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Fuji or Phantom ; Volcano Clones, have you tried either? How do they compare to The Volcano?

Discussion in 'Counterfeit Vaporizers' started by TboneToker, Jan 26, 2016.


Best vape

  1. The Volcano is my choice, Storz and Bickel!

    6 vote(s)
  2. The Phantom is my ghost buddy!

    0 vote(s)
  3. The Fuji is my love, true beauty in Nippon!

    1 vote(s)
  1. TboneToker

    TboneToker Medical Enthusiast

    I have always found it funny that these frauds were even in existence, at any rate I've always been curious how a 100$ volcano compares to a 500$ one
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  2. Poostuff

    Poostuff Well-Known Member

    That was surprising I saw those volcano clones a few months ago, only saw the digital.
    With my exchange rate they're only about half price of the genuine which isn't really cheap enough to sway me from an original with warranty. I imagine you'd be asking for trouble buying one but who knows. I noticed they have bags too, wonder what they're like.
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  3. TboneToker

    TboneToker Medical Enthusiast

    I have heard that you have to hold it down with your hand otherwise it leaks while filling (the easy valve for the Fuji)
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  4. Vital

    Vital Well-Known Member


    Have you checked out the Zephyr Ion? http://zephyrvaporizers.com/
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  5. Poostuff

    Poostuff Well-Known Member

    Cheers the ion looks awesome is that a new model? The Volcano is my backup vape I've had it a few years & usually prefer the Evo but if I was going to buy another bag vape now I'd have have a lot more choices.
  6. TboneToker

    TboneToker Medical Enthusiast


    I know about the ion and herbalaire etc.. I'm just wondering how these knockoffs compare just for the sake of conversation! :)

    Edit.. Oops
  7. Vital

    Vital Well-Known Member


    Oops what?
  8. blackstone

    blackstone Well-Known Member

    To clear any confusion, the likes of that phantom thing is considered a knockoff because it looks more like a power ranger helmet, but there are now also exact visual clones of the Volcano, also made in China of course.
    From my experience of inhaling through a Chinese cloned DaVinci for a few months, I would never do anything of the sort again. The negative tastes and psychology/possible risks will far outweigh any perceived saving that you think you made at purchase.
    Cheap Chinese crap is very often a false economy thing that ends up needing to be prematurely thrown away and replaced by the thing that you were trying to skimp on in the first place! The most common sentiment about fake Chinese vapes is "It might have been OK if the Chinese factory had done X, Y and Z......." etc etc, and this is when you are throwing the thing in the bin!
    I'd be slow to inhale anything from that part of the world again, even if S&B contracted out some manufacturing there.
    I would sooner research further about the safety of using German made, TUV approved Steinel heatguns with the S&B valve kits, or maybe get an Extreme Q for bags?
    Or just aim for a genuine Classic and keep saving hard! Even go secondhand?
    You'll thank me!
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  9. nondarb

    nondarb .

    The phantom ive used was pretty close in use.. I've used an authentic volcano, in fact my buddy who bought the phantom owns both.

    The easy valve is the exact same (they interchange, which is great for cano owners). Warms up about the same and functions somewhat comparably.. That said he did hours of burnoffs and it still doesn't taste that great but it seems tough. He leaves it as the roommate/party friendly vape and the cano in his room. Its a bit louder than the cano, I'd say the bag production is more inline with the EQ. My friend picked his up locally for $100.

    The phantom is pretty greedy with herbs, but then again the canos never been a miser. I can't say its safe, and given the nature of the product I can't suggest buying one but the one I've used functioned...
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2016
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  10. Diggy Smalls

    Diggy Smalls Tom Cruises

    Land of Confusion
    I bought a phantom for my sister. The plastic on the bowl melted. The temperature readout is a joke. It seemed to just keep getting hotter and hotter the longer we had it on. Anyway, it's rotting away somewhere. I thought about buying a real valve kit and giving it another go....but I don't know.

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