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Linx Gaia - Dry herb vape

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by Thcgos, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Ive had it for several days now and am very pleased. The only gripe I had was that it should come with a screen for the top of the load. Had to use my own, trimmed to size. With a fine grind and no screen, crumbs are in your mouth instantly. A screen (3/8"?) tamped on the load solves that issue, preventing the material from caking up on the MP filter and reaching your mouth. I also put a piece of cotton in the MP itself, between the stem and the unscrewable filter. Very smooth vapor.
    Performance wise, I have NO idea why VapeCritic would be so disappointed with the Gaia while giving a positive review of the Alfa which I also own. The Gaia's vapor is cooler, allowing for longer draws. Taste wise, they're pretty equal but the Gaia will get you better low temp taste simply because of the precise temp control (the alfas lowest setting is 375f, not that low). I've never vaped at 340f until now - no clouds, but it tastes heavenly. Neither vape is good for very small loads and 0.15 is the smallest I would go. As with all conduction vapes it starts to take on that roasted flavor as you temp step and reach full extraction, but I dont mind (I don't think either of these vapes taste like 'burnt popcorn' at the end). Good cloud production when you crank the heat, without the vapor feeling hot.
    The 3 minute auto shutoff (or is it 4?) was annoying at first but I like it now, it probably helps conserve the material (and the battery) a bit more for me when I'm off in lala land and forget how long my session has been going.

    Perfectly even extraction, no stirring needed. Good pickup for me. Dare I say this vape might cure my VAS? Just hoping it holds up.
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  2. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Has anyone tried both the Linx Gaia and the Vivant Alternate?

    I have the Alternate on order from DHgate as I'd like to try an electric conduction vape to compare to my Vapcaps, and all the great convection vapes I now own (damn you VAS!).

    The Gaia intrigued me too, but discussion here has dried up leading me to think that the Gaia isn't very popular with FC members?

    All my convection units demand a long draw to get good vapour (not a problem, I like this) but I fancied trying something which could be 'sipped' with short draws as a change of pace.

    Vapcaps do this REALLY well, but I'm looking for an electric option and the Gaia's glass chamber appealed as I have become a bit of a flavour chaser.

    Can any owners comment on longer term use?
    Are you still using your Gaia regularly?
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  3. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I find the lack of activity in this thread disturbing.
    The Gaia I feel is underrated. Build quality is top shelf, no plastic, no offgassing when new, no Chinese feels. There are so many portable vapes more popular than the Gaia that dont have half the elegance of construction that this thing does. Just don't drop it, ever. The quartz chamber is too big a liability for that. No one cares about this vape b/c it's conduction and doesn't have user replaceable batteries. Neither or those were a dealbreaker for me for personal reasons.
    @Copacetic one thing you should know is that the Gaia is not really a sippers vape either. That award would go to the Goboof Alfa, which can make big vapor from 3-4 second draws. The Gaia requires more like a 10-12 second draw IME, but thats not a drawback in my book, as the vapor is cooler than the Alfas vapor which makes longer draws NBD. The Gaia's borosilicate glass MP is nice and never gets hot. The Alfa's rubber MP gets scorching hot after a few mins so I needed to mod it w/ a glass stem MP. (but once you do that, you would really like the Alfa if you're after sipping). I also own a Vapcap which I use regularly, and I can't really sip on that either, I also need to take 10 second draws so our experiences with it are different. They're all great in their own way. The Gaia and VC produce cooler vapor than the Alfa. However the Alfa is the king of stealth sipping vapes.
    You also have to really nail the packing and setup of the Gaia to get the best results. 1, i dont tamp the load too tightly or else draw restriction gets too tight. 2, fill the chamber to the top, just above the ridge, then jam a 1/2" screen in there right over the ridge to cap the load so the herb doesn't get dislodged and fly around in the chamber when you take a draw...it totally screws up the performance and the feel of drawing, not to mention the potential for getting herb in your mouth if you use a fine grind, so capping the load w/ a screen is mandatory. (Linx really should include steel screens w/ the Gaia). I use a fine grind, havent tried coarse grind yet. Once I do that, I'm rewarded with great taste and vapor quality without too tight a draw. I start at 360 for 1-2 hits to taste heaven, then bump it to 380, 390, 400 over the course of @ 3 sessions to get pretty good clouds from those 8-12 second draws. I also happen to like the 4 minute auto-shutoff and I abide by it. Past 5 minutes of use it does get very warm and am wondering if using it longer than that contributes to battery deterioration, so to be safe I never use this vape for 6+ minutes straight. Also quartz is very conductive, so running it at 400 for that long could combust your herbs. It's never happened to me because my approach w/ this vape is "if you're not done w/ your session in 5 minutes shut it off for 5 more minutes before resuming." But usually 1 sesh gets me where I want to be.
    I havent tried the Alternate but isnt that convection? Not really an apples to apples comparison.
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  4. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Thanks Almost There :tup:, [Edit: whoops! Sorry man, I should have directed this reply to you @mccringleberry ] I greatly appreciate your thoughts and advice.
    I know this is the Gaia thread, but I'd quickly just like to explain how I get short draws to work well with the VC.
    Perhaps "sipping" was the wrong word for me to use, but if you close the carb completely, short draw/thick clouds are achievable via the VC with ease.
    It does require a strong 'mouth pull', then breathe into the lungs once you've got your mouthfull of vapour.

    What I'm looking for however is a vape which allows short, easy draws to provide thick, tasty hits.

    Thanks for the info re' the Gaia requiring fairly long pulls, maybe there's more convection in effect here than I supposed.

    The Alternate is a hybrid conv/cond vape, and may yet turn out to work best with long draws, which is why I'm investigating the Gaia.

    If it's not too OT for this thread, can you compare the flavour provided by the Gaia and Alfa?

    Currently, my front-runner for flavour are my Milaana's (by some margin btw) followed at a distance by the Grasshopper, VapCap and Vapman.

    I'd try the IQ, but it's VERY expensive, and I don't have that kind of spare cash lying around ATM.

    The Alfa is one that I'd looked at before (saw one in classifieds) but thought flavour might be limited by its oven.
    The Gaia is the only electric vap that I can find that has a glass oven.
    I'm less keen on ceramic as I bought a Flowermate FM3 Air from the classifieds and hated the flavour of the already stained oven (it was cheap, so I have no complaints re' purchase).
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  5. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Flavorwise they're very similar and I'm happy w/ both. Gaia has the edge though because of the cooler vapor and precise temp control. The quartz is easier to keep clean which is nice, but I'm not sure if it gives a true flavor advantage over other reputable conduction vapes since it's still conduction at the end of the day. (A convection based quartz oven vape would be titties). Gaia tastes better when you've got it at 350F while the Alfa's lowest setting is 374F. As you raise the temp and the load reaches completion they both take on that classic conduction roasted flavor which everyone seems to hate except me. People describe the end of the load as "burnt popcorn" and I've never related to that. Perhaps a shitty vape makes it taste that way, but it never does with these 2 vapes. To me it just tastes like roasted weed. Still 1000x better than smoking.
    If you have a Milaana though, I'm not sure why you're still looking at portables ;) Perhaps a desktop unit would be better for your sipping needs?
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  6. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    True dat!
    VAS got me, as I'm curious about electric conduction since I fell for the VC.
    I ordered the Alternate just before I found out I was (and I still can't believe this) chosen as the winner of Ed's TnT's 10th anniversary log vape competition!
    So I think all my desktop needs will be met once that arrives :D.

    In truth, I don't need a conduction unit, just curious how the experience would differ from my current vapes which ALL (excepting VC) demand a long, slow draw.

    Milaana has turned me into a flavour snob though, so the taste would have to be at least as good as the VC to meet my now lofty standards :rofl:
  7. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    The Gaia is hit and miss when it comes to draw resistance. Based on what I've read, there's some variation between units - you might get one with easy resistance or you might get one with tight resistance. Mine is middle of the road.
    Other than the Alfa, a Mighty might interest you if you want something to sip on that has minimal draw resistance. I've heard it can either be sipped or ripped with good results. With my Gaia, short draws leave something to be desired, and w/ the Alfa, long draws get too harsh. So I only rip w/ the Gaia and only sip w/ the Alfa, and enjoy both as long as I follow those guidelines.

    Without going too off topic, can you describe what the herb starts tasting like out of the Milaana as you reach the end of the session? Everyone knocks conduction for the roasted flavor, but what does convection make it taste like at the end? The taste has to go downhill in some form, right?
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  8. needalift

    needalift Well-Known Member

    I have been neglecting my Gaia lately since I got my vapcap . But I really like the Gaia . I keep it on reserve for the times when I want to have a vape somewhere where I can't pull out the torch lighter and heat my vapcap . The look of his vape is so much like a box mod that I can use almost anywhere without even catching a second look . I agree with everything that @mccringleberry has said positively about this vape . Mine however has almost no draw resistance which I don't mid too much . I cover the vent holes to get a slightly higher resistance . I didn't mean to neglect this vape or this thread , but I have vapcap fever right now :D . I would like to say that I would have no problem recommending this vape to others . I haven't seen the vape critic review , but can't imagine why he didn't like the Gaia:huh:
  9. Copacetic

    Copacetic Somewhere North of The Wall

    Sure, taste does degrade towards the end on any vape (any of the ones I've tried anyway).
    But thats very subjective, like you I quite enjoy that 'heavily toasted' flavour towards the end.
    It's difficult for me to compare to the conduction signature, as the VC is the only one of any note that I have real experience of.
    Maybe the INH 05 counts as conduction though.
    I know I quite liked the flavour it provided, and the taste at the end of a bowl was comparable in it's nature to a convection finale (all other things being equal of course).

    Burnt popcorn?
    I know what folk mean when they say that, but that's not what I'd call an truly accurate description.
    I think most folk use that description because it is short, memorable and does suggest a somewhat similar taste, not necessarily because it's really, genuinely a close match.
    It's definitely a useful descriptor though, as I can think of nothing else closer in taste.

    Toasted popcorn is as far as I usually go though.
    Burnt popcorn is reserved for lean times when I want to make the most of what I've got!

    The Milaana has the advantage that it tastes so much better from the start, that the opening credits of the draw on most other vapes just aren't quite 'prime time' in comparison.

    Most rips really do provide a microscope to appreciate the flavour (some care is required, not onerous though).
    Clarity of detail is the overwhelming feature.
    Different materials tast very different to each other, and none of it tastes of plastic or anything else unwelcome.

    I'm really looking forward to trying Ed's WoosScents log,
    Expectations are high :bowdown:
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  10. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    I wish we could try each other's Gaias out.
    With my unit I've realized that tamping at all is bad, at least w/ finely ground material. It restricts the draw too much for my liking. Now I just fill it up to barely above the ridge, stuff a 1/2" screen down inside to cap the load so it stays in place, and I'm good to go. No tamping. If I had yours I would probably be able to tamp and get more in there. So I'm only putting maybe .18 in mine now instead of .25-.3. Oh well, at least loading is faster and I get to hit fresh loads more often.
    I'm going to try a medium grind next time to see if that lessens draw resistance any compared to the fine grind.
    Yeah I'm a Vapcapper for life but there are those times when you just need to grab a e-vape and go...or you just don't feel like doing any work.
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  11. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Regarding VC's criticism of the vapor quality, I *think* I know what hes talking about when he says its unmellow and raw. That happens if you dont use a fiber or cotton filter in the mp. Using one makes the vapor high-end. It also helps your cause to tamp thoroughly but not crushed, and I cap it w/ a custom cut screen to make sure it stays in place. Seems like it cant achieve great performance when the herbs are rattling around or theres an empty pocket in the load. Proof that there's no hybrid convection occurring like they claim. This is a pure conduction vape and needs a good packin'. Vapor is really smooth and tasty when I do those things. When I dont, it feels kind of raw but not too bad. Linx should include some hemp fiber or cotton on the side and require its installation in the mp.
    I havent a clue why he doesnt like the taste. Hes like, the first person ever to say something bad about it. One site said its very similar to the Air. Another reviewer said she likes it more than the Pax 2. Its a perfect go-to vape for really tasting your herbs. Then again, there was a guy on this forum who sold his Mighty because he "wasnt getting any taste from it", so I guess anything's possible.
    No regrets with this purchase, no parts to crack.
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  12. EBoneCaponeEIB

    EBoneCaponeEIB New Member

    Bought the Linx Gaia back in November. It worked beautifully for about 2 months. That is when the unit would not heat up and the glass tube on the mouthpiece came off of the base and would not stay back on. I contacted customer service, which was great btw, and they emailed a prepaid postal stamp. I sent it off and in 8 days I received my replacement unit. The 2nd unit I received does not have a magnetic cap, small issue to me so didn't really mind. Just yesterday though the vape does not seem to respond to the 5 clicks on the power button to either turn on or off the vape. If I try enough times it will turn on however I feel it will soon fail.
    The first unit had what I would consider a medium draw where the new unit has an easier draw. The amount of vapor produced seems consistent with the 2 units as does the flavor. The first hit seems is really the most flavorful and often the only flavor hit I can tell. The rest seem to be light on flavor. I noticed that at the higher temps, 415 to 428 the hits seem to have a more burnt type flavor.
    I did use the first unit while charging however I would often notice the unit would not stay on and the temp LED would show the temp steadily cooling off. I tried it once on the second unit and noticed the same thing and immediately stopped. I would not recommend using while charging.
    Overall, when the vape works, it works really well with consistent vapor clouds. Unfortunately with the two units I have had I feel they are made with poor quality and I am reluctant to try a third unit at all.
  13. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    You're still under warranty until this November aren't you? IMO this vape is too good to give up on. Customer service told me back in early March that they were about to receive a new batch of updated Gaias. Sounds like they're working out the kinks. And like they kinda sorta did their "beta testing" with units that they sold.

    If I were you I would see if they'll replace your current unit or refund you with the issues you mentioned.. it's worth asking. The absent MP cap is a good enough reason to try because that's on them. Or just use the heck out of it and if it breaks, you're eligible for a refund or replacement until November '17. Regarding the glass stem breaking off the MP, I make sure not to overcrank it when screwing it onto the vape. I barely snug it on; there's really no reason to tighten it hard.

    I really like mine, haven't had any problems (knock on wood). I like the flavor all the way up to 395F - though we probably have different taste preferences. If you want lots of (vaporless) flavor draws, just start a fresh load at 340-something.

    The QC issues with the Gaia are NOTHING like the QC issues with another new vape that shall remain nameless here. It amazes me that people would rather have plasticky tastes and smells and cracking housings and melting plastic, and playing the lottery of not knowing whether the unit you buy is going to have those faults, all in the name of convection and replaceable batteries. Is convection really better if it tastes like plastic? Is it really safe just because the plastic you tasted on your first 2 sessions goes away? Meanwhile the Gaia is so far off peoples' radar, no one cares that it uses top shelf materials, no plastic, and every unit gives 100% pure taste right out of the box. They don't care because it's conduction and doesnt use 18650's. Makes no sense to me but that's none of my business. The Gaia deserves more attention. If they would just up the warranty to 2 years I'm sure that would help.
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  14. cujaflow

    cujaflow New Member

    Does anyone used the Linx Gaia charger to charge their iphone? Lately I have noticed its plugged in and has the charging icon, but will not charge or sometime the charge goes down. This occurs when the phone is not being used.

    Thanks for any insight!
  15. BeBetter

    BeBetter New Member

    Peace folks!
    I'm a lazy stoner so I'll just copy and paste entirely my email to VapoShop (I got NO claims to the store even though I have not yet recieved my refund or any reply from them - not surprisingly cause I sent the message on Friday. This shop has a wonderful reputation and I think that I'll get my refund with the exeption of shipping costs.)
    I just want to spread the word cause I consider myself tricked by shady Linx marketers. It is about NEW Linx Gaia (yes, there is not much info about it but there is an old - mostly conduction and new Linx Gaia which is mostly convection.)
    Here is a pic from Vape Critic's review (which is BS, I'd say) which shows an old version with heater goin' around the chamber. In the new version there is no heater around the chamber - it is located in the bottom so it is mostly conduction.
    I did not take a photo of the vape itself before I packed it back but I did took it afterwards so you know that I'm not just a pretender.
    The quoted text you see in my email to the store is quotes from the description.

    I was unable to insert the picture so here's a link:

    Here goes the Copy-Noodles:

    I bought Linx Gaia from your website. I am fully satisfied with your service however not so much with the product I received.

    Long story short:
    I would like to return it cause of plastic taste (major) and not fully meeting my expectations based on the description and manufacturer claims (minor). I was extremely careful with it and never put any herbs or whatever inside. All bags sealed as they were before.

    Long story:
    First thing that I noticed after carefully opening (all bags are adhesive so I was able to open and seal it back without any damage) is scratches on the screen which actually might be scratches on the protective film. I am just not entirely sure if there is any film on it. Of course I did not try to take it off. This is not the reason for return, I just thought I should mention it.
    Second, to me it does not look all that premium and certainly does not have that premium feel nor quality of Arizer, Storz and Bickel, Pax Labs or other good manufacturer vapes. (I was expecting that "premium feel", "craftsmanship and attention to detail" cause it was mentioned in the description but this is not the reason of return too)
    Third and most important is that I clearly can taste plastic during inhale. I've run it around 15 or even more times (I did wait till it cools down in between to avoid any damage) and I can still feel it. Maybe it feels less than before but the plastic taste is still beyond my likings. (try long direct-lung inhales to taste it) Maybe it is on par with other Chinese manufactured vapes like FlowerMate but to me it is certainly not keeping up with vapes from 1st echelon manufacturers which I mentioned before. So all that "Quartz and glass materials for pure flavor with an airpath completely sealed off from the electronics" is just a fad to me. And speaking of "airpath completely sealed off from the electronics"...
    Fourth, the airpath is not sealed from electronics! This is pure lies from manufacturer as you can really easy check it out just by blowing in the cold air intake holes. The air will come out from the USB port - it is NOT sealed from electronics.
    Based on this misinformation accompanied with its plastic taste I do not trust this manufacturer and so I doubt the safety of the materials used.
    Also with the help of a good light source you can see the insulated cord connected to the heater element through the bottom magnetic tool hole. I think that the insulation of the cord is located too close to the heater and that this is poor engineering.
    Overall I'd say that this is an overpriced poorly engineered device which I am afraid to use. I'll stick to known manufacturers only since now.

    Please instruct me on how can I return it.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    Regards, ?
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  16. Summer

    Summer Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    Funny! :lol:

    In perusing this thread, I came across several of your posts where you seemed (OK) satisfied with this vape; simple vape,does what it's supposed to. As I'm currently (slightly) considering this vape, I'd like to know if the replacement you got was, in fact, improved in draw resistance, &, secondly, why 3 months later did you choose to sell it? You input will help me towards making an informed decision. Thanks!
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2017
  17. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Yes the replacement was definitely better and more free flowing. I was very glad about that. I chose to sell it for a combination of reasons. I already own a few other vapes, and the Gaia, even though it has great vapor quality, is the biggest hassle to load (its very picky) and is the least efficient of my vapes. The vapor density is on the lighter side, it requires long draws, and it goes through bud faster than my other vapes. I also noticed that the draw resistance goes up the closer you get to the end of the load. I guess the material gets compacted alot as it gets stripped of the goodies and the tail end of the load can require long hard draws just to get decent clouds. I still have it, wasn't able to sell it so I use it as a backup. I will say it's an awesome low temp/taste chasing vape, very smooth, and it'll get you as medicated as you could ask for, its just not quite as efficient as some other dry herb vaporizers out there. It's also a project to get the thing loaded correctly. I like to use a medium grind in the bottom half of the chamber so draw resistance doesnt take too big a hit, and fine grind on top to squeeze as much vapor density as I can out of it. Then you have to place your makeshift screen over the load just right and be sure not to overtamp. I'm pretty busy these days and I don't have all afternoon to prep for a session lol. So the Gaia is more of a special occasion vape for me now.
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  18. The Beagle

    The Beagle Butanist Bubblemaker

    I'm looking for a battery powered vape for the exact reason and the ecig form factor on this looks awesome. I found about it via the Vaposhop newsletter, is that the new version of the Gaia?
  19. Durban

    Durban New Member

    Hi all,
    I've been lurking on FC for a while, just reading and reading some more. Getting home at night, planning to go to sleep, but then read a bit more ;)

    So, first of all, many thanks for all the nice quality info and sharing of your opinions on vaporizers. Really much appreciated.

    Now I'm at the point of almost buying one (well actually I bought a Vapir Prima, but apparently I had forgotten how a ceramic oven, glass vapor path and possibly isolated air path were quite important for me. The Prima has none, so let's just say I was not LOW when I bought it, haha. I will probably return the unit..) and I'm very much considering the Gaia.

    Not too many reviews about the newer version though, (or at least they don't seem very objective), and I'm stuck with 2 questions:

    - They say the new version is now almost 100% convection. How is this possible without changing the entire interior of the unit? I mean it's still the quartz (conduction) oven right? Where does the heated air come from now then? And how does this affect the quality of the unit? It seems to me that if this is almost pure convection+quartz chamber+isolated air path+glass vapor path it's almost too good to be true..

    - How can one tell if the unit is the new version? I would need to buy it in a webshop, but I wouldn't buy the gold version. So how can I tell they're not selling me the older black version, as if it were a new one?

    Many thanks again! :)

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  20. Aner

    Aner Well-Known Member

    I am wondering why BeBetter's (Post #90 above) re plastic-y taste is coming through if there vapor path is clean??

    I understand there is a v2 - is that right? Have the mfg issues been resolved?


  21. Summer

    Summer Well-Known Member

    Long Island, NY
    Click to play YouTube Video

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  22. Rikhart

    Rikhart Member

    So the makers claim its almost 100% convection, and here all I read is conduction conduction conduction? How did you reach that conclusion?

    This was on a shortlist of vapes I was thinking as a christmas gift, but would really like a convection one on this price range, if this is conduction i´ll have to scrape it.
  23. Aner

    Aner Well-Known Member

    All your questions are great - and my exact questions. I actually bit and bought off their web-site. Per their tech they are only shipping v2.

    At 428 - and likely at lower temps - I am getting a sort of faint metallic-y and possibly a bit of an electronic-y smell from the bowl. These are just burn-offs - which I have done about 20 - and let outgas for a few days. I have breathed through the mouthpiece - don't really like the effect. It was not an easy draw.

    I expect to return it. For what it is worth - I got the metal one.
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  24. mccringleberry

    mccringleberry Well-Known Member

    Did yours also taste that way, or only smell that way?? My v1 Gaia had a similar faint type of smell out of the box, which I couldnt elimimate with multiple burnoffs, but it never ever had an off taste. In fact, it produced the best, most pure low temp flavor I had ever experienced short of a Storz & Bickel Volcano. To me this vape is very transparent in indicating, via flavor, exactly where your herb is in the extraction process. Maybe its the quartz, IDK, but my pallet picks up all the nuances of a fresh load and all the nuances of a spent load more accurately than my other vapes. Kind of like what a high def audiophile speaker system does for music. Now if only it was as efficient as my other vapes. The flavor goes downhill pretty fast.

    Also, does anyone happen to know if the Arizer Extreme Q bucket screens fit inside the Gaia chamber?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  25. Aner

    Aner Well-Known Member


    Great question. What I noticed from the bowl after I lit it up to the hi temp is an initial smell of something - and then as I kept smelling I did not really seem to notice anything. However, this happened enough times as to cause some concern.

    What really bothered me is there seemed to be a sort of relatively faint but strange taste and somehow whatever was coming through bothered my tissues.

    To keep it real - I just tried and returned a HR Force 2 - the problem there was worse and definitely noticeable.

    I am continuing to work with Linx - they are going to test a product in-house and then send out a replacement.

    However, my perspective is that none of the portables of this nature are entirely free from taste/smell.

    NOTE: Key point - I did NOT use herb - all were dry runs - never used herb. Herb simply masks the flavor.

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