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Favorite Concentrate Brands/Artists in Santa Monica

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by FlyingLow, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    Which dispensaries / collectives have the greatest concentrates?
    Any brands I should look out for? Any I should avoid?

    The maps are great, but I love FC guidance above all!

    I tend to seek out live resin, carts, shatter and wax.

    It has been a while since my last visit, is Alpine still putting out a good co2 product?
  2. zenmasterofzinfandel

    zenmasterofzinfandel Well-Known Member

    A typical post by u, initially lacking useful info, like so many noob posters on FC. Will make it easier if you would have fleshed out the details in the OP, instead of requiring others to query you for the essential details.

    By the thread title, are you refering to Santa Monica, California? (n no, that is not a rhetorical question as I was born N raised in Santa Monica, CA, other than being displaced the last few yrs, that is where I have been my entire life. You could say I know that section of town, like the back of my hand.

    If you are asking about Santa Monica, CA...you have marked yourself already as non-local/out-of-towner; cause if you were from around here, you would not be asking or posting up such a title.

    Flesh out your OP, give dates/time constraints/distances willing to travel, etc. If u are in So. Cal. proper, then you are in the known center of the universe for the best cannabis in the world, this is Cali after all...snicker

    And if in So. Cal, ya should have started this thread a month or more before it was needed. Go look in the So. Cal. Dispensaries thread in Med forum, then check out Chase's Terpy Tues thread. Hit up some of the members who posted in those threads. Want high-end, famous. Trendy stuff(distillates are all the rage this year, in flowers&conc it is the year of the banana). Ya have a budget? I can send you to just one place near SM, that if you have $$$$, could spend that in just 30min. have $$$$$$ and a week, still not enough.

    Need some Frenchy Cannoli temple balls @2AM, I can tell you where to go. Most dispensaries & delivery services close around 8PM...something to consider, because if you need to use uber/public trans, don't have a auto...traffic blows in this air-pollution filled metropolis. getting around can take you a week. You want to go to other places, want suggestions...all should have been done weeks in advance.

    Or you could ask me, lol, bc from what I've seen, even the locals posting on FC do not seem to know all that much....my post count is pretty low, couldn't possibly know much compared to others,,,,(logical fallacy).

    Don't recommend alpine or any carts (not for same, but similiar reasons that herbivore21 has ranted on continuously), but while u are hear, what about edibiles?...assuming Cali, bc if you do a search on hollywood farmer's market...you'll find the one I go to, but you'll find several other's in google hits around the USA.

    NB: 3 nights of cannabis hangover's trying a replacement for DayDreamer's 720mg bar that doesn't seem to be as effective>>>had one 1500mg casaluna dark choc bar last evening on an empty stomach...less hangover than 720 DD's, but doesn't make me sleepy enough either...n then I can't function well enough to drive(as safely as I want, with full alertness) the next day :-(

    Oh, ya, have to do the FL random drop-bomb post thingy....get a blow-dryer, use it on concentrates you get here...forget what *all* the others & herbivore21& *you* think, for concentrates in So.Cal marketplace, blowdryer, when used properly, is more effective in managing your concentrates....ya just gotta know how to use it correctly
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  3. Silver420Surfer

    Silver420Surfer Well-Known Member

    This is starting to remind me of all the "Where can I get the highest THC bud in Colorado?" posts on Reddit(one of many reasons I am abandoning that place). I dont think theres enough folks on FC to give you any true idea of what to buy, where to go.
    As a Cannabis veteran, you should be able to go into a dispo with your eyes and nose and geta good feel for whats what, and in fact, may know more than the very people whose opinon you are seeking.

    Keep in mind when shopping in Cali:
    "The fact that we don't have regulations in place means that people can produce and sell without having to test out of a dispensary," says Reggie Gaudino, vice president of scientific operations and director of intellectual property at Steep Hill Labs. "In a regulated market, the product flows from cultivator to testing lab, and if it passes, it goes to the dispensary. That's how the flow should go, but it doesn't right now in California."

    Yelp SantaMonica top 10

    Santa Monica Dispos

    https://www.puregreenamerica.com/specials -- Moxie concentrates are 10% off on Saturdays

    Only other brand I can recommend in your area would be Oil Refinery Co.
  4. subway13029

    subway13029 Well-Known Member

    Wow all he did was ask a question..he's a very good poster why all the sarcasm..and I don't understand your uber cool downgrading post of Florida but just because you guys have the best weed doesn't mean we don't know what the hell we are doing...geez..what a dick..
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  5. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017 at 10:40 PM
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  6. Shooby

    Shooby Low Temp Dabs

    This is a vague questions but one that i am sure many wonder or think about. I have been on a mission finding the best concentrates for my body and mind for the past 3 months. I have been a huge flower smoker for 20+ years smoking an 1/8 every two days. Last year during July, i decided to reduce and look into vaping and switch to Alpine black label live resins to get away from flowers. Well that worked for a year until my breathing started to get heavier and breaths shorter. So i went to find alternatives around May. Also around this time, my father abruptly find out he had lung cancer and died two weeks later and my family suggested i look for cleaner habits. I went to edible for a week but just wasnt the same. At this point, i have dabbed and own a dab rig but didnt know about low temp vape.

    Then i found FC and was a daily reader of the forum since and decided to jump into the whole vape and enail set up for low temp vaping. I spent a $1K on new gear but finding the right meds has been a challenge. I dab around a gram a day currently trying to bring that down to 1/2. I want or look for quality, clean meds at an affordable price. I have been at many disps. around OC trying all the new brands and flavors. (Got hooked on HTFSE for two weeks) but i found myself returning to one brand, Raw Gardens Extract.

    Check out Raw Gardens extract's website. https://rawgarden.farm/home to find it near you.. They offer a wide variety of concentrates such as:

    nug run sugar $40G
    live resin sugar $60G
    flower rosin $40G
    hash rosin $50G
    live resin rosin $60G
    full melt bubble hash $60G

    They have more including carts. Pricing is what i pay here in OC at the dispensary. I havent tried the carts as i have yet to see them at a dispensary.

    They typically offer many strains to choose from. They do not offer shatter though. My go to is the hash rosin or live resin rosin as their are solvent free and tasty. The live resin sugar is very tasty as well as my non rosin concentrate go to. I thought about a rosin press but for $40G, its cheaper than pressing my own.

    Their farm is also clean green certified as it states on the package. I havent done much digging into this yet. Just to let all know, I have no affiliation with this company or know anyone who works there. I am just a person who wants clean concentrates for a fair price.

    If you prefer live resin shatter, Moxie seems to be tasty and strong. Justdabs is one of my favorite shatters but i can dab a gram of that in a couple of hours. Hashy Larry's too are good but they are allpricy at about $$65-$80g. I recently just pick up Guild extracts's THC-A crystalline for $90 for a half G. Interesting stuff but not worth the price. And its absolutely tasteless vape.

    BTW, FC has been great for me. I have been a closet pot head for half my life and never really had a chance to talk to, share or even read about experiences related to my habits. Thank you and i hope to contribute to this community more in the future!
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  7. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    If you want the best concentrates in SoCal, without all the hype and marketing, get a rosin press and squish your own.
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  8. FlyingLow

    FlyingLow Team NO SLEEP!

    @Zen~ Don't judge me, you don't fuckin know me!
    I hope you spent a lot of time writing and editing your post... it was longwinded and contained NO useful info at all.

    I am real glad you know all the great places to go, yet don't offer a single suggestion in your entire full of shit post. Try contributing a shred of useful information instead of just poking around the forums eating dick. Take your bullshit about hairdryers and other completely off topic crap elsewhere... there is no possible way it is relevant in here. I may not be local, but you are a condescending prick. I'd rather be from out of town.

    @Silver- the Denver threads on FC have been amazingly helpful to me. I don't use reddit, but without FC I would have not had as incredible an experience in Colorado. The intent for this thread was to be a guide for others that love extract, and don't want to wind up at a shop with crappy carts and poor quality oils.

    So I ask, where are your favorite places to shop and brands to purchase? While I prefer the terpy Live stuff, I love ALL extracts and was simply looking for guidance to some of the better venders in town.

    @Shooby ~ THANK YOU FOR POSTING ABOUT RAW! This is exactly the type of feedback I am seeking:rockon:
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017 at 9:25 PM

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