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Heat Island Technology

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by Alan, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. OO

    OO Technical Skeptical

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    Depending on the thermal conductivity of the heating element, that could be some distance. Another critical factor is surface area. The SV uses this concept to provide nearly uniformly heated air molecules by using aluminum, which has a high thermal conductivity, and having a very long path with high surface area to transfer as much heat to the air as possible.
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  2. VapeHead.com

    VapeHead.com Well-Known Member Retailer

    Hey so how about making a heating element out of a Tesla Turbine?


    Click to play YouTube Video

    It's almost like a vacuum as the air particles are drawn into it via molecular cohesion, and hey presto does that give us uniformly heated air but also an amazing range of airflow exchange in cubic litres per second? Like a VHW, but with the new capability of also generating sufficient mV/V power to charge up a small digital thermometer at both the air intake and exhaust points? There's our actual temperature, and how efficiently we're transferring heat into the core, and some sort of regulated power source to heat the element (and is there a use for induction here, could the turbine itself remain in a 100% clean air path through glass encapsulation, while still delivering useful rates of air flow? And you could also power a herbal load stirrer in a similar way, working like a cork-screw style hole-digger?).

    Now you have full control of airflow rates over a large range, and you can turn the power up or down (air flow tesla turbine speed), independently of heat up or down. Could also be cool to send samples of it direct to HPLC for cannabinoid content spectra - in or near real-time?

    (EDIT: fixed up a few grammatical leaps)

    I'd buy it :D
  3. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    Denver area
    The longer path will provide for more heat transfer but will also add more air friction. Turbulent air flow will strip more heat away from the heating element and center tube. A spin to the air with a corkscrew path would certainly help. Hot air spinning into the roasting tube should provide for a more even roast. Like a hot air corn popper (which I use for roasting coffee, on a side note). I may have to try wrapping the wire around the heating element like Hazy does with the Hot Pod to see if that might get some air spin. Might try something with the location and shape of the air inlet holes as well.

    I will need to take a closer look at that Tesla Turbine VapeHead. Tesla did make some interesting stuff.
  4. CentiZen

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    I just did and it is extremely interesting... but I'm not quite sure I understand how it is applicable in this sense.

    The tesla turbine as I see it is basically a design for converting the inlet velocity of a laminar flow into torque. Similar to a normal turbine which would use water as a vehicle. Now the big thing in this case is the efficiencies that are enjoyed by using the surface layer effect instead of the typical impinging that would take place in a normal turbine. This is a truly a genius design in the way it works and the theoretical maximums it can enjoy in terms of efficiency - but how could we turn this into a heating element design?
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    ACE OF VAPE Vape outside the box Manufacturer

    as promised a long time ago. Here is are the internals of the E-Nano.
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  6. Alan

    Alan Master JedHI Manufacturer

    Denver area
    One of the challenges of getting the air to the same temperature of the heating element is getting the film of hot air away from the heating element. Turbulent air works the best for stripping this hot film away. Higher velocity or some sort of physical feature is needed to create the turbulence. Just having a longer path won't necessarily make it hotter. A corkscrew air path is a very good idea. Always thought that the inside of the Solo bowl should be threaded to provide more surface area and some turbulence.

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