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Grinder Grease

Discussion in 'Vapor Related Equipment' started by vtac, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. vtac

    vtac vapor junkie Staff Member

    FC R&D

    I got a couple tubes of this stuff last week. Get a free stick in the contest section while it lasts! My expectations were pretty low and I thought the idea was kind of gimmicky, but have been pleasantly surprised by how well it works.

    I have a 2 piece small titanium Space Case which is conveniently pocket-sized and works well for a fine grind. They tend to get gummed up more quickly than the 4 pieces in my experience, especially when they're getting bounced around in a pocket while full of herb. Doesn't take long before the nice smooth action is tough and squeaky.

    So I figured I'd try it out on the 2 piece, and applied a thin layer around the male lip of the grinder. It was pretty caked with plant matter but I didn't bother to clean it first. The effects were instant, and it was turning smoothly with ease. Big difference, impressive.

    Next I tried it on a 4 piece medium titanium Space Case. The lip was much cleaner on this grinder and it turned just fine to begin with. I didn't apply quite as much - only every other cm or so around the lip. The result was just as pronounced - the well machined pieces turned smoothly before but now it almost spun on its own with near zero friction. I guess you could say it was better than new. I like that it provides a buffer between the metal on metal friction, this would apply especially to the cheaper grinders.

    A week of use later the 4 piece is still turning just as smoothly, while the 2 piece has needed another couple dabs to maintain the same level, likely because I still didn't bother to clean it. The grease does mix in with the organic material on the lip, but personally I've never found that to be worth saving. It seems to be more plant matter than kif, especially on the 2 piece. I did find that it was easier to scrape it off with the grease though.

    According to Vapenstein's Monster, "Chronisuer Grinder Grease works on wood, plastic, metal, acrylic grinders to remove gummy buildup. It also works on fingertips, scissors and I use it as mustache wax. Chronisuer Grinder Grease is made with all food grade ingredients heavy on beeswax and hemp seed oil." I've found that it stays where it's supposed to on the grinder lip, but it's nice to know that the stuff is food safe.

    Overall I like this. It's one of those little things that makes a big difference. Seems like a stick will last a long time, too. Thumbs up from me.
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  2. Vicki

    Vicki The Bionic Woman

    Thanks for the review, vtac. :)

    I got a tube in the contest you mentioned a couple months ago, and I love it. I don't always have time to clean my grinders, and this helps so much. I also have a 2 piece Space Case, and noticed that it does need the grease reapplied more often than my 4 piece MixNBall too. Not a big deal, though.

    I think this stuff should be a must have for ill people like myself. A lot of times, I am not well enough to clean my grinders, and this really saved the day for me.
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  3. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    Southeast of Disorder
    I used some of this on my Mendo Mulcher large 2-piece grinder and it works quite well. I have decided to not use it on my Mendo 4-piece since the way that model is designed, you have to constantly use the lip to access the ground herb chamber and I didn't really want my fingers grabbing the waxed lip (so to speak).
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  4. darkrom

    darkrom Great Scott!

    LOL this is more or less an exact mirror of my experiences with it. Not only that but I have the EXACT same 2 grinders.
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  5. Nbajunkie

    Nbajunkie Someones always watching..

    Just ordered some of this stuff up from puffitup.com It seemed to be the only place to sell it. Anyway I have a question about scraping the grinder bits of pressed flower and kief from the grinder. Is it safe to vape the gunky stuff after its heavily coated in the grease? Because I love to scrape my grinder and vape the goodies :)
    Are people still enjoying this product? Love to hear some thoughts. .
  6. t-dub

    t-dub Vapor Sloth

    Works well, I agree. Shot this a while back . . . Nba, you don't use that much grease, a very light application on friction surfaces is sufficient :) I tried some Slide Right and it worked just as well . . .

  7. Woodduck

    Woodduck New Member

    I ordered the Grinder Grease from chronisuer.com recently. After three weeks I had not received it. My two voice mails requesting a status update went unanswered.
    So, I canceled the Paypal payment and instead ordered it from puffitup.com. I received it from puffitup the next day.
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  8. Caligula

    Caligula Maximus

    SB420 Land!
    IDK how long Ive had my stick and Ive barely put a dent in it. LOL does this stuff have an expiration date?
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  9. Vicki

    Vicki The Bionic Woman

    Same here, I've had mine forever. I never thought about it expiring.
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  10. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    Would using this stuff effect any reclaim from the grinder?

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