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Headbangin' while holding a hit ...

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by Abysmal Vapor, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Abysmal Vapor

    Abysmal Vapor Shaman of The Pyramid of Orlin'Malah

    7th heaven - 666th pit (EU)
    Well , a friend of mine who recently bought a discounted plenty for 200 euro from a local headshop.. (Bulgarian - lol) .. Anyway .. he also seems to vape plenty.. and the big chamber of his unit is doing him no good IMO ... just IMO... So.. he is claiming to get more stoned and higher.. in other words more effected when he does medium headbanging (not hard, head-off, but more like ride the wave with your head style)..only while holding the first hit . He doesn't get that feeling as he describes as "The Rush" (lol , sounds like heroin junkie terminology... anyway... ) from next hits.. only from first one and he blames the psychoactivity of the oils.. cause he had read in Internet... :D .... He also claims to get more rush if the hit is low temp compared to high.. Well... i am a wacko.. he is a nutjob.. but i tried that listening to Electric Wizard few minutes ago while holding a huge abv dab... and i am totally "rushed",blown and stonier and i feel way different from the times when there was no headbanging.. I felt more "glow" in my brain :D... maybe the more blood contributed to that warm feeling ...
    In case you wanna try it.. take precautions .. cause u might blackout.. clear the ground around you or have a sitter..
    Cheers !
  2. CentiZen

    CentiZen Evil Genius in Training Accessory Maker

    America's Hat
    I noticed a similar effect when I snuck an oil pen into an At The Gates concert. Was an awesome show with lots of headbanging, but I just figured it was the music and the atmosphere that made it feel.

    I don't know why it happens but I'd imagine it's a combination of the extra energy used to do and that your more likely to hold the hit in for longer if your doing something at the same time. I sometimes get a similar feeling from holding my hits in too long
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