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Recommendations for a cheap bong

Discussion in 'Glass' started by Mr.Chalice, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Mr.Chalice

    Mr.Chalice New Member

  2. kingofnull

    kingofnull ace

    You can get the unworked version of the HVY for half the price of the rasta. You could also pick up an SSFG for around the same price.
  3. PAZ

    PAZ Well-Known Member

  4. kingofnull

    kingofnull ace

  5. vorrange

    vorrange Well-Known Member

    I second the recommendation that was made to me by another forum member which i'm very happy with.

    I assume you are from EU, so i would consider getting an Ehle 250ml with a diffused downstem for some extra percolation. If you are considering using it with ice, the version with ice pinches is like 2€ pricier.

    This way you get a nice piece of glass for less than 40€, with a small volume of water, which is perfect for vaporization since it allows you to keep most of the flavour while cooling the vapor and filtering the particles making it a much smoother experience in your airways.
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  6. SD_haze

    SD_haze MMJ Vaporist

    San Diego, CA
    It has got some real unorthodox cleaning requirements.
    But if the cleaning really works with combustion, it might work better with light vapor resin.

      1. Empty Bootube contents into waste drain.
      2. Using clean, cold water, fill your Bootube 25% – 50% full
      3. Cover the hole at the bottom with your thumb while the rest of your hand holds the base of your Bootube.
      4. Cover the top mouthpiece with the palm of your other hand, and hold on TIGHT.
      5. Now SHAKE HARD, Brah! Shake like an earthquake – just do not let go!
      6. Ok, dump it out, and repeat until it rinses clear. Pau! (Finished)
    What to avoid.
      1. Do not use warm or hot water to rinse out your Bootube.
      2. Do not use cleansers or brushes to scrub the inside.
    Every interior of each Bootube is sealed with Beeswax. This provides a water-tight seal, and a natural protection from bacteria and molds. Resins and ash will rinse cleanly from the Beeswax surface in cold wate
  7. Puffers

    Puffers Micro-Climate Mastermind

    Cali, Bay Area


    For the price and quality it's hard to beat
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  8. PAZ

    PAZ Well-Known Member

    Ya, I wouldn't consider buying it at that price, but it would be a nice travel tube if it was cheaper.
  9. noserub

    noserub The Earl of Indica

    Nor Cal
    The Ehle and HVY are the most HQ glass of the ones mentioned IMO. And like kingofnull said, you can get a clear unworked version of the HVY for less than that... Here is the same tube for $90: http://www.brotherswithglass.com/HVY_Glass_12_Worked_Flower_Beaker_Water_Pipe_p/bwg-hmia132r.htm

    Personally I'd go for something from a small glass blower called Leviathan if I were looking for a good price on glass. I've been researching them lately since I may pickup a lattice fixed stem bubbler. These bubs and tubes are 7mm thick and appear very high quality. He has a lot of respect from others on FC. Go check out facebook.com/leviathan and look for this:

    Leviathan / M&M Tech 18" Hydra Bent Pipe Online Price $100.00
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  10. Takavor23

    Takavor23 Lev of Leviathan Glass Blower

    We offer bubblers and tubes around your price range. Feel free to check us out on facebook. Or ask other members about our products. Contact me directly I'll hook you up.
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