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help deciding on portable vaporizer please! pax or...???

Discussion in 'ABV' started by metrons, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. metrons

    metrons Member

    i own the arizer solo right now, i really love it but its enormous and i take my vaporizer to concerts and when people bump into me i just know they're thinking "whoa, that guy has a rock hard boner" its just not convientant to use for outings imo.

    my friend let me try his pax, i really loved it, super fast warm up time. i dont really use oils, not even sure what concentrates are? i just use ground up herbs, i think thats all the pax does anyway? i know the magic flight box is half the price...pros and cons for every vaporizer i know. i've been looking at pax, the da vinci and the atmos raw and mfb.

    can i get peoples opinions on what they think i should go with? i really liked the discreetness of pax btw, that goes a long ways, i've also heard its a pain to clean though...sigh. really appreciate any help on this. ive learned so much from FC forums and now i'm hoping someone can tell me what they'd recommend for a portable vap.
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  2. Ratchett

    Ratchett Vape Accessories Delta3DStudios.com Accessory Maker

    I didn't care for the taste of the Pax, but indeed, it is tiny! If you're willing to religiously clean it, the PAX might fit your stealth requirements.

    What about the Pinnacle Pro? It too has issues, but might be good competition for the PAX.

    Right now I think your options for an extremely discrete portable vape are hard to find. I really haven't seen one super stealthy vape that I've liked. Maybe that Grasshopper vape everyone is talking about (still not released) will work, but nothing yet

    Good luck!
  3. metrons

    metrons Member

    i just did some more searching and watched a review of 5 vaporizers and 4 of 5 picked pinnacle pro! so, i'm sold. i just have to find a good deal on it now?
  4. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    I've got an inhalator on the way that I hope fits the niche you are trying to fill.

    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    If you like the pnp but your not going to be doing oils the original pinnacle's not a bad choice over the pnp.
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  6. Vape Dr.

    Vape Dr. Well-Known Member

    Maybe this might be of some help.

    Here is my Indica vs pax review, I'm going to do it a little different because I still don't have my laptop (thanks geek squad!) This is a comparison review, not a side by side vape review as I vape.
    I'm going to rate them by which is better, worse, or if they are the same. I do apologize, I will do a side by side when I get my laptop back.

    Stealth: both are stealthy , the pax is stealthier hands down. PAX

    Chamber: both hold roughly the same amount. TIE

    Ease of use: Both are simple, however you don't have to pull the MP off the Indica to change temps. INDICA

    Oven: the Indica clearly wins. Oven is perfectly heated. The pax, not so much. you have to mix your herb because of uneven heat throughout your session. INDICA

    Heat up time: Pretty even at low temps, Indica has more temps, but the pax heats up a bit quicker. PAX

    Durability: The Indica hands down again. You can drop it with no worries. The pax you will loose your oven lid, herb, and possibly the mouthpiece will shoot out. Also you run the risk of denting the metal casing. INDICA

    Taste: taste is very close, almost too close to call. However the Indica has 2 lower settings than the pax which taste amazing, but the Indica taste better on the highest setting between the 2. INDICA

    Look: Both are pretty sweet looking, but the pax looks like an Ipod and is slimmer, if the Indica was black it would be a tie. PAX

    Convenience: They are both very convenient and compact. I gotta give it to the Indica because of ease of use. INDICA

    Battery: They both last about the same, too close to call so it's a tie. TIE

    Vapor: Both give great vapor production, but I think the Indica has an edge. INDICA

    Price: PAX is $50 more, you get much more for your money with the Indica. INDICA

    Customer service: No contest. INDICA

    Manufacturer: taking advice and input from forum members to improve product. INDICA

    Cleaning: No brainer, hands down. INDICA

    Warranty: PAX has a 10 year warranty, Indica has a 1 year warranty. PAX

    Replacement parts: The Indica give you 5 pipe cleaners, 5 screens, 3 spacers, 2 oven lids, and 2 picks and a carry pouch. The PAX comes with the unit 5 pipe cleaners, 5 alcohol wipes and MP lube (which is propylene glycol which is VERY inexpensive). INDICA

    Overall enjoyment: That's a personal preference IMO. I love them both. TIE

    Best bang for your buck: The Indica IMO. Less expensive, extra (often lost parts), sweet wooden box, More durable, very simple yet effective and efficient design. INDICA

    Healthiest: Took both apart, both have oven and airpath completely sealed from internals. TIE

    Weight: PAX is 97.5 grams Indica is 153.5 grams. PAX

    Covering all the basis, lets tally it up.
    TIES: 4
    PAX: 5
    INDICA: 12

    The Indica mouthpiece stays much cooler than the pax as well.

    This is a bit of an odd method of comparison, I know. But it's covering all the basis that consumers want to know. In my unbiased opinion, the INDICA is a much better unit all around, and the best bang for your hard earned buck. I still love them both, but the winner is the INDICA by a landslide if you look at the numbers IMO.

    Thank you for reading my rather unorthodox review. I hope this was helpful to anyone debating between the two. Just because the PAX is more popular and stealthier doesn't mean there aren't other great portable out there to choose from.
    Essentially the choice is up to you. This is my opinion, I have more than one of each so obviously I love them both. They all have their quarks, but there can only be one winner. IMO I believe the winner is the Indica.

    I should also mention, there are no fake Indicas so you know you are getting a legit product from the manufacturer.


    @Ratchett I have a PnP and love it, unfortunately it has been in for repair for the 3rd time in 3 months. It now is getting the circuit board replaced. It's a great vape, but has much room for improvement. I posted a pax/indica comparison. Check it out, I hope It's informative for you.

    Sorry about the back to back posts.
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  7. herbivore21

    herbivore21 Well-Known Member

    Dude, the Solo is the best portable flower vape at the moment. I can't recommend anything better for you. For your purpose, you need to get into oils and get a pen vape. The stealth factor of oils is 43129423590235058032585320925385085230835rt02385932853298530p953820532823 x greater than flowers.

    You can make oils using ordinary household items by the way, consult the concentrates section of this board for how.

    I previously owned the PNP, but the thing is a basket case of design flaws (especially in choice of materials). Battery life is considerably lower than the solo, vapor is much harsher at lower temperatures than the solo. Most importantly, the manufacturer of the PNP have been absolutely unforgivable in their handling of the PNP fiascos. See the PNP thread for why. These people don't deserve your money IMO.
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  8. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
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  9. Vape Dr.

    Vape Dr. Well-Known Member

    I agree, the SOLO is a phenomenal vaporizer and I'm actually using mine right now with the F-bomb Mmmmm,. I love my solo to death, plus Planetvape has all the glass you could ever need for it, however IMO its a bit large to be considered a "portable vape" with the glass stems to deal with (I use my PV Gong as a stem, that cuts down on size quite a bit) if stealth is what you looking for. Although I did rig a wispr mouthpiece/chamber to the SOLO and it makes it much more portable.

    @herbivore21 I also agree with you about the PnP. great concept, poor quality. I would recommend the original pinnacle over the PNP, but I really wouldn't recommend either until they make some serious changes (is a metal case too hard to ask for?). With a plastic casing you just can't safely go that high with temperatures. I use mine on #1 and #2 only, and its been in for repair once a month! 2 times for batteries, now Its getting a new circuit board in it!

    IMO the SOLO is better than any vape you mentioned. Don't jump on the first vape your friend has, try a few out, you'll find the one that suits your needs. The INH05 is going to be available soon. I have high hopes for that. You should relax and enjoy the SOLO, its a beast. Check out Planetvapes 14mm turbo Gong or the stealth adapter. It really cuts down on size, and is quality!

    As @herbivore21 stated, get some organic cotton, and the SOLO is kick ass with concentrates too. Your not in a bad position at all with your solo.

    Pick up an atmos jr for $20 on ebay and throw some oil in there if you need super tiny, that's the only thing that vapes good for.
  10. Curiousone

    Curiousone Well-Known Member

    Based on your needs, I suggest the Pax, Indica, or Inh 05.

    Best bet on the Pax or Indica (both have good reviews and are currently reliable), just consider the pros and cons of each.
  11. Techmob

    Techmob Well-Known Member

    What about the davinci ascent

    I am also looking for a portable vaporizer, pref one that is versatile with different materials.
  12. max

    max Out to lunch

    All of those except the Atmos are good options. Use the vape threads (and don't forget youtube vids) to see the pluses and minuses of each. That's assuming you remember to come back, since you haven't been on the foum since you posted this thread almost 2 weeks ago. ;)

    There is no best portable flower vape. The Solo sucks as a stealthy pocket vape. Even if you have huge pockets it's not stealthy. No matter what you're shopping criteria is, there are multiple good choices, and different people are going to choose different models based on which features are important to them.

    Then please start your own Ask FC thread or do some reading in the vape threads. Don't hijack someone else's thread.
  13. Techmob

    Techmob Well-Known Member

    Ok Mr Member with lots of posts.

    I like the way you have either overlooked or deliberately missed out the opening part of my sentence in your quote.

    Which was addressing the topic, help deciding on a portable vaporizer.
  14. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    Be careful with the Pinnacle Pro, I own 3 and 2 have cracks around the top area by where the mouthpiece attaches ( the collar ). I bought all three last Oct/Nov. None of the issues have been dealt with. They charge $60+ to fix this problem. The cracks are not covered under the warranty. They have made a new Pong that is lined in glass. The unit runs extremely hot, IMO it has very harsh vapor flavor. I do like the Pinnacle Pro Water Tool. It's more smelly than the Solo while heating up the herb.

    I am concerned about my battery on my Pnp they only last 20 min, so they degrade quite a bit. I am waiting for an email back regarding this problem. Some folks are happy with this unit. I'm not recommending it myself.

    Try the Ascent, some still are having some faulty units, I am happy with mine. It was October when I bought mine, so far so good. I am curious about the Indica?:cool:
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