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The vape bundle! (Europe)

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by PPN, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Hi I have for sale some vapes cause VAS kicked my again for the Inst'Heat from Alan!

    - First there is a Vaporcup I bought from another member, it looks like he was quasi-never used but I used it myself for a month or so and it got some scratches, Except that it works perfectly. Comes with 3 or 4 glass stems, a ton of screens and accessories, sleeve, stand and a replacement battery pack, all for you for 110€ shipped in Europe, add 10-15€ for international. US plug but works on 220v.

    - Now there is 2 Hydro9's, lightly used, both with improved airflow, will comes with all accessories, US plug but works on 220v. Nice vape to share with friends, each one with a Hydro9 shot for the "aperitif"!
    For you for 110€ shipped in Europe, add 10-15€ for international. 190€ shipped in EU for both units!

    - And a Starry V1 slightly used, perfect condition, comes with all accessories. Very nice for stealth vaping. Comes for 60€ shipped in EU, add 10 € for international, micro usb charging port .

    - The infamous Inhalater05, which was great for me despite a very long charging time, but I own the Xp and 06S too so I decided to let it to go. Perfect condition, will come with a usb cord, polymide capsule and a glass capsule, shipped to your door for 95€ in EU, add 10€ for international.

    - VaporGenie with some burning marks on the top but still works perfectly, comes without anything else, it's for you for 25€ shipped in Europe only!

    - Dabstorm 2.0 atty very lightly used and comes with replacement ceramic cup and retaining rings, 2 Evolve wax pens (with brand new atty), a V-One (with brand new atty) and a sub-ohm big battery for 50€ shipped in Europe only ( or added as a gift for large sale)

    NOT PICTURED (Oups, sorry!):

    - Focus vape original, used but still works perfectly, comes with all accessories, shipped to your door for 55€, add 10-12€ for international!

    - Elev8 recycler (18mm male) and ash catcher (18mm female to 18mm female), 60€ shipped in EU for both items (can work together!)

    Here the pic... I just realized how blurry it is and I'm feeling very sorry for, don't hesitate to ask for better pics if needed :

    Thanks for looking!

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