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The FireBox

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Chad Townsend, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Chad Townsend

    Chad Townsend Member

    DIY Arduino based temperature controlled desktop vaporizer

    Using a 16x2 LCD display, K-Type thermister, Arduino, a relay, and some buttons, the project was completed. The chamber used to heat the herbs is from a broken puffit vaporizer.


    This is all temperature controlled.


    The final product has a very small form factor with minimal odor and looks great on the desk.

    Here is a picture of the insides. The components ended up being a tight fit.


    If you have any questions or a wiring schematic or the code I created please message, I would be happy to respond although I will not be able to answer every question because I am not an electrical engineer.
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  2. nondarb

    nondarb .


    Very cool and interesting setup, outside of my own wheelhouse however. I've made a few diy torch vapes and several down the 510 route but nothing as involved as this, definitely looking forward to seeing more.
  3. °k

    °k The sound of vapor

    Now that's a very cool vape indeed! So if I understand correctly the heater is from the puffit too, right?
  4. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    Hi, I never noticed this thread, your vape looks very nice @Chad Townsend , could you elaborate please?

    Is it conduction or convection? heating time?
    A video or some more pics of the chamber, abv and clouds would be great too!
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  5. whammy_time

    whammy_time Member

    Just joined this site after looking around for DIY ideas/projects. Super cool! I'm an avid arduino tinkerer and plan to make a pwm controlled vaporizer in the very near future. After a lot of reading about the 510 Bulli here (nichrome or titanium), I stumbled on someone mentioning halogen bulbs! My plan is to see if I can pwm them with simple 12v LED supply and an arduino/mosfet.

    Anyway, just wanted to say it looks awesome and nice work! Having made some wood enclosured things myself I know how hella long that all must have taken! Do you have some pics of the chamber and working bits themselves? I don't follow how it's heating and whatnot...
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