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The auto-magic super rZToaster, or something like that..

Discussion in 'DIY' started by rz, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Looking good man.

    I don't know if @Ratchett would be a good guy to ask about enclosure design. I know he's been quite busy lately with Delta3D studios but he might have time for a chat?

    He's a 3D printing whiz and might be able to advise on what the best way to design an enclosure would be. Maybe he could advise on the feasibility of 3D printing them or possibly just 3D printing some prototypes? :shrug:

    @Pipes was using off the shelf aluminium cases sourced from one of the chinese online markets. Not sure how easy it would be to adapt one of those considering the screen and buttons, etc...

    @phattpiggie has made a wooden enclosure for his Induction Heater, although I appreciate your board has a number of significant differences such as the screen and the buttons.

    Just throwing out ideas really. :sherlock:
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  2. phattpiggie

    phattpiggie Well-Known Member Accessory Maker

    I've been keeping eye on this thread but most it goes over my head, especially when @rz starts talking Swabloodyhili.

    Perhaps source an off the shelf box, box mod suppliers or as @GreenHopper says an ali case.

    Off the shelf or custom enclosure getting the buttons in the right place would need some sort of template so everyone turned out the same. One hole out of place and it's bin it and start again.

    To be honest my head is all over the place with this one, every time I read thru the posts I end up with the same thoughts running over and over.

    This could be a more than a VC accessory.

    This could be a vaporizer.
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  3. jimt0r

    jimt0r Member

    Love that Display

    if ya do a nekid kit, i would recommend mountable buttons and a wire leads, ribbon wire for the display. to allow for a little flexibility for custom boxes

    i kinda see where phattpiggie might be going with this, glass tube with a inductive load wedged in the tube to perform heat transfer in airpath
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  4. toofluff

    toofluff New Member

    Teensy is awesome and a great choice. Personally I would recommend an ARM Cortex-M chip now anyway over Atmel AVR's. They're usually much cheaper, more powerful, and use less power. Arduino is a very fine choice too, even for production stuff, and they're supporting more and more ARM/non-AVR cores so it's not a big deal to keep using it and just compile for other chips.

    For a DIY kit, I like what you did with your board, to just lay out some through-holes to BYOT(eensy) right onto the board. That's probably best for a kit in my opinion.

    As cool as the screen/display is, some RGB LEDs to indicate temperature, like a Pax vape, would be a lot cheaper and take up much less space. The RHoS thing, needing to add buttons for interacting with it, etc can be a pain.
    An alternative is to use something like a Nordic nRF5x Bluetooth chip (Arduino supports it too) to run the code both for the heater PWM, temp measurement and all that; but also act as tor he "display" interactive part using BLE with a phone app. Used to be that would cost a lot having to write apps for both Android and iOS but nowadays there are some pretty decent frameworks that can do that for both platforms to let users adjust temp parameters and all that. Hopefully it's not something people would need to be adjusting each time they use it anyway. You'd save a bunch in BOM cost and space; and with using pre-certified modules you wouldn't have to worry about FCC/CE stuff for the antenna/RF parts.

    I wish I had enclosure experience...but that's a whole 'nother ball of wax. Like GreenHopper said, 3D printing could work well for smaller batches. But after that, even when you do get a nice one designed, the tooling cost for injection molds is still quite high and needs pretty hefty volume/margin to pay off. Like GreenHopper said and Pipes did, maybe look for some off-the-shelf enclosures first, since they can usually mod them for you to cut out holes and stuff for pretty cheap, without needing to make your own molds.

    If you do ever decide to open source it, I'd love to have a look and try to build my own or buy your kit! :)
  5. rz

    rz Well-Known Member

    OK, so my logistics setback should be solved soon. I should finally have my parts to build up the first prototype PCBs in about a week! :) However, my kids surgery is in two weeks, so.. not sure when I'll get to build it.

    A step in the right direction at least. All will be well in good time.

    @toofluff yeah I thought of a bunch on LEDs at some stage, but the OLEDs from china are just a few $'s and they're really cool :D I think I'd prefer to over-kill this thing than to super-minimize it due to costs. I hope most ppl would prefer to keep some cool factor overkill for a few extra $.

    I also like ARMs. I will keep the Teensy LC as the target MCU platform for now. The second iteration of the board will be without the MCU on the main board. It'll be a module with just driving and monitoring circuitry along with the IH unit on one board, with breakout to a second board that'll have controller+display+buttons. This will also be pretty easy to DIY mod your own controller.

    Also glad that my other two goons went back to kindergarden this week, so I should have some DIY time again soon. Been a busy summer.. Meanwhile, prototype v0.01 keeps toasting away :D
  6. rz

    rz Well-Known Member

    My kids surgery went well! :love:

    And.... My parts arrived! :D:D:D

    (almost, minus an item I mixed up during my component selection. ponied up to get it via local supplier, should be here soon.. I have enough to start building in the meantime.)

    We still have a busy few weeks ahead but that won't stop me. Slowly but surely, gonna get this thing going :D

    Stay tuned..
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  7. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    Awesome news bud, glad he's through the worst of it. :)

    Looking forward to seeing this heater in action.
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