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Feb 10, 2012
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Southern Ontario
Technical Engineering


Addicted DIY Enthusiast, Male, from Southern Ontario

Accessory Maker

The Project is Rockin it Up!!! Jul 3, 2016

    1. MarkMangia
      Hey Pipes, I would like to purchase a Portside Mini induction heater from you. Do you have any available?
    2. M00NEY
      I would like to purchase a VapCap induction heater from you. Do you have any available at this time, or do you take orders? Would be ready to purchase immediately. Thank you.
    3. Vital
      Does anyone need an AC charger for the original Solo that could not be chargedusing the included power cord?
    4. Polarisman
      Hello Pipes,

      I am interested in your induction heater. What is the availability and cost of the model you are making?


      Mitchell aka Polarisman
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    5. Pipes
      The Project is Rockin it Up!!!
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    6. Pipes
      The Project Is coming Soon!!!
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    7. phattpiggie
      Hi can you tell me the voltage supplied to the titan heater. My PCB failed so I can't test it. I've connected mine to the battery with a MOSFET and switch but it doesn't seem to reach a high enough temperature. Many thanks
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    8. sotpyrc
      Hi Pipes, can you tell me how you got the heater stem apart from your T1? As I look at mine, I just don't see how to get the bowl to part from the 510 connection stem. Thanks in advance
    9. skitterbug
      Ever try quality soapstone in place of ceramic?
    10. Pipes
    11. Canadianguy
      Hi....do you have any of the black stands left?I have Paypal or EMT!

    12. tqbf
      Hi. So its kind of a mess in the 1000+ page arizer solo thread. What accessories do you make for the Arizer Solo? I know you make a PA stand, but I couldn't find much details about it. I have an M1B model. Will it let me charge and vape at the same time?
    13. ivapedaily
      Hey man, I'm curious to know if you are still selling those Arizer solo PA stands ? they look great.
    14. blzmode
      Hey Pipes, any chance I can purchase a Thermovape t1 a/c adapter off of you still? Or maybe if you don't make those anymore you could tell me how to build one?
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      2. blzmode
        Bought one of the limited 3 available on fleabay! Thank you!
        Apr 19, 2014
    15. sloth
      Do you have pictures of the items that come with your kits?
    16. smokedogg69

      So with the aio you can charge while you use the solo?

      1. Pipes
        The AIO can do both but the Solo can only function as a PA or be charging, but not at the same time. The functions are determined by the voltage on the input connector.
        Nov 22, 2013
    17. stefdisse
      Hi Pipes
      It's me who is am sorry to not speak well english (I was a dreamer at school ).
      I don't understand this : Please do as cannot state emails etc. on here.....but I think you don't want communication via ebay.... I'm now on FC
      For remember an to be clear, I am interested by the adapter exactly like pictures 6& 7 (on ebay) with the standart 5.5 mm connector.
      Lets me know if all is OK.
      All the best
      1. Pipes
        Check your inbox.
        Oct 29, 2013
    18. Pipes
      Howdy Members. To simplify your accessory ordering method I have created an on-line order request form linked in my signature. Enjoy.
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    19. bellas
      Hello I am interested in ordering one of your bases if you have any available. Thanks
      1. Pipes
        Hi there. at present I only have stands that have the larger plug (2.1mm) for the third party power sources. It will work with the Jameco supply some folks have gotten.
        So basically the stands only fit my AIO PA kit or Tims system.
        However, in the not too distant future I do plan to make a smaller plug version which will fit the OEM power accessories.

        Hope this helps.
        Sep 27, 2013
    20. eln00b
      Hi. Would like to order your solo power adapter. Thx
    21. marcman
      Hi pipes. I am very interested in buying your aio adapter for the arizer. Please message me, thanks!
    22. sasNW
      Pipes I too would like to buy your power adapter but can't find the message button with my phone. Message me if you can, thanks
    23. Seren
      Hi Pipes, I've heard that you have a wooden dock for your Solo - I've started searching back through the thread but haven't found it yet - any chance of you re-posting a photo please? Peace & out :o)
      1. Pipes
        Howdy Seren, I have been playing with the idea of making the cradels. [URL="http://fuckcombustion.com/threads/arizer-solo.3833/page-704#post-439690"]This is the post in question.[/URL]
        However not wood.
        I have come further since my post as the prototype is A1 now and have made a mold for reproducing with plastic.
        Still a little ways off but looks promising.
        Aug 27, 2013
      2. Seren
        Hello again! It looks great - there's certainly a gap in the market for them - hope everything goes really well for you, Good Luck!
        Aug 28, 2013
    24. Detonator
      Hi I want to buy the solo power adaptor for the car that does everything, can't find the pm button. ? Please message me back
    25. ICFC
      Hello Pipes, i was wondering if you can help me out with something on my IO. My iolite has trouble starting the flame. My first question is what is the staple looking piece inside the iolite? the last picture in this album is the piece im talking about. http://imgur.com/a/sOBqY#60vz2D0
      1. Pipes
        The staple is for completing the grounding path for the ignitor. It completes the electrical circuit between the brass end cap of the ignitor and outer heating chamber. It is actually a spring of sorts. Mine initially popped out and the retaining cut out broke off. I managed to wedge it back in place.
        Hope this helps.
        May 18, 2013
      2. ICFC
        Thank you! this really helps a lot! i have kept it out of my iolite because i was never sure what it was for. i will put back the staple and hopefully it will solve my problems. Thanks for the help Pipes!
        May 18, 2013
      3. Pipes
        You're very welcome, You will likely see the groove for it now that you know where it goes. Make sure it has firm (spring) connection as that is the current path.
        Good Luck,
        May 18, 2013
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