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Moving abroad...

Discussion in 'ABV' started by randomamster, Jul 15, 2014.

  1. randomamster

    randomamster New Member


    I am permanently moving abroad from the USA to the Netherlands this year, as I'm sure you all know the Netherlands has a rather liberal drug policy and I am not too concerned about them more than I am about the US. I would like to bring my Arizer Solo with me, it has only been used about 3-5 times and has been untouched in over a year. What would be the best option to bring my vaporiser with me? I would surely clean it before I decide on how I transport it but I am undecided on whether or not to pack it in my checked luggage or should I ship it and buy a new stem once I arrive in the Netherlands? I appreciate any help you guys could provide me with!

    Thanks again and vape away!
  2. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    Make sure it's charged up before you fly. I just read an article about the TSA not letting "dead" phones or electronics pass thru.
    Myself, I'd put it in my carry on.:2c:
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  3. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    Isn't that what that silly little potpourri dish is all about? Cover for when you move to the Netherlands? I sure hope so, that's the only reason I'm saving mine.........

    Seriously (hang on, it'll pass.....), I'd include with all the other personal household stuff, probably with the dish and a few vials/bags of legitimate potpourri in fact. Pack the clean/new stems in your checked baggage or carry on, where you keep your other small breakable valuables? As you point out, they're not contraband.

    Those aren't vape stems, they're stem vases used in flower arranging, right? See the little drain holes in the bottom?

    Enjoy your new digs. I bet you start rethinking it come fall?

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