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Suggestions for a framing hammer

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by pakalolo, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I started a thread in Ask FC for you because suggestions would be off-topic in the temperature thread.

    If you don't need discretion then I think your best framing hammer would be a Solo. If you want a pocket portable that you can use discreetly when you're out, then the Pinnacle Pro will do the job.

    As for tack hammers, I don't use pens for buds but from all I've read here the only one worth trying is the T-Vape, and it requires a bit of learning to get good results. The MFLB is an excellent and discreet pocket portable but temperature control is entirely done with breathing technique and battery contact time. You can learn how to achieve the temperature that works for you but of course there's no display.
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  2. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    I agree, an Arizer solo would fit the bill nicely. IMO the volcano is overkill for your needs.
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  3. Kief

    Kief Medicated

    I also agree that the Arizer Solo would fit as your framing hammer and maybe more... every vape user should have one, IMO. It is not sledge hammer or a tack hammer, but it is everything in-between.

    If you are looking for a better tack hammer or maybe a nice finishing hammer, the MFLB is great.

    I highly recommend buying from PuffItUp for the best service... and if you can find a better price, they'll match it.
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  4. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    I agree 100% on using PuffItUp.
  5. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    I really like my estwing 21 oz. fiberglass-handled model,
    but it's hard to find with a smooth face these days :D

    edit: seriously?
    • for a good plug-in model, the ssv is still a great place to start
    • for portable I can recommend a firefly or lotus from those that I have tried
    • if money isn't a concern the cloud evo with some of their glass makes a great framer,
    • while the herbalizer could be thought of as more a multipurpose precision hammer.

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  6. Qatmaster

    Qatmaster Member

    So AZ
    it IS overkill for the mornings, but by nighttime, it's a blessing from the technology gods and goddesses. All of em. From 140 (1-2 bags) to 160 (3-4 bags, stirring material between each bag), to 180 (2 bags. stirring between) and ending at 190 (2-4 bags, stirring and sometimes adding a drop or two of flavoring, coz we scrape the bottom of the cannabinoid barrel by now...). Proceeds of this ONE container (.5 to .75 gram, finely ground) go on to be ground into cannaflour and cooked with or mixed with coconut oil or butter.

    If I'm having a truly bad day or a bed day, I can start using the Volcano earlier, but even with this many bags to a half a gram-ish, I can go through meds in a fucking hurry... I love the convenience of th bag, and the concentration of vapor is tasty to the max. I think I'm spoiled.

    So, having had a gift from the gods given to me by my beloved sister (who wanted me to have the best, and I feel like I do -- only the Herbalizer seems to be in the same category with the Volcano, according to these forae), I'm now just trying to fill in the HUGE voids between cheap pens (ass deep in) and expensive machines (with a volcano, I don't NEED another big guy)...

    Thanks to everybody who's offered opinions here, esp Kief and Caligula! Grokit, I LOVE your sense of humor! Thanks for improving my metaphor! The multi-purpose hammer is what I'm really looking for (lol)! That's exactly the help I wanted. Lots of homework to do!
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  7. Quetzalcoatl


    SDCA, 3rd Planet
    Thirding or fourthing the Solo. Low temps in the mornings, high temps before bed. Now's as good as ever to get one, and aftermarket battery packs are available for when your warranty expires and the battery starts to die.
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