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Make Your Own Solo Gong

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Pipes, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. Pipes

    Pipes Addicted DIY Enthusiast Accessory Maker

    Southern Ontario
    Hey guys.
    Tired of waiting to get your hands on a Solo Gong?
    Here ya go.

    All you need is a strait stem + a small O ring (e-cig 510 size worked for me) and, the most important ingredient, and Airwick solid room deodorizer. Then your all set and can have one in as little as 1/2 hour.


    Don't worry if it's not done yet, just discretely swipe it for a few minutes. Pull off the smelly crap as you only want the bottom of the post. You will put it back later and no one needs to be thew wiser.


    I used a hack saw and carefully made my way around the wanted section.


    Followed with some sand paper to smothen and square off the ends. Cleaned it up later.


    Here is the stem, O ring and newly cut piece of Gong.


    Next I use a cut off toothpick to push the O ring under the Gong adapter. This is a little finicky and need to push a little at a time. This really firms up the Gong from movement. Makes a secure connection which any 14mm glass will join with perfectly.


    There you have it. Can use dry as well and can just leave in place if one so desires.

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