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Grenco Science - G Pen Pro Herbal Vaporizer

Discussion in 'Portable Vaporizers' started by TheKeeper, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. TheKeeper

    TheKeeper Former Combuster

    Deep in the FC forum
    Hi best forum on the net.

    I'm surprised nobody on FC is talking about the G Pen Pro herbal vaporizer. I purchased one of these (got it for for $75US - the retail is $99US) several weeks ago and so far it's performing quite well. It's a $130 US less than the Pinnacle Pro, slightly smaller, heats up faster & has a longer battery life. Seems to be very, very promising.

    Link: Grenco Science - G Pen Pro


    Link: Here's a YouTube Unboxing & Review
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2014
  2. SiDankies

    SiDankies Well-Known Member

    If you designed something.. and people liked it. Then a year later you found out that other companys were stealing your designs would you like that?

    This is a direct copy off of the PNP thats why nobody is talking about it. Support american companies who use legit medical grade parts and heating elements.
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  3. ean

    ean Well-Known Member

    its a titan
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  4. Shit Snacks

    Shit Snacks T1+PA/Indica/Underdog /Elevape/Firefly/Lily/Zion

    Motion Pictures
    Yea this is just a rebranded Titan... We need to make that thread title like Titan (GPro/Force/Tundra/Apex/Etc)
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  5. ean

    ean Well-Known Member

    and god only knows how many other names are out now...
  6. TheKeeper

    TheKeeper Former Combuster

    Deep in the FC forum
    A direct copy that is $130US less than the PNP with a much faster heat up time and longer battery life.

    I spent over $250US with VaporBLUNT for the PNP (purchased the mouthpiece with glass) and it's my go to vape at home (occasionally I whip out the Arizer Solo with PVHES) and on the road.

    Regardless, if it's a rebranded Titan (one of the few vaporizers I have not owned) this thing works well out of the box for $75US.

    Competition = the customer always wins/better products/lower prices.
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  7. HillaryClinton

    HillaryClinton Future ruler of earth

    I disagree.

    A copy does nothing for us, especially one at the possible risk of our health, not only that but it advances nothing, I appreciate unique ideas and design as a customer, new thing, no rehashed things. I can go on Ebay right now and probably elsewhere and get a Pinnacle for 100 dollars shipped(Just checked). Sure it might not come with a warranty but neither does this copy(If it does I doubt its a good one)...that's 25 more dollars for peace of mind and to support the original creators.

    I am in for a Grasshopper, that's a new and exciting design, it cost me 89 dollars.

    Spend your money wisely.
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  8. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    Grenco Science? Apart from Atmos, one of the clear leaders and innovators in the vaporiser market. NOT!! lol stay away from this one :)
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  9. mrweed

    mrweed vaporizer review blogger

    well, i think we are the losers here, since we are the ones that inhale shit from that dubious vaporizer. the smell and taste clearly says "dangerous" to me. china has proven by now, that they can come up with a good unit, but this is not one of these
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    THC SCIENTIFIC Leader of the Power Vapors Manufacturer

    Los Angeles

    I disagree.

    UpTech vs TET = Competition

    Indica vs Vaporblunt = Competition

    DIvinci vs Ploom = Competition

    Why? Well see all of these units are unique designs, where the companies spent large amounts of money to design and produce.

    When a company copies a product it does nothing for a industry as the original company is now under mass amounts of debt and its own design is now being copied without being able to pay off the debt.

    Now when a company only copies, do you think its any good for the consumers when the companies that innovate are no longer in business?

    Think about it, Grenco has nothing in their line up that has been a innovation, and directly supporting that is supporting a company that copies rather then innovates.

    Just a thought, and if you look hard enough there is also some products you will not buy a copy of. Think about it a American company who designs and markets an item is responsible for any health issues that may pop up. What happens when you find out for the past three months you have been using a product that has questionable materials?

    Why do you think we have not jumped on this bandwagon and introduced a variety of rebranded portable herb vapes? I would think twice about the material list as nothing is being verified and you are just taking a company and its word for it since the same vaporizer is mass marketed to other companies.

    If i cant afford a Rolex, I will never pretend by wearing a folex.
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  11. Starless

    Starless Well-Known Member

    People don't seem to have much of a problem in the Flowermate G3 thread.
  12. HillaryClinton

    HillaryClinton Future ruler of earth

    Both the Flovermate and the G3 honestly look like it is trying at least, both don't seem like direct rip offs, although I still am concerned about materials used. The G3 might seem like a Inhalator copy, but thats yet to be seen, lets wait before we bash that one, Flowermate surprised people.

    This thing though, come on, it has like 5+ different copies now, all PNP copies...
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  13. llamaman001

    llamaman001 Well-Known Member

    LOL @ the 3 minute auto shutoff. it takes 1.5 minutes to warm up so you only get 1.5 minutes to use it and you have to turn it back on....what kind of morons are working over there...
  14. jl420

    jl420 Well-Known Member

    Rhode Island
    I bought a Snoop Dogg Micro G, to use with wax, at a local store. First day, it worked great but on the second day it would just blink 3 times when I tried turning it on. The store told all sales were final so I figuered since there was a 1 year warranty that I would contact Grencoscience and see what they could do. They replied within a few hours of my email and told me to send in the battery with a copy of the receit. 3 days later I got the email that the battery was counterfeit. They sent me detailed pictures of mine and a real battery to show what they were talking about (size/different wiring/no engraved number). I explained to them the store had a all sales were final policy and didn't want to refund my money. Customer service at Grenco contacted the store and sent them a stern letter (as well as a copy to me) basically stating they were selling bogus merchandise at full price using their name. They mentioned their legal dept and a lawyer who would be contacting them. I recieved a call from the store a few days later telling me that there was a misunderstanding and they would be more than happy to refund my money. Grencoscience also gave me a nice 25% off code which I used to buy a real Micro G set up. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and it works great. I read some of the threads that don't speak to highly of Grencoscience but I have to say they were great and helped me resolve my issue when all they had to do is return my phony battery and say sorry out of luck. They went the extra step for me how many companies would do that?
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  15. HillaryClinton

    HillaryClinton Future ruler of earth

    Good to hear, mostly these types of companies(Grenco/Atmos/etc...) are disliked here because many of the products they make say "For herb to" basically and its an outright lie, also Grenco re-brands titans(Cheapo chinese vape, smells bad) I think.
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  16. GlassPhishEye

    GlassPhishEye New Member

    I had been puffing on a G Pro for a few months when I noticed that the device was producing vapor even when not loaded with dry material. At first I thought that it was most likely just saturated, so I cleaned it with some Q-tips an Alcohol. I let it dry and then did a few dry burns and sure as shit, the device was still letting off 'vapor'. I did some research and found that rubbers, like the one used near the bowl, will release toxins/burn at about 400-500F. This made me suspect the rubber that comes in contact with the bowl.

    So I took the device apart and by popping the outer casing off and then sliding the internals up. I popped open the plastic bowl chamber and removed the rubber ring at the top that comes in contact with the metal bowl. This is the only place on the device where rubber/plastic touches the internal bowl. The bowl itself is wrapped in a cotton like material that insulates it from the internals and plastic body.

    I put the device back together and tried a few more dry burns on high to see if I could see any 'vapor' coming from the device. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I am 100% convinced that this device is dangerous in it's stock form. I am currently using the device as is, without the rubber piece with good results, but I plan rebuilding the device to have a glass passageway and better insulation soon.
  17. BioSector

    BioSector Well-Known Member

    Good find! I bought a G Pro but within a few days I upgraded to a Mighty. I'll have to see if mine functions the same before I try to sell it.
  18. GlassPhishEye

    GlassPhishEye New Member

    Mmmmk. I have retired the G Pro and have an Arizer Solo on the way. I just couldn't get the Pro to operate without a plastic smell.
  19. narrowsparrow

    narrowsparrow New Member

    San Antonio, Texas
    I ordered two new mouthpieces & two new tanks. When they arrived, they seemed to fit a bit differently, but undeterred, I loaded up & tried a draw. Nothing. The unit was heating up, the blue light was on, but no pull allowed. So, I emailed them. No answer after after three days. Then I called. Rep sent me an email to take a bunch of pictures of the unit, mouthpieces, etc. Then came another email telling me to use my old mouthpiece. WTF? If I could've used the old one, why did I order new ones?

    So, I get a notice that my order has been shipped. WHAT ORDER? I didn't order anything after the poorly-fiting mouthpieces. Wrote them again & was met with profuse apologies. They had sent me a new battery, free of charge. It arrived the day before yesterday, and after charging fit or 4 hours and seeing the green "ready" light on, I loaded it up. Damned thing didn't even charge. Wrote them back. Am not optimistic.

    I am about to move on from Grenco. They had great customer service, but now it's crap, & I've been without my pen for three weeks.

    Has anyone else had issues with them?
  20. Viprdude

    Viprdude WISPR since 12/10/2011

    I took advantage of the Memorial Day weekend and tried a G Pro. It arrived in the early part of last week. I opened it up and cleaned it in and out with cotton swabs and alcohol. Let the device operate dry (unloaded) and did a couple of trial runs before I loaded any herbs into the newly acquired device.

    First burn at the highest setting (of course) and I noticed a strange vapor emitting from the device but it was empty. I wafted the smell towards my nose and it was a foul odor. Not burning plastic but burning rubber is a better way to describe it. I let the unit cool and looked at it some more and ran it a few more times empty before loading the vape. I ran this vape, completely clean and empty for five times total. Each time the vapor trail was present and the amount did not diminish nor did the smell and this was after I cleaned the unit with alcohol and cotton swabs.

    I wanted to try the unit so I loaded some grounded herbal materials in and went to town. The device is rather picky about how dry and wet the herbs are. Sometimes the light to indicate the correct temperature has reached will not turn green in the first four minutes. (oh yeah, this device turns off every 4 minutes which is god awful annoying)

    Whenever the device is warming up, I can hear oil or something cooking inside as it approaches the temperature desired. (think snap, crackle, pop like the cereal) First draws are almost too warm and plentiful of vapor/smoke. I have been using vapes since 2011 and I think I know what I should be expecting and looking for and I certainly know my tastes and distastes for vapes now.
    I have to turn the device back on another two times and typically, the material has been extracted as much as I can get half way through the third cycle.

    After the device has been used, here is more fun stuff. The mouthpiece is hot as hell and it is silly to let the material in the chamber is not in use. That will make it dirtier faster so I had to use some cotton shirts as a "heat barrier" between my hand and the now super-heated plastic mouthpiece. That is kinda annoying also.

    -It works (within reason, I think the temperature is wrong and some foul odor and vapor emitting is bad)
    -It is compact
    -It looks pretty
    -It looks easy to clean (But the holes at the bottom of the chamber, what happens to the material that may fall down into those holes?)

    -It smells and tastes like burnt rubber ever so slightly. (Already RMA'd this week old device as of this post since I am told this is abnormal)
    -No battery level indicator. In one week, I had this thing turn off three times in the beginning or middle of a session and without any indication as to what level the battery is, huge turn-off. To make it worse, it lasts about three to five "sessions" which consist of me turning the device on and off after about ten minutes of use.
    -Too much of a throat irritation for my personal preference. I typically vape at 390 to 400* F. I have no issues with other devices. This device, if I use 380* (or middle) setting, does not work to extract much and at 420* (highest setting), it feels too warm for my personal preference.
    -Turning off every four minutes under the guise of not harming people and/or saving battery. I really dislike it when companies want to "think" for me. I value having the option to think for myself. Fortunately for me, I pay attention to the task at hand and I am capable of turning the device off when I am done.

    Overall, I am kinda 50-50 and I am still open to this device working, but for the time being I went back to my Iolite WISPR 2 that have been flawless since my last butane change in 2013.

    Any questions or concerns, please ask and I will try to address them. I do not visit here often but I should get an email reply if anyone cares. I hope this can help someone by informing them for future purchases.
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  21. OF

    OF Well-Known Member

    Left Coast

    I think these are two excellent points. There's perhaps a scale that goes from 'authorized copy' to flat out counterfeit but both ideas I think are valid arguments against 'competition is always good for the customer'. The 'long run' has to be considered as well?

    The health aspects can be very important, more so to many amongst us with sensitivity issues. There are also cases of truly scary stuff (like lead paint) worth avoiding.

    HC and THC both raise the second point, with THC being too constrained by modesty to speak the plain truth. Such pirating of the new technology, patented or not, ROBS the developer of his rightful return on the risk he took to develop and bring that product to market. So, what happens when the reward is cut and the risk remains the same? Less risk taking. A fool would develop a new vape at his expense if he knew for sure his customers would be stolen away after the release if the product was successful. Would you?

    In the same sort of way we do ourselves a lesser disservice in the quest for the cheapest possible price. Often IMO a few more dollars to outfits like PIU and PV with long records of excellent customer service and strong support of these Forums is money well invested. Such dealers ofter 'more than make up for it' with speed of shipping, extra free accessories and other 'small things' that make a satisfactory package.

    So I maintain that supporting such 'clone' efforts not only does not benefit the industry, but it destroys the very engine of innovation we crave. Ironically, we do ourselves collective harm. It's really against our best interests in the long run if you think a bit.

    As Pogo famously said, "We have met the enemy and he is us".

    IMO the inventors and dealers that support us deserve our support.

    Thanks for listening.

  22. narrowsparrow

    narrowsparrow New Member

    San Antonio, Texas
    Well, after having purchased one of these about 6 months ago and then having Grenco send me the wrong accessories for it FIVE times, I decided I was done with them. They tried to explain that they were "updating" the product (MicroG), but they sent me the wrong tanks three times, the wrong mouthpiece once, and then a battery that will not charge. I'd had good customer service for the first few months and especially appreciated Grenco's low s/h fee. But they really screwed up on the last few transactions. Thought maybe there had been an internal management change or something. Never going back. It ran really hot and burned my herbs, anyway. It's only plus was convenience.

    Replaced it with the V2 Series 7. Don't want to support a clone, anyway.

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