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Spyre/UpToke E-Cigar

Discussion in 'Upcoming and Unreleased Portable Vaporizers' started by photobooth, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. DabComa

    DabComa Stuck in Dab Coma

    Yeah, I didnt realize that... lol. The other thread was made over a year ago before it had been labeled the spyre I guess.

    Possibly a mod could combine / change the name of the threads to avoid confusion and update an old thread title?

    mod note: Done. Not sure why it wasn't reported before now (May 25)
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  2. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Says it's available now! Shipping time is 6-8 weeks though so not really and price is now 299
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  3. grokit

    grokit well-worn member

    the north
    Just because this thread needs pictures.

    6.9in x 1in x 1in
    Another phallic portable, could look worse

    So we load buds into the first chamber, then it grinds into the 2nd chamber where the material gets heated, then you suck the resulting vapor back out of the first/grinding chamber?
    Reviews should be interesting:popcorn:
  4. toros23

    toros23 Well-Known Member

    West Coast
    I emailed them a few weeks ago asking if I could come by to try it out before making a purchase but unsurprisingly they declined. They said they would be attending some events in the Bay Area after release, so I will wait and see if they turn up anywhere and report back.
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  5. cawshook

    cawshook Solod out.

    I can already see an issue with the Grinder getting stuck very often. I hope it works well though.
  6. KeroZen

    KeroZen Chronic vapaholic

    On Air
    Hm it's half-way between a Crayola pen and a dildo...
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  7. UpToke

    UpToke Silicon Valley Meets Humboldt County Manufacturer

    Bay Area, California
    Hmm....for some reason FC wasn't emailing us updates when someone posted, so we didn't see your questions. I'm glad I logged in and checked.

    I'm glad everyone is excited to try the Spyre out. We'll release videos eventually, but at the moment we're still working on manufacturing. One of our suppliers is having some issues, and we're working with them to resolve it. We'll be sending an update email through our mailing list once we have it resolved and have updated shipping times.
  8. Jared

    Jared Cannabis Enthusiast

    I might consider buying one if these if I could see it in action first.
  9. SnidelyWhiplash

    SnidelyWhiplash Well-Known Member

    So pre-orders ship in 4-6 weeks but there isnt anything but a 3d model available to look at? We need video of performance and photos of a real product. BUT it looks baddass...
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  10. MolecularConcept

    MolecularConcept Well-Known Member

    Looks neat, some interesting features. Its quite large tho. Neat concepts I'd like to see INA smaller package
  11. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    @UpToke you will get a lot of marketing value for your buck if you host a testing session for us.

    I'm not famous here, but there are a lot of bay area FCers who will be up to checking you out, and we'll post text and video reviews.

    We'll bring plenty of bud!
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  12. Unisonruss

    Unisonruss Well-Known Member

    I have been dying for a vaporizer like this! I've always wanted a portable where I could just inhale and get amazing vapor and clouds! If this vaporizer can do that, I will buy it immediately. Please provide demo video, and pictures of being in use. You have a lot eager folks here waiting :) $300 is very steep, but possibly worth it if this thing does everything it says.
  13. sasNW

    sasNW Well-Known Member

    Just a heads up there are portables on the forum that deliver clouds just by inhaling... No need To wait for this if you don't want to, been a good while since there's been any updates on this
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  14. Unisonruss

    Unisonruss Well-Known Member

    I meant especially because of the super-short warmup time, and no button to push. What other vapes offer this?
  15. sasNW

    sasNW Well-Known Member

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  16. Unisonruss

    Unisonruss Well-Known Member

  17. toros23

    toros23 Well-Known Member

    West Coast
    Just checked their site for first time in long time.. Says "Available Now" but also says "Delivery Six to Eight weeks". I am guessing neither is correct.
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  18. chillersnov8p

    chillersnov8p Well-Known Member

    Hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up with a post but have to ask, what's going on with this vape? Seems like they had lots of momentum based on media articles I read. Has anyone preordered or been offered to be a tester? As an elevape owner I like the draw on aspect and the grinder tip would solve the stirring issue.
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  19. mrweed

    mrweed vaporizer review blogger

    "hanks for reaching out. We're in manufacturing and not currently ready to send out review samples, but we're happy to connect with you when we are." that's what they've told me in january
  20. chillersnov8p

    chillersnov8p Well-Known Member

    Sent an email and they replied quickly that they are working with a new vender for parts and things are still moving forward.
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  21. Alex.Lago

    Alex.Lago New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I rarely write reviews but this experience actually made me want to go through the hoops of getting an account on this forum to let as many people know as I can about the shitty experience I've had so far with this company.

    Here is the skinny:

    I pre-ordered the Spyre from Uptoke on April 14, 2015. I fully realized they're not out in full production mode so I expected there would be some wait. At some point after my order was placed I wanted to know the time frame when I could expect the product, so I emailed them.

    Their response was: " You should be expecting yours around late Q2, i.e. the end of June. The end of June passed, July rolled around, not as much as even a note from them.

    I e-mailed Uptoke again asking what's up with my order and when I can expect the product. NOTHING. No response.

    At this point I've had enough and just wanted to get a refund. Emailed them again. As expected there was no response. Emailed them again and again, even tried different addresses. Still nothing. That's when I just decided to do a charge-back through my card. And just to not be an asshole about it I let the Uptoke know about it in advance.

    As soon as they got the message about the charge-back they nonchalantly responded and asked for my cc number as they claimed they don't store in their system for, you know, my privacy, so they could issue the refund.

    I decided to play along and just went ahead and sent it over. Again, not surprisingly there was no further action on their part. No confirmation of anything. No refund. Not even a fucking reply.

    Fuck this company and their incompetent ass owners!

    If their product is even a slight reflection of their customer service they're in big trouble. The competition will eat them faster than a great white a wounded seal.
  22. DabComa

    DabComa Stuck in Dab Coma

    Thats unfortunate to hear about, I had higher hopes and expectations for both the company and the device
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  23. Vapor Loop

    Vapor Loop Well-Known Member

    Moon base TR-3B

    I did too about a year ago when the site had an estimate ship date of 6-8 week's i think it was, Then i noticed that it didn't change and the company was having issues. I figured i just would not check on this one for a while now this. I think i'm going to need to see some great user reviews when this comes out to have interest in this one again.
  24. onitramnivek

    onitramnivek New Member

    Purchase pre - order date 3/10/14
    Kevin (5/23/14): Just wondering if there were any updates?
    Support (5/23/14): Thanks for reaching out. I've got both good news and bad news. Good news: Mechanical pieces are back from production and look gorgeous. Some minor tweaks are going back and forth, but everything came back nicely for the most part. Bad news: One of our many component suppliers tragically lost their founder and CEO to a heart attack. We feel terrible about the situation but can't do much. It has caused them some delays, and thus, caused us delays as well. We've sourced alternate suppliers and are currently in the process of having them quote the component for us, but it will take some time to bring them up to speed, as the piece is fairly complicated. Lead times have started to come back to us, and once we've reviewed all the proposals, we'll send another update email so you have the latest info about how long it will take. Please feel welcome to reach out with any other questions or comments. We're here for you. Best regards, Jason
    Kevin (5/24/14): So when do you expect shipment?
    Support (5/27/14): Hey Kevin, Once we've reviewed all the proposals from alternate suppliers, we'll have a more concrete answer for you. They need time to quote out the piece with their own engineering teams and subcontractors.
    Kevin (6/20/14): When do you expect shipments now? Still have never seen a single newsletter.
    Support (6/26/14): Hey Kevin, We selected a new supplier and have them working on the part. They estimated 6-8 weeks to produce volume, followed by certification. We'll receive samples earlier than that for testing though, and if testing goes well, we might begin shipping units early using their samples. It will depend on how well they meet their deadline and how well they perform in testing. We're sending another update email this week, please let us know if you don't receive it so we can troubleshoot the problem.
    Kevin (8/2/14) Any updates? I never got the update email.
    Support (8/4/14): Kevin, You didn't receive it? That's odd, sorry about that. We'll look into it. I've included a copy below for your convenience. <NEWSLETTER>
    Kevin (8/4/14): When are products shipping?
    Support (8/6/14): Once our missing component is government certified so it's nice and legal. Per the update email, our supplier is currently working on fabricating samples at which point they'll begin certification and testing. To clarify for you, our first supplier's part did not pass inspection, so we have an alternate supplier re-creating it for us. That was the primary cause for our delay.
    Kevin (9/11/14): Can I have an update please?
    Support (9/12/14): Kevin, Thanks for reaching out. Delivery is on a rolling first come basis, and dependent on our suppliers and subsequently their suppliers. We'll be sure to let you know your shipment status as component samples are received and certified. Estimates are based on the timeliness of multiple layers of supply. Given the delays we've experienced, we don't want to quote a timeline on the good faith of 3rd parties and have you be disappointed if they are late delivering to us.
    Kevin (10/14/14): Can I have an update please?
    Support (10/16/14): We are working with our current supplier to ensure a smooth transition to their facilities after our previous supplier was not able to fulfill their obligations. We will likely include a timeline in our next email update, but will wait to send that until we have confirmation that the timeline will be met. We don't want to provide misinformation, even if it's unintentional. We apologize for the extended delay, and will continue to send email updates as each milestone is reached, as well as provide you a tracking # when your order ships. We hope you understand why we're being cautious. If you prefer not to wait, we certainly understand given the delays, and are happy to furnish you a refund. We will continue to send email updates as we work with suppliers to reach production milestones, and in addition to a general shipping update, you'll receive a tracking # when your order ships. Let us know if you have any questions, and have a wonderful day
    Kevin (10/17/14): I have never received en email update unless I have asked for one.
    Kevin (10/29/14): I would like an update please.
    Kevin (11/3/14): I would like an update please.
    Support (11/14/14): Hello Kevin, We have completed our transition to our new supplier's facilities and they are fully underway producing samples for testing, followed by certification. The other outstanding issue was the lead time on pieces that our new supplier uses to produce our component. Fortunately, it looks like the supplier has been able to resolve this with their supplier, and secure sufficient component quantities. We have an update planned once we receive all samples, but will wait to send it until all items are received and tested to ensure the accuracy of our update.
    Kevin (11/19/14): I would like an update please.
    Kevin (11/26/14): I would like an update pleae.
    Support (11/27/14): Hi Kevin, Thanks for reaching out. First article samples from our new supplier have been manufactured and are beginning the testing and certification process. We will be testing both mechanical and electrical properties to ensure safety and reliability, while an independent testing center performs their own certification so as to comply with international law. Once components are certified and inventory is stocked, we will send another official update and provide tracking #'s as each Spyre ships.
    Kevin (12/14/14): I would like an update please.
    Kevin (12/17/14): I would like an update please.
    Support (12/18/14): Hi Kevin, First article samples from our supplier have arrived and are undergoing the testing and certification process. We will send an official update once components are certified and inventory is stocked. If you prefer not to wait, your payment card can be credited upon request. Let us know if you have any other questions, and have a wonderful day.
    Kevin (12/18/14): You have been saying that for months. What has changed? I don't want a blanket response. I'm pissed!
    Support (12/18/14): We apologize, and are sincerely sorry you're upset. That is certainly not our intent. It is not legal for us to ship product until components are properly certified. It is not a simple process, but good progress is being made. Would you like us to credit your card?
    Kevin (12/19/14): What is the estimated availability to ship on these units?
    Support (12/22/14): Hello Kevin, We're taking delivery of 2nd rev components from our new supplier next week. Since things have been going well with components from that supplier, which was the primary hold up, we're circling around to our other suppliers to bring them back online and set a production schedule for post Chinese New Year.
    Kevin (1/19/15): Can I have an update please?
    Kevin (1/22/15): So does that mean after february 19 that your suppliers could potentially be making units that are going to be shipped out soon after being manufactured?
    Kevin (1/24/15): Hey gang! How's it going over there?
    Support (1/26/15): Chinese New Year vacation for commercial factories runs from Feb 14th - 28th. We'll be doing pilot assembly in the US, so after CNY we'll have the suppliers execute change orders and shoot plastic for the US build. It won't be an immediate turnaround but expected to be in Q2.
    Kevin (1/26/15): Ok sounds good.
    Kevin (3/7/15): Heyyyyyy gannngggggg!!!!!!!!! How's it going over there? Can I have an update on what is going on over there gang? - GANG
    Kevin (3/11/15): Can I have an update please gang?
    Kevin (3/12/15): gang?
    Kevin (3/14/15): Gang gang
    Kevin (3/14/15): I would like an update please.
    Kevin (3/16/15): Update, I would like, please. Gang!
    Support (3/16/15): Shipments are estimated around late Q2.
    Kevin (3/16/15): That's it?
    Kevin (3/16/15): Does that mean july?
    Kevin (3/26/15): Can I have an update please?
    Kevin (3/30/15): GANG!
    Kevin (5/11/15): Can I have an update please?
    Kevin (5/13/15): Can I have an update please?
    Kevin (5/25/15): Can I have an update please?
    Support (5/27/15): Shipments are estimated around late Q2 and Q3, depending on your place in the order queue.
    Kevin (5/27/15): Could you be more specific? What is going on in the development process?
    Kevin (6/19/15) Hey GANG! Could I have an update, please? What is going on in the development process?
    Kevin (6/29/15): Can I have an update?
    Kevin (7/17/15): I want an update of what is going on.
    Kevin (7/20/15): I want an update of what is going on.
    Kevin (7/21/15): I'm going to contact the better business bureau if I don't hear back soon with an update of what is going on.
    Kevin (10/15/15): Is there any chance of ever getting an update from you people?
    Support (10/16/15): Apologies for the delay, this email is not regularly checked. There is not a major update right now, as we continue to work to streamline the previously mentioned touch sensors and bluetooth functionality.
    Kevin (10/25/15): When are shipments expected now?
    Kevin (11/6/15): Is there any change of a shipment in the year 2015?
    Kevin(11/21/15): still waiting on a response as usual

    I am not satisfied with what has happened with this company. I feel that I was led on to how great this device is and how soon it would be available. I will update this post when, if ever, I receive another email from uptoke support.
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  25. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Wow... can't believe you held on so long... Get a refund man!
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