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Please recommend fast, efficient, consistent performer

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by digger13, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Tommy10

    Tommy10 Well-Known Member

    Fast speed quick use I really like the grass hopper, while plug in I’m yet to come across a plug in like you describe yet:( twax vrod is amazing to use as you descirbed, but I leave it on. Heat up is crazy fast but it’s over a minute, you can set up timers I guess and work that way but to use it like you describe which is similar like I do I leave it on.

    To add for that useage there are portables but I dunno if they top what you have tried. Vapcaps are great they are temp control sort of, but it’s all manual. Otherwise maybe an E-cig mod and splinter or other similar attachment set ups? I’m keen to try one myself, as for normal E-cig tanks, some VG and a coffee filter you can make weed juice that’ll blast you in two quick hits from a juice tank.

    Seen you got a crafty I have a mighty little do what you describe it’s just hard on battery and over a minute heat up, other than that it’s brilliant and zero learning curve other than the pack style you prefer and stirring it.
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  2. ejackyou

    ejackyou Hamilton

    You've already got the 'Q'
    So get a Solo II fast and great quality, easy to use and maintain, lasts forever!
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