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Legal Vapor Cloud Chasing

Discussion in 'Vaporizables' started by withoutbliss, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    Vaping through a Mighty to find the best legal herb for daily clouds. Looking for legal mostly for the convenience of price (gotta save bucks somewhere after buying a Mighty i suppose). Here is my evaluation of 9 herbs I picked up from HerbCo.

    Great Vapor Production

    -Wormwood: Thickest vapor. Faint earth-like taste (when chewed is bitter than ever). Great Daily herb.

    -Sage: Close second in vapor production. Distinct taste. Perfect for sore throats I imagine. Mixing potential.

    Some Vapor Production

    -Damiana: 2-3 semi adequate clouds. Tastes like spice (synthetic marijuana). Semi spacey head feel.

    -Passion Flower: 1-2 disappointing hits. Tastes close to damiana. Supposed to mix well with damiana for a spacier feel.

    -Raspberry Leaf: Disappointing at best. Faint (non raspberry) taste.

    -Catnip leaf and flower: 1 decent hit. Familiar smell/taste (if you own a cat). No noticeable high.

    -Marshmallow Root: Faint vapor. Earthy taste. Great feeling in throat (feels like a huge cloud is coming).

    No Vapor Production

    -Mullein: Decent earthy flavor. Great for lung help supposedly.

    -Lemon Balm: Faint mint flavor. Mixes well with peppermint?

    -Peppermint: Strong menthol taste (too strong if inhaled deeply).

    Before I jumped the gun on all these HerbCo herbs I bought another legal herb that is probably what a lot of the legal vapor cloud chasers are looking for. Being as familiar with the Holy Herb as I am, I went on an online search to find something as similar to this as possible. What I found was a surprise.

    I came across straight CBD flower. Which is almost completely THC free. I'm sure a lot of you have accidentally come across such herbs while hunting for a decent high but this was 100% intentional.

    Best Vapor Production

    -Hemp Flower Bud (otherwise known as shwag): Best vapor production by far. As familiar tasting as it gets. The most relaxing herb. Tons of seeds and stems (more than half the weight is waste)

    Since this herb is at such a low THC content it is considered legal in the US; excluding a few certain states (like the one I reside in). Although, it is illegal to grow hemp in the US, it is not illegal to own if the THC in the bud is lower than .3%.

    Couldn't find much info on the Vapor Cloud Chasing that was actually helpful so here's a new thread covering what has already been hardly discussed.
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  2. seaofgreens

    seaofgreens My Mind Is Free

    Supposedly Hops are pretty decent vapor producers. One lady was on here a little bit ago raving about vaping Lavender as well. Her body chemistry appeared to be different however. Maybe give those a shot next? I have tried Chamomile as well, which I find has some vapor production as well.

    Curious why you feel the ethnobotanical thread doesn't discuss this enough?
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  3. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    I plan to give hops a go here soon. That one is double the price of the others I bought so I was hoping I'd find another that was good enough. Lavender is a bit too flowery from my experience and Chamomile is a good sleepy herb so I ruled both these out.

    The ethnobotanical thread focuses on which herbs can be vaped. Thought Id start a thread solely based on the vapor production of legal herbs. Legal herb vapor production has been mentioned in a few threads on FC but they were mostly dead ends. Reviving an old thread would have been the appropriate thing to do but posting my first thread felt like the bold thing to do.
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  4. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    My favorite herb for vaporizing is White Sage a.k.a Salvia Apeana. It contains some thujone just like wormwood.. but it is minty and has very positive effect on your breathing. i feel 10 tons lighter after vaping it.. It also alters the high and has great clouds...
    Another great thing to vape is the Kanna herb ,i found best use of the UB 40 Extract which can be found in various smartshops around the globe,it is made specially for vaporizing..
    I recently tried kava kava wax,but i didnt like the high nor the taste so i dont recommend ,although clouds were monstrous..
    Wormwood is great indeed,if you were in Europe i could recommend a polish vendor that offers unique wormwood hash .. :D,alternatively you can make some yourself with an alcohol wash.
    You should try blue lotus and herb called Intoxicating mint and also Wild Dagga, i was getting effects with those for sure.
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  5. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    I'll have to look into getting some White Sage once I'm able to sell some of these other herbs I'm not going to use. Organic White Sage is on the pricier side as well but if it has great clouds and positive effects on breathing than that sounds worth the cost.

    Smart shops are hard to come by where i'm at but that would be great place to go for some experimentation with this new Mighty I just invested in. I'm not looking so much for a good time herb, mostly enjoy the smoking so great vapor production is the only way for now.

    Great recommendations, Absymal. Have you given Mugwort or Valerian a shot yet? If so, what is the vapor production like for those 2?
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  6. VaPurrDo

    VaPurrDo Member

    i do not suggest valerian because of its cheesy smell how ever its supposed to make a good sleep narcotic, i think about 0.05-0.1 grams of roots (a small bucket maybe with some chamomile and a good indica so its not an all-cheese taste) gives a relaxing effect if vaped halfway

    the shwagg thing looks awesome. I saw some high cbd strains go for 240 here (almost twice the price of some weed) probly not exactly the same but in a vape its easier to get the potency out
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
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  7. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    Good to know, check valerian off the list.

    It's definitely worth looking into getting some hemp flower if you're looking for a filler for you bud or to just get a relaxing body high (dunno if you could even call it a high). For $15 + free shipping for 40 grams on ebay, you can't go wrong.
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  8. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    yeah be careful trying to vape industrial hemp especially if it was mass produced industrial! hemp soaks up heavy metals and environmental toxins and you do not want to vaporize that! use clean meds grown to inhale

    cheap ain't all that!
  9. withoutbliss

    withoutbliss Accessory Maker

    Good point, i'm not sure what makes it considered industrial. I ended up with a supposedly "organic" hemp but I mostly vape other herbs since hemp is a bit too relaxing for an everyday herb.
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  10. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    ok man, have you researched micro dosing?

    learn more @ healer.com
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  11. tashalachut

    tashalachut New Member

    There is a company that sells vape liquid made from Kanna, and they have a separate line that is Kanna and CBD the website is Kanna Chill for those interested in vaping Kanna.

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