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Gear E-nail by Highly Educated

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by MarcellusWiley, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. dannkk

    dannkk Well-Known Member

    If the price is bugging you, and you don't really need it to fit into female joints, HE does have another nail called Dualiti. It fits 14mm and 18mm male joints. It's one piece...design is pretty close to the same as their older domeless nail(the 10mm and 14mm ones).
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  2. kingofnull

    kingofnull ace

    I guess it would be the last nail I ever bought...
    I have both male and female pieces, that's why it's so attractive to me
  3. Xchadb

    Xchadb @Brownglass Glass Blower

    CO Springs
    haha :)

    i guess thats what im tryin to say :tup:

    i must say, hold onto you money, as come march jointless designs are coming out, id post whos on top of it but its not the right thread.

    they also already have a similar design, both have their pros n cons, main being price, but like i said, many artists will prob catch onto the jointless designs soon
  4. timmahsan

    timmahsan treEnt

    Just ordered this bad boy and really looking forward to getting one. :)
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  5. StickyShisha

    StickyShisha Well-Known Member


    Highly Educated has a reputation in the market for quality products, and at eight-hundred dollars retail, there is a level of expectancy for your product to perform. A 30% – 40% failure rate of a single component is not acceptable, especially for a high end item. That is about the failure rate that we have been experiencing with the E-nail. Yes I have been servicing the units for free, but this is still not an acceptable solution to a monstrous problem. Free repairs are great, but when you spend that much money on a product you don’t want it to break in the first place. Selling a product which is known to fail is brand damaging to our reputation for quality and it will only generate more ill-will amongst consumers. Yes, I understand you might want an E-nail really bad, but would you still want it as bad if you knew it was going to fail? I can not keep pushing a product onto the market with that kind of failure rate. It doesn’t make sense to do so, not ethically, not financially. Furthermore, I have personally invested heavily into production but my costs are likely to double or even triple if I keep putting out units with a high failure rate. That is why I have determined the best action for me to take now is to cease the sales of all units until this issue has been rectified. Once and when the issue has been resolved, I will resume selling the units where I left off on the waiting lists. I apologize for the headaches caused but I can assure you mine is the biggest at this point in time. I appreciate your understanding in this matter, I appreciate any sympathy, and if you have a spare Advil that would be great.
    tl;dr Not letting a 125k headache turn into a 250k head ache.
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  6. Mynameismud

    Mynameismud But call me Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie.

    Just saw this thread, reminds me of this other thing i just found called the electro dabber. Dnt know the price or how to get one but it looks a lot easier than the enail. Anyway electrodabber.com
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  7. Gr33nLungz

    Gr33nLungz New Member

    so far so fucking good.. first time ive had my own rig... nice to save on my cartridges....... and meltt face
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  8. Organibis

    Organibis Active Member

    That's what Jamie Lee Curtis said <-***-Zing-***->
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  9. Bluntcrush

    Bluntcrush Director of Vapor Research Labs™

    In Rainbows and Clouds
    I too am becoming more interested in an item like this. (ENail) The one above seems cool too, but they require too much info to get any pricing etc...

    I know someone who owned an HE E Nail, and he really seemed to like it! Hopefully more devices like this will be in development soon.
  10. Enchantre

    Enchantre Oil Painter

    WA USA
    Hmmm... I would probably avoid filling out any sort of form to find out about a product. Especially on a page that has no info on it. It has a photo, and a list.

    It's screaming "scam" at me.
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  11. Roger D

    Roger D Vapor Wizard

    I wouldn't say that. This one seems legit. Anyway, a buyer can be disappointed by any shop, as a consumer it's in your interest to watch your back constantly. I too think they're asking too much but not as a scam.
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  12. Bluntcrush

    Bluntcrush Director of Vapor Research Labs™

    In Rainbows and Clouds
    So how easy would one be able to rig something like this up at home and do you wanna help? :brow: (please don't ban me...)
  13. coloradomaryjane

    coloradomaryjane New Member

    I agree this is screaming for a DIY tutorial.
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  14. Mutt

    Mutt Member

    800 dollars for a a couple of simple items that cost less than 200 dollars is pure and utter B.S. .......... Dab Essentials pulled the same crap with thier 180 dollar TI nail ....... now that people have learned where they come from and how much they really cost to make ...... people refuse to buy them.

    Cannatax is B.S.




    Can someone show me where the other 700 dollars goes???????????

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  15. jdee

    jdee Well-Known Member

    you can't buy it because all the units failed, and it was pulled from the market, for being garbage.
  16. InspectorDabIt710

    InspectorDabIt710 New Member

    Where can someone get one of those e-nails? I've seen everyone has them.

    Does anyone know and can give me an educated guess as to what he used for the Cord he has there? Or the adapter to his Ti Nail?

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  17. Galactus

    Galactus Active Member

    Anyone try the carb cap with this?
  18. dannkk

    dannkk Well-Known Member

    I've got the carb cap. It's pretty cool, but it's hard to use unless you have something that you can bhomb or do monster dabs. Gooey stuff stays on the dabber so long it's over by the time you get it all off and can put the cap on. If you have some honeycomb or really good shatter you can just drop on and cap it right away, it works great.

    The hole in the cap is on an angle. It forces the air to push the oil across the surface of the cup, so it spreads evenly and takes heat from the entire cup, instead of just one side of it. You don't have to heat the nail as hot. The cap itself gets pretty hot fast. If you don't take it off right away you won't be able to handle it. It's cool, but I wouldn't call it a necessity by any means.
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  19. pakalolo

    pakalolo RoboMod v4.0a (unstable) Staff Member

    Other side of your screen
    I just merged both of our E-nail threads so things might look a bit scrambled. I'm not sure how we wound up with two.

    At any rate, I was looking at these thread because of this:


    For those who aren't aware, the manufacturer he refers to is Cary Widener of High-Temp Industries, the same guy who pulled the same intellectual property theft on VXL, and who was selling counterfeit Clouds on eBay.
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  20. hishighness

    hishighness Well-Known Member

    saw this today, that's beyond fucked, really too bad for task. of course it's his own fault if he didn't even get a basic non-compete signed but i guess when you trust someone there's no need for that. definitely won't be supporting a thieving fuck which is too bad because i would've loved to see a "refined" highly educated enail

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