. way2

    way2 Well-Known Member

    @exit when I first got the VXN I had the same issue with the EVO. I thought maybe the glass had broken. It turned out I had overloaded it at some point and made a terrible mess in the bamboo that needed a serious cleaning. Everything returned to normal when I was done.
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  22. exit

    exit Well-Known Member

    how is it recommended to clean it? i will search the thread but unsure if i have the tools necessary to accomplish this

    any chance anyone got pics of sealing the bamboo so you can safely pour in cleaner. im just a little hesitant to pour liquid all down there cause you know $450 and all.
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  23. z9

    z9 Well-Known Member

    Woot Woot my EVO and sidetree from Massdrop will be here tomorrow! I said hell no to a late-afternoon delivery and got UPS to hold at a center so I can pick it up at 9 AM. I don't know if I'm more excited to get a sidecar hydratube or dedicated concentrate attachment. I do know my neck is going to thank me for the sidecar, the Cloud is too tall to hit from my typical seated position. I'm more than happy with the performance of my non-ticker, non-plus Cloud so I'm interested to see how the EVO stacks up against it. If it wasn't for the warranty, nail attachment and killer deal on a HT I probably wouldn't have upgraded, but the deal was just too good to pass up.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2014
  24. Alvinhwang63

    Alvinhwang63 Well-Known Member

    hi,just got my unit from massdrop!,what dial setting do you guys use to produce the biggest vapor cloud for dry herbs.? thanks!
  25. kimura

    kimura Well-Known Member

    it's been covered, and I suggest you read this thread. but congrats on the new EVO. I never go above 2:30 or so anymore, and it's rare that I go that hot. going hotter than that just seems to rob flavor. I usually hang out around 12:00-1:00 for herb. huge clouds are possible for me at 1:00

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