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Fritted disc - grain size?

Discussion in 'Glass' started by Seek, Jan 9, 2017.


Will this grain size work?

  1. Yes

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  2. Yes, but not optimal

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  3. Maybe

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  4. No

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  1. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    Hello FC,

    I want to order a custom piece with a fritted disc, but there's only a finer grain size available for it.

    Does anybody know if that would stil work right? It would be a thicker can so the frit would have 3x more area than the working piece with bigger grain size, but its still a lot finer, so that might not be enough and the resistance could be too high even for vapes. Or worse, wouldn't fire at all.

    Here are the pics I got:

    There is a correctly functioning fritted disc piece next to the finer frit, with 3x less area.
    It has porosity of 0 (which was the biggest grain size available).
    And looking into tables I see the porosity of 0 is supposed to be around 150–250 micron sized pores.
    So, does anyone have an idea if it will work? I don't want to throw away 200$ for a fail.
    If it won't work, then I'll probably have a honeycomb instead or just cancel the order.

    Thanks, Seek.

    EDIT: some simplified math I've done (might not be correct):

    Whole disc area: 1500mm^2
    Pore size: 0.2mm
    Assuming: 1 pore per 5mm^2, no thickness, additive parallel airflow
    => 300 pores per total area => 7.5mm^2 sum of pore areas on the whole disc => equivalent of 3mm diameter single hole (just like in vapexhale bamboo).
    So this simplified math says it could work, and I don't have any vape with less resistance than vapexhale. But I'm assuming no thickness, so the real resistance might be higher, also not all holes will be firing, so multiplying by 300 might not be correct.
    But also it might have more pores per area than I assumed which could lower the resistance.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  2. mrbonsai420

    mrbonsai420 I love Grass and Glass!

    First of all why do you want a custom Frit perc? Are you going to combust out of it of just vaporize? Personally I think any frit perc is too much diffusion for anything other than combustion... But that's opinion and I will move on to the next point. The finer the particles in the frit the more diffusion. This thing is going to filter out A LOT in my opinion. Perhaps some of those nice terps and flavor profiles we spend so much on our product to get. IF I was going for a super high diffusion fritted disc I would model it after the goldstein rooster apparatus or even WOL fritted disc type perc. I imagine any more bubble stacking than those 2 diffusion beasts will be counter productive.

    Another issue you will have with that fine frit is clogging. I bet even if it pulls easily enough it would still clog fast right?
    I may be wrong, you could test it pretty easily. Is it resistant when you run water through it or free flowing?
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  3. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    I think that's true too, but also think everything has its limits. If its too fine or too coarse, it might stop working entirely or require different sizez, or too much restrictions, etc. I want to know if someone knows these limits, or knows a glassblower who knows that...
    I'd be happy to hear a frit this fine would just make more diffusion, but still work correctly. By searching google, I've found a photo of this DG piece that seems to be very fine, but imo still not as fine as this disc.
    I would never vape something tasty through so much diffusion. Also I don't smoke. But I've found the frit good for vaping weed that doesn't taste nice. I have other glass, but nothing like this, I want that option and variety.
    I've modelled the proportions similar to DG - wide and tall can that can keep the action inside. But this frit is the coarsest available. I want to know if it can be worked with or if I should give up and make it honeycomb or something. But that would be similar to my other stuff.

    I've used that fritted piece in the first picture for months and never had any problems with clogging, probably that's a combustion-only issue.
    But this fine disc might clog, I don't know...
    I think the smoke residue could be a bitch to clean out of the perc, but vapor condensate is easily dissolved, so iso cleaning works on frit too if it's for vapes only.

    And this is probably my main concern. For a context, my least restrictive vape is the EVO, which has few holes 3mm in diameter in series. The question is if this disc resistance is not bigger than that.

    I can't test it myself before a piece would be made from it, the glassblower has the disc. I could tell him how to test it's suitability if I knew how.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  4. TboneToker

    TboneToker Medical Enthusiast

    always felt the turbine HT was basically the ideal frit for flavor and if you wanted more diffusion you'd get the honeycomb.

    As per the question at hand, I feel it will work fine but you may have to clean it more often, it will probably diffuse even more than you're used to so is that what you want?

    IF YOU TRY IT , LET US KNOW HOW IT GOES Maybe this is optimal for vaping huge thick clouds since I figure it will be kind of restricted.

    might work great with the EVO
  5. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer

    I clean my pieces fairly often, if the walls get any visuals beyond fogginess and fet tiny clumps of condensate, it's cleaning time.
    Good to hear a more optimistic opinion, keep them coming.

    I've also found this youtube video that makes me more optimistic about this.
    I think the frit and the can its in looks almost just like what my piece would look like:
    Click to play YouTube Video

    And here is the design what that dics should go into.
    Maybe the can should be even a little longer to contain the increased diffusion and therefore stacking, like this:
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
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  6. Seek

    Seek Apprentice Daydreamer


    It's been made pretty much exactly to my design.
    It works corectly, has very high diffusion, about 2-3 times smaller bubbles than a coarse fritted disc.
    But it also have a decent ammount of draw restriction. I have large and powerful enough lungs to make it work, I'm not sure if anyone could successfuly hit it.
    It's height is just enough so the bubble stacks never reach the mouthpiece, but can get as high as filling the entire can with bubbles (only when clearing it, with vapes it doesn't stack all the way up)
    I think the disk could have been ground more to be thinner.
    I think the wideness of the can and disk enables wnough airflow, but i also think it spread the pressure on the tiny holes so it takes more lungpower to actually get that airflow going.
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