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Healthy Rips FIERCE vs. Mighty or Solo 2?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by LambsBreath, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. VaporWare

    VaporWare Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the Splinter manufactured in China is supposed to be under $100 (without the mod), but even the US version is on the low side of the price scale for higher quality vaporizers.

    There are a few great bargains out there, and a lot of cheap stuff that’s not necessarily a bargain, but most of the best stuff is in the $200-600 range with a few being even more expensive.

    I started out a little cheaper too, and the Fierce or Crafty wouldn’t be a bad place to start, but I’d look at them as a good place to start rather than the ultimate goal for someone who cares enough to research this stuff.

    If you could handle unregulated convection like the Li’l Bud mentioned above, the Milaana, the MVT, etc. and you could wait for it, I’d recommend getting on the waiting list for the Nomad which starts at $300 but is still a great deal considering the craftsmanship and artistry that goes into each one. :)

    If you want a desktop at some point, the FlowerPot is a great option. In fact, I’m off to use it now! :freak:
  2. arb

    arb Semi shaved ape

    Cannabis+vaporizer=quality of life @ataxian ?
    Woods been a bit cracky whereas the aluminum life sabers have been flawless and far superior for my needs.........like a nano all grown up.
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  3. habitat-fc

    habitat-fc Well-Known Member

    In my experience the Arizer portables taste MUCH better than the Mighty, the Mighty and good flavour is not something which I would associate with it. The Mighty is known for clouds and reliability, flavour is muted/spoiled due to the amount of plastic the vapour has to travel through to reach your mouth.
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  4. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member


    EXCELLENT reply, thanks!!
    These on demand and unregulated vapes have me re thinking everything...

    I have a box mod to use with a Splinter or Stempod, but I'm highly intrigued by the simple elegance of the Milaana and Lil' Bud...

    Asking myself now do I really need a session type vape, or would one of these type devices be better suited for my use. Milaana & Lil' Bud are works of art. More research and decisions! Ultimately I predict I'll end up with at least one of these and either a Crafty or Fierce.
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  5. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    I enjoy my Splinter, Splinter Z, and and Lil Bud. They do best with some stirring which might rate as less convenient for certain uses. Electric session portables are effective and have their place. Personally, I tend to prefer on demand vapes at home because it's nice to hit when you want rather than getting a whole session in the span of a four to eight minute session timer. I say that but still use my Fierce regularly, especially if I'm sharing.
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  6. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    If you have still to switch to vaping 100%, Mighty is what you need. You can't be tied to a few bowls per battery and no back to back (Crafty).
    You need just a couple of weeks, then you will be no longer attracted by carcinogens and start to repel even the smell of it.
    Mighty is a great tool to achieve combustion fucking.
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  7. bossman

    bossman Gentleman Of Leisure

    I could totally imagine any of the convection portables being a solid way to totally give up smoking. A Mighty with dosing capsules is for sure one way but not my first recommendation at $349 when the Splinter with an eBay box mod is priced like a Fury 2. Splinter hits harder no question. Splinter Z even more so.

    Not that anybody asked but for the regular price of a Mighty the OP could get a Splinter plus a Fierce, LB, or Omnivap XL and still have money left over for a new mod. I'd take any of those duos over just having a Mighty even though it's the most straightforward and easy-to-use of the bunch.
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  8. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    Makes sense, I'll surely end up with both too!

    I agree that would be aggravating. Just curious on this because I've read many similar statements here, are people who have a problem with the Crafty's battery capacity mainly using it on the go / away from home?

    If I were to use the Crafty as a home only vape (I realize S&B recommends against it) couldn't I just keep it plugged into the charger? On a new Crafty charging takes 2 hours from fully discharged, which it shouldn't be after a 1 or 2 bowl sesh.

    It would be great if it could work like that for me and still have the same vapor as a Mighty, reason is I'm trying to keep the expense down, I've got other vapes to buy now!! :) Also I dislike the size/shape of the Mighty, for me it's just odd and uncomfortable to hold. Although I'm using this at home only, I can't be tethered by a corded or desktop unit.

    For around $20 less than the Crafty I can get the Fierce with an H20 Bubbler attachment and a curved glass mountpiece.

    Despite it's shortcomings I'm leaning towards the Crafty, many have reported it's equal the Mighty in vapor production, and it's smaller size will be a plus.

    That's about where I'm at right now...

    Crafty + Splinter


    Fierce + Splinter
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  9. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    If you buy a Crafty with the intention of keeping it plugged in, buy a Plenty.
    Crafty's battery and Crafty itself were not made for this in mind. Charging a hot Crafty is not the best thing to do to preserve it. If you do it, you'll end up with a unit capable of doing less and less bowls over time.
    I use my Crafty very sparingly because I prefer the faster Fury 2. If I would still rely only on Crafty it would fit my 2/3 bowls a day away from home.
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  10. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member


    I looked at the plenty, but as I said I don't want to be tethered during use, and don't want something that large.

    I can't afford the Mighty right now and I prefer something a bit smaller anyhow. So for a S&B vape it's either the Crafty or nothing. The other option is to take a chance on a Fierce.

    Down the road I'll be trying a Splinter, I'm hoping that will work well for me too, and ultimately reduce continuous usage of the Crafty.

    Another factor is I feel I'm capable of swapping out/upgrading the cell in the Crafty when it eventually goes south. In fact I'm considering looking for a used Crafty with spent battery because I have some ideas for modding one for replaceable battery. Got some inspiration for that from the Crafty thread.
  11. crownroyaldaddy

    crownroyaldaddy Well-Known Member

    You would be completely happy with a Mighty. This was the vape for me that helped me stop smoking blunts/joints. I now only smoke with friends that smoke.

    I havent used a crafty but I assume youd be happy with that too. I decided against the crafty since it seems to have more problems than the Mighty. I also like the temp controls on the vape and extra battery life.

    You will be spoiled with one of these. The vapor production is excellent. 365 F is my sweet spot. Tons of vapor and tasty enough for the first few hits.

    My sessions last about 10 mins.

    The loading tool is absolute genius. One of the things i kinda glanced over when researching but I found it to be huge for me.

    S&B is a known company which counts for something.

    So easy to load/debowl and wipe clean with the brush after every use.

    Very easy to clean...

    Ive dropped mine on the concrete multiple times, very durable

    Just listing some reasons I love my Mighty. I have a hard time deciding my next vape to buy because of the Mighty. It does everything very well and covers all the bases of a portable for me. When i see some of the cleaning methods needed and how finnicky some units are, I no longer consider them.

    I will get a strictly convection portable when I find the one to complement the Mighty, but im in no rush.
  12. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    Thanks crownroyaldaddy all good points. Gives me more confidence in getting one. My friend has the Mighty and loves it, I tried it out when he first got it and liked it too, I'm meeting up with him tomorrow to try it some more. I agree it has great vapor and it's easy to use and clean, those benefits overshadow the few drawbacks.

    Now that S&B was bought out hopefully they will begin development on a new or upgraded model, something that should have been done long ago.

    They need to make a Mighty v2:

    1. Redesign the body smaller like the Crafty (and still have dual batteries)
    2. A magnetic mouthpiece connector instead twist off (and plastic tabs that can break)
    3. Make the cooling unit from quartz/glass/ceramic? (instead of plastic)
    4. Make the bottom flat!
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  13. justcametomind

    justcametomind IT'S TIME!

    5. Make of it a damn on demand vaporizer instead of a session one.

    Actually that would be 1. for many of us imho.
    Magnets are glued to stay in place and after a couple of drops they can fall off. Better as it is imho.
    Same thing for the breakable CU. They always had patients in mind, not recreational users. Patients can be clumsy and if you think about it, is there a SINGLE glass or breakable item on their entire catalogue? Not even a Volcano mug, or a Plenty glass adapter. It would be a Ghostized/Da Vincied Storz & Bickel. It could happen since the new owners, but it would be too much of a change, too soon.
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  14. Mookie0608

    Mookie0608 Well-Known Member

    Hands down mighty. I’m about to see if I can find a cheap iso bubbler and attachment for the mighty
  15. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    On demand vapes... since I've been looking at the splinters/stempod, and already decided on getting one, I've been asking myself now if I even need one of these (Crafty or Fierce) at all. The splinter seems to be the preferred one, specifically the Z, however I'm not feeling confident I'l ever be able to get one of those, or if they'll ever be made available again.

    As far as Mighty/Crafty upgrades, personally I would MUCH prefer a simple lift-off magnetic mouthpiece/cu, and I feel they can make magnets that won't fall out.

    However, re-thinking this from a business standpoint I agree about "too much of a change, too soon" and would leave the Mighty alone, or only make very subtle changes, you don't mess with something that's doing that well! And bringing out a new portable could be risky too, as it may be more of a competitor than an addition to the current line up. They kind of need to walk on eggshells now to protect their reputation.

    Makes sense though they were designed for patients dropping them etc., the Mighty does feel pretty damn rugged!
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  16. LambsBreath

    LambsBreath Well-Known Member

    Session style or on demand?

    I don't have enough experience to favor one style over the other yet, but I do like the idea of the on-demands not constantly cooking away the bowl and allowing you to take your rips at any pace.

    Doing further research, and to my surprise, I discovered the Ghost MV1 is actually an on demand!

    Since I recall reading it produces thick, potent, flavorful vapor (my top concerns) I must now also consider it against the Crafty (both cost about the same) I had quickly curbed the MV1 before after reading about issues with the bowl or loading or something, I figured it was new and thought a v2 (or MV2) could be in the works.

    Next in the on-demand category I looked at log vapes. Much fanfare for the E-Nano on flavor and vapor production are what drew me in. (Reportedly similar to the Ghost in those categories) Between the much lower cost and fanfare I should consider this as well, even though being corded/tethered has pretty much been a deal breaker for me. I definitely need a "Home Portable" but I will be getting a splinter at some point which would cover portability.

    510 attachment vapes:

    I've been quite intrigued by these ever since they were suggested here (Thanks @bossman!) I came very close to buying a Stempod recently, simply because it's available now and the price is very reasonable. Plus they've got a nice dimpled cooling stem also available now and on sale. The whole issue with that is I've read most here prefer the Splinter, especially the Z, so even though the Splinters aren't currently available I feel maybe I should wait on one, I've got an eye on the new all black Splinter V2 that's coming out.

    Fierce, Crafty, Ghost, E-Nano, Stempod, Splinter ??? I'm somewhat lost at this point! Maybe I need to start a different Ask FC thread! Off to find the Ghost thread now...
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