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quitting tobacco + cannabis

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Dopevape, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    It's Dopevape here. Never properly introduced myself here i think so here we go. I'm male 33 years old and been using tobacco + cannabis for 20 ish years. This prolly sound bad to yall but i have been on the vape wagon for few years now. Last week i broke the tobacco + cannabis cycle. But now I'm having withdrawal symptoms.
    I was thinking fuck combustion is the place to discuss this? i'm not sure. I'm looking for other people that had same problem with withdrawal and how they handled it?
    I used to use 5 grams in 2 days... never at work sometimes before my work... then in the evenings till i passed out or something.. this prolly sounds problematic.
    But i made the change :) i want to get proper and clean for a while and then decide if cannabis is any good for me.
    I have been diagnosed authistic syndrom of asperger and i get medication for it.
    I have loads of questions. Like, - how long will withdrawal symptoms stay around?
    - will the sweats ever stop ?
    - Is it ok to medicate a little just tiny bits in evenings maybe to soften this? or rather take a break completely? i use the sublimator for tiny bits.

    Thats it for now hoping i will get some response and if this isnt the place for discussing this sorry then my bad been looking for proper place here.

    Thanks guys

    EDIT: been doing sports like long walk and bicyling alot to stay ahead of the symptoms but gotta go work on monday...
    EDIT2: been using loads of HAZE lately as well.. this might not be good
  2. SoulCaptivesAreFree

    SoulCaptivesAreFree Hazemaniac

    hang in there :)

    you can beat this! it's an ugly cocktail to come off, but there is worse too ;)

    for me it took about 3 weeks to get over the bad part of the nicotine cravings, was still smoking herb though - i think that helped a lot...

    when quitting cannabis i find it easier to first taper down a bit, and for a few days only vape one small bowl in the evening to help with sleeping -> less sweating and less weird dreams, just better sleep overall...

    sports is best to get over it quickly for sure, and a long walk is always good to sort things out... walk it off son, walk it off :D

    congrats on taking this step :) you will be rewarded for the work you put in :)

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    @Dopevape I would probably give up tobacco first and cut down my herb use to less then a gram a day. After 20 years smoking, withdrawal from tobacco is hard enough alone. For myself I found it easier to tackle one Addiction at a time.

    I, Like @SoulCaptivesAreFree believe tapering down on cannabis works best if I need a break. But for me cold turkey is the only way to beat tobacco.

    I do wish you all luck and Peace in your endeavor.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
  4. Cleanfiend

    Cleanfiend Well-Known Member

    greetings friend --

    first, I would like to commend you on the steps you have already taken, as they can be surely difficult. from my experience: habitual dependence, while perhaps necessary during a difficult stage in life, extended much further in my lifespan than I really 'needed'. Like you, I reached a point where I wanted to evaluate whether or not my dependence was really providing any utility, or rather, burden.

    it took me about two years, and many attempts, to break my daily dependence on cannabis -- and more importantly, to provide enough distance between me and the usage to evaluate it's importance in my life.

    as others will likely note: staying active and busy is one of the easiest ways to cope with the effects of withdrawal. While withdrawaling, I would often say to myself "I would be so much happier if I could just have one hit from my vape right now" -- but upon further examination, I realized that I would also be happier if I just got up, and did something productive. Anything.

    Sleep issues were the hardest for me. I decided to take anti-histamines (allergy medicine) to induce drowsiness in the short term to help with falling (and staying asleep). While this is not ideal - it helped to break the cycle without also depleting my energy. I would recommend the over the counter sleeping pills with the active ingredient: doxylamine succinate, if you are not opposed to pharmaceutical help.

    make a schedule, a plan, of one thing to do each night of the week. Rock climbing, cleaning out your closet, visiting a friend, work on a creative project -- and do these activities during the time in which you used to relax with cannabis. Take a warm bath -- it makes you light headed :)

    in my experience -- I found that I did not need cannabis to the extent that I thought I did. while I will always have a fondness for it, I am glad to not be going through an ounce a month, and constantly looking for the next place to get high.

    I wish you continued success in your path to understanding, regardless of what you find out!

  5. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Thanks alot for the supportive replies guys!! appreciated!! I am still going strong on the quitting it.

    @SoulCaptivesAreFree yes I have been doing just that, a small bowl in the evening. It is hard to be completely without. I use like a Lotus vaporizer spoon in my sublimator if you know how much that can hold :). Sports is helping me alot. Long walks with my trusted friend :p bicycling.. u name it.

    @RUDE BOY Quitting tobacco first is harder i think dunno. Haven't even thought of that :s i dont smoke that much normally i just used to smoke alot of joints with tobacco. Then i might have started out the wrong way. And in my country it isnt allowed to smoke weed in first place hehe. Is a great idea :s i am trying to tackle it with use of sigarettes.. but now i smoke sigarettes like a mofo :s.

    Cleanfiend I am using relaxing herb pillz sort off nothing fancy but it helpes me relax a bit and i drink alot of Cammomile tea and Red Bush. only one coffee in the morning.

    I hear ya there sadly enough. you know what im going thru. As do the rest of ya.

    Thx again for the replies and support will keep on posting on how it developes. cheers going for a walk :)

  6. Zookeeper

    Zookeeper Active Member

    After quiting cannabis after years of throughout the days use, I found that the symptoms that caused me to seek cannabis treatment were exemplified for about 3 days. e.i: Pain seemed overly severe. Extremely irritable, inflamitory bowel issues,depression, overwelming emotions, and weed is all I think about for those 3 days. Withing a week (tops) I have no craving for cannabis, and the pre cannabis symptoms have leveled back out. to bearable misery.
  7. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response Zookeeper. I wish it would last only 3 days but it sure does sound better then what i am expiriencing. Been at it for like 8 days. today start day 8. Constant sweating anxiety a little stress alot, gets better after doing sports or walking it off with the dog which is a real powerplay. When i need to pee i start to sweat like a pig.. the other thing just the same... backwards motion(nr2) is fairly nihil at this point unless i drink alot of tea. craving for cannabis is ok i guess its normal at this stage i dont mind it i just light a sigarette more :(. main thing here is to get rid of the combo that tobacco + cannabis does to me. Haven't started whining yet in general i think thats a good thing. All the other tries i did where harder in that i did not realise why i should quit... now there is a good purpose, a few actually one of them being responsability, driving etc...

    I was wondering? I'm from belgium and i can only get my hands on some pretty strong haze... might be close to the higher percentage of THCs.
    As opposed to you Americans is there a lot of difference in what u guys use over there? higher CBD contents and such?
    I would think i am better off vaping only indica strains with higher CBD contents in it so i can relax more and use less? Somehow Sativa doesn't really work for me makes me wide awake. That is ok to do things but when i'm home after work i tend to overdo it or used to overdo it with that haze hence the situation I suppose. you also pass out. But the weed is that strong u can feel it for days and i used that kind everyday...
    I'm growing some White Express seeds atm from AC genetics which is a Cross of Lowryder2 and White widow. THC 14-16 %
    Would that be any better? I'm hoping for the best.
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  8. as

    as Well-Known Member

    I could not stop splifs until i got a E CIG that day i started to vape full time after a month or 2 i was off th e e CIG as well
  9. vorrange

    vorrange Vapor.wise

    Dopevape, it seems you're on the right track.

    I identified what triggered my urge to smoke and that helped a lot. I stopped going out for a few weeks and i had a very healthy life. Plenty of good sleep, reduced coffee a lot as that always triggered my smoking, and exercise.

    Aerobic exercise to clean the lungs and release endorphins. Some push ups and pull ups too. Long walks are great, especially by the beach or in a forest but walking is good anytime.

    Eat a lot, be sure to get some omega 3 supplements, cod liver oil or hemp oil for example, eat a lot of green leafy veggies and plenty of berries too. Some walnut are also good for your brain at this point.

    And to top it off, and extra important!!: meditate every night before bed.
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  10. Chill Dude

    Chill Dude Well-Known Member

    San Diego, Ca
    Although cannabis is not considered physically addictive per se, very heavy long time users can experience a short lived and mild withdrawal syndrome which has been documented in a few clinical studies( I remember reading them on pubmed, but I don't have the links). As I recall, for those that do get symptoms they are similar to what you have described. The first 3 days the worst, then symptoms completely disappear within a week to 10 days. OTOH, nicotine is considered a much more addictive substance than cannabis. In fact, some researchers have went as far as to conclude that nicotine is in some ways just as addictive as opioids!! Therefore, my gut felling is the OP's withdrawal symptoms are most likely the result of nicotine addiction. Hang in there Dopevape, I'm sure you'll feel better soon!

    Dopevape, You are a true gluten for punishment quitting cigarettes and cannabis at the same time! Good luck...
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  11. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Thx @vorrange for supportive post and tips they are helpfull! today is day 9. just got home from work (first day after a week "sickleave")... now my usual habit is to go to my room and smoke up sort off... i managed to not do it :) I had a nice meal and now trying to relax with some cammomile tea.
    I did went to get some vitamines the whole shabang :D and they seem to help me alot.
    Still need to get some omega3 Supplements tho.
    I don't know how to meditate. I'm using this Youtube channel off this awessome guy and that seems to help: guided meditation against insomnia.. I sleep like a baby after that. NLP magic is the channel or the guy on youtube, he has all sorts of things hypnosis etc.. ill keep it with the guided meditation :).

    Thx @Chill Dude i know it shouldn't be physical but i think its my mind fucking it up :). 20 years of using tobacco joints will do that i guess... i figure it out now :) which was pretty painfull in the beginning but ok have to go thru with it.
    I heard the same thing tobacco being as addictive as lets say heroine sort off.
    Thanks btw for the itneresting information will try to find some of that info online. You are right though it is starting to get better. only sweating alot sweating hands and feet under me armpits... its awefull sometimes. Ah well i just say i shaved under me armpits and now the sweat has no where to go ^^ lol
    Btw just to be clear, I still smoke sigarettes to handle the cravings for joints or just being nervous.
    And what is a Gluten :D??

    anywayz cheers guys thx for the replies :) awesome i can talk a little about this.

    cya laterz
  12. DBA

    DBA Well-Known Member

    First of all, Dopevape, congratulations on deciding to stop! I have been smoking cigarettes for about 10 years now (I'm 26) and cannabis for about the same amount of time ( I started smoking cigarettes because of the tobacco in joints). I have attempted to quit tobacco twice - unfortunately not succesful. I have found the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine (shaking, irritable) to be gone rather quickly, within the first 2 weeks of quitting. However, for me, the real problem was "the act of smoking" and the "having nothing in my hand". To counter this last one I used to eat lollipops and stuff, so you at least have that stick in your mouth! Unfortunately I have gone back to smoking twice, after a month and 3 months respectively, due to stressful situations at the time. I found this to be disastrous especially when you don't have anything else to fall back on that you usually use to relieve stress and tension. I unfortunately have not found the answer for myself yet. I intend to quit smoking again somewhere next year, I'll certainly be keeping an eye on your thread for progress and hints! I personally did not have any sweatiness isues or anything, did get some anxiety though (which I already have, anyway).

    I wish you best of luck with your quitting experience and hope the symptoms get relieved shortly!
  13. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Aye same here I have quit sigarettes before myself but that was years ago. Since then well I don't smoke alot of sigarettes but now.. since i really quit joints a week ago now it start to act up. Everytime i would want to light up a joint, i would just smoke a sigarette.. so my usage has gone up there.. but on the other hand i wasnt smoking a joint and getting lazy and stoned and what else :/ lethargic? :D
    Today first day at work went fine. Less smoking and it went better then i expected at first because this morning i was in a state of panic.. like oh no what if they notice?
    Imaging giving your boss a hand with sweaty paws ;) hehehe.
    This is my plan from what i gathered allrdy out of this thread from the good guys :) = quit joints, after that quit sigarettes with the help of vaping. I think that should work if keep thc low in body so u can readapt to normal life without being stoned/high all the time?

    Sry to hear you didn't succeed with the sigarettes :) your on the right track tho m8 you know its bad for ya and want to get rid of it ;) thats the main thing. A guy once said to me: you shouldn't worry so much, if its not today u cut the habit u will cut it tommorrow.. somthing like that. For me this is the 5th time I am trying... I have been in rehab 4 weeks once and was clean... came out and started again... This time i guess I'm old enough and I destroyed enough to see what good it could do if I made this through.
    Just remember this: The older you get the harder it sort of gets to quit... thats what they always told me. Start using more and more cause u don't see the hazard anymore i dunno. But the way i was before quitting i would use like 5 grams in 2 days.. was rediculous actually when i see it now but it was necessary i was that far allrdy... and when i came without weed.. i got sick.. very sick just like now.
    The tobacco cannabis combo... sucks... i wish i never met it. People say heroine addicts have a Hard time? well then try this ;) just as bad.
    You do not have the sweatyness issues? Praise yourself lucky hehe when ever I start sweating now I go nutz and get chills and well you go berserk sometimes.. only thing i can do is go wash me hands for now and it passes.
    For anxiety? well I have Authism Spectrum Disorder so I get medicine for that. Have been self medicating(WEED) for all these years but since my 28-29 year I've been getting special medicine called Abilify which is antipsychotic drug and then some other thingie but it helps me get thru the day without having anxiety... I used to have it all the time... i could not go out of the house sometimes and get things done.. This prolly helps me alot at the moment.
    This sure ain't the way to counter anxiety but hey.. they say I have to take it because it helps me be more normal at ease etc... I'm using full dose of that and if i quit.. i go nutz just the same.. and then i get a real harddrug comedown ... I will not start to go into details but lets just say i will never go without the medicine again prolly.

    Thx @DBA I'm doing my best and so far so good!
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  14. DBA

    DBA Well-Known Member

    Good to hear your day at work went fine - I used to smoke about 3 grams a day as well, realised it was nuts (for my wallet, too, I was on benefits then) considering it was recreational use not medicinal in anyway. I myself have also been diagnosed with an ASD but I have not been taking meds for it for a long time, I would only use Ritalin for focus issues, but I sucked at taking it consistently and I didn't like taking them and I have been fine without them really. Not saying you should, each to their own especially when it comes to meds. Smoking/vaping does help my symptoms for that as well, however smoking always made me really tired (regardless of time of day, level of rest, indica or sativa) I would always start yawning after about the second joint (with tobacco). I find the difference in vaping incredible when it comes to this, I can vape so long that my Solo battery runs out before I want to stop! (PA on the way:p) Maybe I should make quitting cigs my new years resolution! Even tho they always seem to be bound to fail!

    Have a good day and good luck with your smoking! If you need any more advice or have a hard time don't be afraid to drop me message! Not saying I can offer good advice necessarily but sometimes its just good to get it out!
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  15. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Day 11: Haven't rolled a joint for this long. Been vaping a little bit but just a little tiny bit 5 gram has lasted me up to today so 9 days. Which is a serious stretch for me. Sweating has gone to normal stages. Can function normally again feel better on my feet and in the brain. I Don't drink loads of coffee anymore either. Overal I feel alot better. Now i can think about quitting sigarettes.

    Thx m8 last 2 days where pretty ok :) besides the fact i needed to work hehe.
    If you can do it without well then keep doing that. Medicine is usually bogus anyway but k :( for me its a must. I'm not very consistent with it myself i Used to forget taking them Alot! Which allready brought me into trouble 3 times. I got sick all those times... now those 3 times will make me remember every time why i need to take them and don't fuck with the rotation either. I don't like medicine anymore then anyone else...
    Keep on vaping with moderation I would say and well try to lose the tobacco/sigarettes. Tobacco plus cannabis works faster and is faster, gives you a more layed back feeling but thats only cause of the habbit you have with it. And it makes the addiction for tobacco stronger as well. All factors that should be taken into consideration. I never knew how bad it could be until i faced the demon of falling without.
    I still crave for a joint alot i will not deny that, but then i will smoke a sigarette. I used to roll joints all day.
    Btw I just caughed my lungs out after smoking half a sigarette so I will prolly quit this tommorrow ^^ lets see how that goes :p
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  16. DBA

    DBA Well-Known Member

    Glad you're keeping at it. I just came down with a flu I can barely leave the house - coughing my lungs out and still lighting those damn cigarettes, how addicted am I! Just hoping to get over it without too much trouble. Good luck with your journey!
  17. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Sry to hear that m8...
    It is a good time to quit afterall with that kind of condition. Hope u get better soon!
  18. SoulCaptivesAreFree

    SoulCaptivesAreFree Hazemaniac

    sending you guys good vibes for your battle against tobaco :)

    it's tough, but it's so worth it! it will be 4 years without tobaco for me in a few weeks, and i'm so glad i invested that energy - i'm feeling a lot healthier today and generally am less of a nervous person...

    keep on with it and stay strong! mind over matter :)

    and the best thing: you will be able to discover the benefits of cannabis on a whole new level, once you ditch the tobaco and combustion. the fiendish/destroying side becomes almost inexistant, and the mind expansion and well being go well up - it's a completely different experience!
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  19. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    hello hello still alive and kicking! day 17!! Haven't been around for few days but no worries nothing went wrong :). I get so wasted these days btw off a vaporizer which is a whole new level indeed!! wow...
    I have some vacation up for Christmass and New Year which is awesome but also dangerous times to start smoking up again... I feel I'm up for this task but still :s.
    Anyway lets see how it goes :) Merry Christmass to you all!!
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  20. Jahannum

    Jahannum (。´∀`)ノ

    @Dopevape Just my two cents, if you truely want a break, cold turkey is the only way. But I have found to successfully go cold turkey(for me), is to replace what I am quitting. For me I found intense cardio from running daily, and working out every other day to be a great supplement.

    The good feelings I got from running made it easy for me to not want to use, and after a while and I was satisfied with my mental equilibrium and starting to medicate with flowers again, I found that the habits I built to help me take a long t-break became a part of my daily routine and has vastly improved my quality of life.

    Humans are creatures built upon habit, and as such, I have discovered that you can train yourself to even feel a certain way. I used to get extremely angry at idiots and rude people, but since I started making it a habit to not be bothered by others(everytime I was about to get mad, I instead smiled and reminded myself that others are still slaves to thier own emotions, so it was childish of me to let myself get upset, cause after all, I decide how I feel, not someone else).

    Once actions like that are repeated enough times, it becomes a part of your personality and habit. Think kinda like pavlov's dogs. I am happy all the time now, and never get upset, I see no reason to.
  21. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    I hear ya lately i try to mind less about what others think... more me. maybe I'm getting selfish I dunno.
    I used to get upset over what someone else had going on in his or her life.. may it be good or bad.. this is not the case anymore i manage to get over it :) more like i don't care too much anymore.
    I used to go to work and come home all upset and whatever but not anymore :). Ignorant sort off i dunno how to the describe it ?

    Anyway today is day 24 :D!! Almost a month and still going!! I quit the smoking habit since yesterday now so no more tobacco!! Using chewing gum if craving for nicotine. So far so good :).
    And only vaping!! yaaaaaay!!!!
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  22. SpruceGruve

    SpruceGruve Bag of sand in hand,Eyeing up the gold statue

    In a ocean of opportunity
    I just found this thread.this doesn't completely fit into the subject but I'm gonna post it anyways.

    I'm 23 years old,I had been a cig smoker for 8 years,6.5months ago I switched to e-cigs with VG and 18mg nicotine,Before I quit cigs I was going through 8packs(200cigs) per week,granted I gave away quite a few to friends.

    Over the past 6.5months I have cut my nicotine level down to 2mg,now I barely ever pull it out to use it,Sometimes when I have had a bad day at work I pull it out for a couple 'drags',but it's getting less and less frequent.
    I plan on completely quitting very soon,but I still get the urge to use it occasionally when I am at restaurants/bars with friends....I don't like sitting alone at the table watching peoples coats/purses when everyone goes outside to smoke for 5-15mins
    My anxiety issues have also been less frequent the more I get used to not having nicotine in my system.

    Sidenote-since switching to vaping from combusting weed I went from a oz every week to 1-3grams a week depending on my schedule.
    I think it's because vaping is so much more efficient compared to combustion,also my schedule doesn't permit me to waste hours with friends anymore so this probably helps too
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  23. Dopevape

    Dopevape Well-Known Member

    Hi @SpruceGruve congratz on the advancements :) I was trying Ecig but i allrdy quit it... im a bit cautious about those ecigs... don't trust it.
    especially the Ejuices... seems they bite into your glass tank and i myself am not sure if this is the case with my Ejuice... my glasstank they say it is pyrex so this biting phenomenon will not happen appearantly but... if those juices bite into glass.. wtf else do they do? and how can i know if im using the right juice? without that trait?

    I cant remember what day it is now :D been 3-4 months allrdy without joints so :) happy :p !!! vaping keeps me waaay up ^^
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2014
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  24. bird mcbride

    bird mcbride New Member

    I haven't read the entire thread but for the most of what I've read I can agree with. Sweating IMO is not a symptom of not having any tabacco or mj. On many occasions I have been in remote places where there simply isn't any. The job usually causes a person to quikly forget all this without any physical problem. The addiction is mostly of a mental nature "like" someone stuck on chocolate icecream etc. Mj inhibits a person from going into rages states and when a person quits the true nature comes out. It will take a consious effort to take control of the reighns again. The nicotin causes the most agrivation and the physical addiction lasts about a week. If in your mind you truly want to quit it will not be a problem.
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  25. lukio

    lukio New Member

    so this was the first ever reply on this forum that i'd ever read- made me glad i signed up!

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