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Focus pro + extras! (Europe)

Discussion in 'Sold, Traded, Found, Closed' started by PPN, Dec 23, 2016.

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  1. PPN

    PPN Fleurs&Vapeur

    A lightly used Focus Pro is for sale, this vape works perfectly and was used around 25-30 times, I add a Namaste wtaer tool, similar to the Pinnacle water tool. Price is 80€ shipped in France, add 5-12€ for international shipping.

    In the package there is:

    - Focus Pro in the box
    - replacement glass mp
    - silicone watertools adapter
    - usb cord (it doesn't comes with a charger)
    - 18650 battery
    - cleaning tools
    - 1 dry herb capsule (from flowermate, not included in the original package)
    - Namaste micro bubbler in box (brand new)

    Here the pic:

    Thanks for looking!
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Thread Status:
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