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RESULTS: Mods Christmas auctions

Discussion in 'Past Contests' started by PhotoRider, Mar 5, 2014.

  1. PhotoRider

    PhotoRider Diagnosed with level 11 G.A.S.

    Oregon USA
    Ok fellow member, I, Photorider finally got off my a$$ and totaled everything now that everything has been paid and received.

    So the total for the mods is $1215.00 and the details are below. I also pm'ed @vtac this information to verify my work. Must have an independent paper trail for full verification so everyone has all the information and people know the facts :)

    Next step is to gift @vtac $1140.00 via paypal, he will add his $75.00 and begin the mod distribution. He will explain his methodology for that, which is completely under his control. Those are my wishes. He started FC and knows the situation the most, so I think he should have this control out of respect :)

    Three member threw in as a pure gift. I kept there names back. If they PM me permission to post their membership name I will, or they simply can post credit :) Rather error on the side of privacy.

    Finally, a huge thank you to all the membership and specially to all the people who donated to the auctions. I hope everyone is happy with their winnings and the mods get some payment for their hard work make this a informative and fun place.

    OK the details....

    Auction 1$ 555.00
    Auction 2$ 26.00
    Auction 3$ 45.00
    Auction 4$ 66.00
    Auction 5$ 78.00
    Auction 6$ 60.00
    Auction 7$ 60.00
    Auction 8$ 65.00
    Member 1$ 100.00
    Member 2$ 35.00
    Member 3$ 75.00
    Vtac$ 75.00
    Phil$ 75.00
    shipping$ (100.00)
    Total$ 1,215.00
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  2. placetime

    placetime Well-Known Member

    Great work PR! :rockon:
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  3. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D
    Thank you @PhotoRider. :bowdown:

    This was a long time in the making and it's great to get to this point and see the results! The proceeds will be distributed as follows: The total will be divided by the number of mods ($1215/7 = $173.57) and each mod will claim as much of the seventh as they wish. If there is any left over the process will repeat with the remainder. Three mods including myself have opted out, so we'll be starting with 4 slices ($1215/4 = $303.75).

    Feels like Christmas in March. :)
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  4. dorkus_molorkus

    dorkus_molorkus Well-Known Member


    its nearly a return air ticket to Oz to come & stay at the world renowned 5 star resort 'Club Dorkus.'
    Relive your youth, by booking the 'Couch Surfing' suite.
    Check in is after 11pm & checkout is when someone wants to sit on the couch.

    See exotic & dangerous creatures right on your door step.
    Redbacks are located by the front door, careful when putting on yr shoes in the morning.
    Rottweiler is located out the back. FYI dont look at him in the eye!
    (remember what he wants, he gets!:tup:)

    For entertainment we have a the Friday & saturday night hobo fights on the undercard & the much anticipated drama filled, teenage angst ridden MMA championships.

    Tommy 'what the fuck you looking at? 'Pringle Vs Lucas 'stop calling me puke-ass' Roberts

    then its open mic night in the street for a bit and a bottle smashing serenade. if someone takes offence to a tree or a street sign its action stations and said street sign is issued with some harsh street justice.

    I have a party organised in your honor. There will be lots of drinking & there will be a bar be que, I expect at least one brawl to break out, but I also expect there to be a fair amount of sex as well.
    Now you dont need to bring anything, I got all that covered.

    Besides its only going to be me & you anyway.

    and then of course there is the amazing food.
    We have only the freshest produce on the menu.

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    As soon as you can catch it & kill it, we can eat!
    Nice birdy!:tup:

    If you are lonely while you're here, I can set you up with this Aussie stunner.

    So much to see and do while you're here

    Myself, I cant see any other way.

    WTF else would you spend the money on right?
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2014
  5. Campers Crumpet

    Campers Crumpet What has been seen can not be unseen :|

    Northern NSW, Australia
    The mods do a great job !!
    @dorkus_molorkus has started your party...
    Click to play YouTube Video

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