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Multiplayer Games to play stoned!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Lounge' started by MGG, Jun 8, 2014.

  1. MGG

    MGG Well-Known Member

    Let me start this off.
    (Reviews were super quickly written haha)

    Mario Party 2 and 3 - N64
    This is the absolute bomb, really easy to understand fun games,
    really relaxed, can chill whilst people take turns, just all around FUN.

    Zombies ate my Neighbors - SNES
    Super quirky and awesome, all around great game, though a little more involved,
    gets INTENSE on later levels. Loads of cool weapons and power-ups and cool
    horror movie references.

    Worms - PC
    Once again a relaxed game to play with some funny results.

    Mario Kart 64 - N64
    This is a classic, if you're into racing games you must of played this,
    bright colors, fun levels, just a classic.

    (I also like to play poker but that's another topic)

    I'm looking for games you can sit down with a friend or friends and play on a couch together whilst
    getting high. (Old school preferred)

    Also would be interested to know if anyone has gamer girlfriends if there's any games they play with their girlfriend.

    Hopefully we can put together the quintessential stoner multiplayer game list XD
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  2. thisperson

    thisperson Ruler of all things person

    So Cal
    I played TF2 for a few years while stoned.

    The focus required was a bit off putting the first time I did so but I had played it for so long that it came like second nature. So I started having fun single-ing out other users who I repeatedly saw on the map and going for 1v1 duels. It was lots of fun.

    I kind of stopped for a while when I saw myself teleport in game and got freaked out.

    But then I picked it up again, found out I'd gotten worse, and got stoned before sucking.

    What really surprised me is that I used to pick up lots of sativa strains and at the time I would see myself smoke and play better with certain kinds of weed (really strong sativas).

    I would wtf-dominate and just be surprised. It was like I was a fresh player all over again and I was good at the game.

    Since then I became convinced some weed helped with muscle memory or just memory.

    I'm just waiting for when I'm 50 and all of the chemicals have been isolated and then we find out there is this one chemical that makes you smart.

    Edit: So back on topic. Yeah, I really like TF2 for multiplayer. Try it out. That's Team Fortress 2.

    Here's a video with all the different classes.

    Really fun!
  3. MGG

    MGG Well-Known Member

    I'm talking about not stuff like TF2, Counterstrike and whatnot.
    I'm talking about stuff you can sit with friends and play on one screen together.
  4. thisperson

    thisperson Ruler of all things person

    So Cal

    In that case I recommend Box Head 2 Play Rooms.

    It's this game where devils and little minions try to kill you while you run around in a room using guns and different weapons. Not a FPS but something with a bird's eye view.


    It has a bit of a steep learning curve with the weapons but just read the controls to get a grasp of how to play.

    You can sit down on one keyboard with two people, or IIRC, use two keyboards for the same effect.

    I've had plenty of fun playing that little game with another person. It has just been years since I played it.
  5. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Bad news from the stars.

    I've had lots of fun with friends / family playing this:


    Fun for all ages and both genders! Seems like that is the case for all Mario Games...
  6. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    I love Dungeonland,

    Its a bit difficult at first but once you get the combos and routine with a good couple of partners you'll be flying through the map.


    Sonic Racing All Stars Transformed,

    Not as many pickup varieties but it does allow for a good deal of strategy.
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  7. NeeChee

    NeeChee More meatloaf Ma!

    Motorboat City
    Battlefield 4 64 player conquest!..Just so much fun watching choppers crash, jets flying and buildings falling down...all while i'm jumping mountains on a dirtbike and running over hard working soldiers..:tup:
  8. Skeena

    Skeena Standing stone faced like a statue.

    Vancouver, BC
    Ah, back in my smoking days I would say that a game is either smoke friendly(meaning you can relax and play with one hand) or it wasn't.

    The games I am suggesting are all on steam.

    Deponia series
    X-COM games
    Plants VS Zombies

    There is more but I have over 200 games and its not easy looking through for the "vapor friendly" games.
  9. meduser#420

    meduser#420 Touch it, Feel it.

    driving games
    simple games like bowling
  10. MGG

    MGG Well-Known Member

    Here's some more ;)

    Mario Party 3-2
    Worms Revolution
    Snowboard Kids 1-2
    Typing of the Dead (will require laptop but can both look on same screen
    I think)
    Crash Bash (PS1)
    Sonic Racing All Stars Transformed
    Trine 2
    Metal Slug 3 and 4
    ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
    Bishi Bashi Special (PS1)
    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (PS1)
    Bomberman World (PS1)
    Micro Maniacs (PS1)
    Um Jammer Lammy
  11. steiner666

    steiner666 Serial vapist

    Lost in the clouds
    Lots of good nintendo games, old and new. Like you mentioned, the Mario Party and Mario Kart games are always awesome, so are the New Super Mario Bros games, I just got the new Super Mario 3D World game too and thats lots of fun. I'd have to say that Mario Kart has probably been the game series that has seen the most hours of stoned gameplay out of me and my friends... but eventually you get tired or racing and/or having your wins cheaply stolen from you by more noobish players using overpowered items, grrrr lol at least on Mario Kart Wii you can change the rules of the games, among them being the option to change weapon types to "strategic only" where players pretty much only get bananas and green shells, none of the really annoying cheap items.

    Me and my friend also like to fire up the NES (emulator) and play some Contra and Super C too, Turtles 2 and such. Double Dragon too

    Super Smash Bros, whichever version (cant wait for the new one!)

    Goldeneye/Perfect Dark

    Serious Sam

    Gauntlet 64 (and the dreamcast one too i suppose) were also fun ones, hackin and slashing your way through waves of enemies with your friends was always a blast.

    Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara is another good retro arcade-style co-op hack and slash game that you can get on the nintendo eshop

    Trine 2 (and presumably the first game) is good too

    Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is another fun co-op experience

    I always loved the Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance games on the original xbox too, like a more modern version of Gauntlet gameplay really

    Some Tom Clancy games splitscreen were always fun (not as much fun as networking on PCs tho) like Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell

    We also had a lot of fun with the original Gears of War and Halo games on co-op

    Zeno Clash 2

    Resident Evil 5, while disappointing to me as a long-time RE fan of survival horror, is still a fun co-op playthrough

    Then theres always those "Lego this" and "Lego that" sort of co-op games, if you want something mind-numbingly easy lol
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  12. MGG

    MGG Well-Known Member

    More to the list :

    Beat Hazard
    Insane amounts of seizure inducing visual eye-candy, essentially a mix of Audiosurf and Asteroids.
    "Experience your music collection like never before with this intense music driven arcade shooter. Each of your songs will have its own unique ebb and flow based on the music. "

    BattleBlock Theater
    Really good co-op and offers up to 4 player multiplayer, reccomended if you're a fan of Castle Crashers. It has great humor and manages to introduce new elements to keep each level interesting and fresh.

    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
    I know it's been mentioned here already but this is actually a really good racer (better than mario kart imo)
    you can really be strategic and it's based more on skill than luck, it also has beautiful, colourful, creative, trippy race tracks. And lots of references to classic games such as Golden Axe, House of the Dead and more.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2014
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  13. spoutti

    spoutti Well-Known Member

    Im totally out of the videogames loop, but i was wired back then in the ps1 times. 1st post includes all games i played more than quite a few times. Good memories

    I really liked Twisted Metal series too. Weapon equiped vehicules trashing themselves. You could play coop or vs in nice open worlds
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  14. MGG

    MGG Well-Known Member

    Yeah I used to love twisted metal though I feel it hasn't aged as well as some of my other childhood games.
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  15. Jahannum

    Jahannum (。´∀`)ノ

    For years it was the Modern Warfare series, now its Mario Kart online 8 and playing co-op Mario Bros U, Super Mario 3D, and Monster Hunter 3.
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  16. paytonpenn

    paytonpenn Level 30 Nature/Healer

    Just bought Fight The Dragon and have been enjoying split-screen heavily.

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  17. ForeverRedBeard

    ForeverRedBeard Wormhole enthusiast

    Magic: the gathering ... and you dont even need a tv screen or computer monitor to play.

    Personally me and my girlfriend play this all the time when we are stoned.
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