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looking for a pen vape for ice/bubble hash only

Discussion in 'ABV' started by Didly squat, Jul 10, 2014.

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  1. Didly squat

    Didly squat New Member

    Have read through a lot of this site and others trying to find specifics about if this is achievable and even last year some on here were saying it still has a way to go..

    I have looked at the atmos but cant see how you put hash in it without ruining your element..

    I dont use oils or wax.. this will be purely for ice hash...

    is there anything manufactured that can be used with hash that wont clog/ruin the vape..

    cheers guys
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  2. photobooth

    photobooth Well-Known Member

    It is my understanding that you can typically use oil pens with very pure full melt ice hash, it is crucial that it vaporizes completely not leaving behind the residues that will typically kill an oil pen. It is the potential plant matter/solids that can end up in bubble hash that cause problems.
    Although I believe the Hercules by W9Tech can handle most concentrates no problem.
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  3. Didly squat

    Didly squat New Member

    thanks... will research into that one..

    the idea of a vape pen with some hash is perfect for outings but need one that will survive.

    thanks for the advice
  4. 215z

    215z Well-Known Member

    there are no pen style vapes on the market that can do what you want.

    the Hercules is a dildo style vape, and the Haze is a box format. I use the Herc.
  5. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast
    They lied to you, probably why they didn't use their real names?

    Revolution/DART, while no longer made, are designed to deal with the nastiest bubble hash in town. I know, I tried that in spaces at their request Beta Testing. Not being directly heated they don't burn or foul the heater and are designed to be soaked in ISO or boiled in water to your heart's content. They are basically 510 thread 1.5 Ohm carts, lots of e-cig batteries do a great job, my favorite being the Ego Twist.

    Unfortunately used ones are your only option. However, TV will rebuild them for you for $15 making them basically 'good as new'.

    The only reliable modern option IMO is the Cera LL (not the oil version). It too is designed to deal well with bubble and while a bigger format (six inches long, one in diameter, give or take) it's a truly astounding performer. Can flatten a Rastafarian in three tokes. Or less.

    Not new, sadly. Although you might get some satisfaction with the Zolly clone of the Revolution if you can get past the counterfeit part.

    When it comes to bubble I think Hercules isn't a patch on Cera LL. JMO of course.

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