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Oct 22, 2017
Apr 19, 2014
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Medical Enthusiast, Male

https://soundcloud.com/rapture-tt/sets/rapttures-hits-1 Oct 3, 2016

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Oct 22, 2017
    1. TboneToker
    2. TboneToker
      I love vaping but I love music more.. Hmm Mixing the two is my usual way of saying good day to you evening.
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      2. Hashtag46&2
        I enjoy the same man....
        Nothing better than Vaping some top notch flowers and a bit of Melty bubble, Earbuds on full blast and some rad tunes to nod your head to. Welcome Aboard! Thanks for following me!
        Jan 10, 2016
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    My Vapes and Accessories:
    OWNED: Extreme Q, MFLB
    OWN: Aromed 4.0, Arizer Solo
    WANT: Volcano Classic, CloudEvo, Da Buddha
    Out of the ones I have used, I would say these are outstanding: Aromed 4.0, MFLB, Volcano
    I like to think of things medically. In other words, if someone asks me something usually the answer I'll try to give is the most medical/helpful one.


    Desktops in use -
    // Cloud Evo :D - bought in september 2016 //
    // Volcano Classic w/Easy Valve :nod: - bought in january 2016 //
    // Aromed 4.0 :) - bought in april 2014 //
    - Aromed and Cloud Evo have similar vapor quality and smoothness (not dry at all)
    - Cloud Evo and Volcano have similar vapor output (quantity)
    - I like the temperature range with the Aromed and Evo the most, the volcano has a smaller range that I love to use but it's still great vapor in those ranges.

    Arizer makes amazing vaporizers for newcomers to vaporizers and connoisseurs alike!

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