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do you guys still smoke joints?

Discussion in 'Vaporization Discussion' started by tx93budsmane, May 16, 2016.

  1. organicali

    organicali Active Member

    SF Bay Area
    I think it's important to vary consumption methods. I still use ingestion and combustion in addition to vaporization, though vaporization is by far what I use the most.

    The flavor and effects are much different with combustion, and I get much different effects. I also like glass :)

    I feel it's important to change up the delivery method so your tolerance doesn't become too high with just one.
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  2. bakerman

    bakerman Member

    the rolled ups with weed/hash and tobacco are actually called spliffs not blunts.
    blunts are like joints, pure weed with the difference is that they are hollowed up cigars filled up with pure weed.

    I also used to smoke spliffs - for all my friends this is still the defacto way of consuming weed.
    Used to be hooked up to glass pipes after a trip in the US, really enjoyed the flavor and the whole culture around it - pack another bowl, bitch! .
    But the tar on my teeth made me disliking it . also used to make me cough sometimes.

    After moving to vape, i still went through periods of smoking some spliffs here and there for many reasons that are probably boring to mention.

    starting from PAX then to MFLB then to PLENTY, then SOLO and still having some cravings here an there. After moving to vapcap my cravings for spliffs have gone really down.
    Last times I've tried to smoke a spliff i almost got sick half way through smoking it.
    Also experienced heavy panic attacks .
    Although I get really stoned with vaping when I try a spliff something else is making me really fucked up.
    In some situations my brain is looking for this getting completely fucked up mood but I try to avoid it because it doesn't feel good.
    I really think vaping is the best way to consume weed and using a vaporizer like vapcap you keep some of the smoking rituals/experience.
    Don't think I will easily go back to a battery/power based vaporizer, it feels even more weird right now after going out at my balcony with my lighter and my ti woody for a sesh

    I tried to get many people to switch from smoking spliffs with tobacco to vaping but without success. Everybody is so addicted to tobacco that they won't quit that easy.

    I also think that the nicotine is even harder to quite than coke. I mean coke is also so expensive that I just couldn't afford it after a while where you can always buy cheap tobacco.
    I find funny the joke that says that tobacco is the revenge of the native Americans
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  3. Cl4ud3

    Cl4ud3 Well-Known Member

    I roll joints for friends sometimes but I don't combust at all, it's vaping or nothing. Vape bonging a lot currently and I was only a joint smoker, never got into smoking bowls.

    I'm glad to say the taste of combustion turns my stomach now and I smoked for over 20 years.
  4. TRDreviews

    TRDreviews Vaked

    Umass Amherst
    I smoke from time to time. Probably less than once a month.

    If my roommate is tired of vaping, he will load a bowl in one of the bongs. It immediately gets cleaned after the sesh.

    If I'm fishing, there's a good chance someone with me brought a j or two (including me, I hate interrupting my casts to vape). Last time I smoked was over a month ago.
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  5. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    It's called VAS= vape acquisition syndrome... you get multiple vapes for those different multiple effects... vaping keeps my tolerance high so smoking really has hardly no effects at all...
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  6. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    except for herring and sardine and Gouda :p
  7. ichibaneye

    ichibaneye Vapriot, Traveler & Vaporizer/ing lover!

    The Honeycomb Hideout
    If you're still destroying with fire and also vaporizing, one is TRULY NOT vaporizing. :razz: One must be free from carbon, after that combustion tastes like an ashtray and does not really medicate or effect the person anymore. I dare anyone to go pure... It's worth the plunge! :smug: You need to be pure from smoke to reach vaporizing bliss. So in short, HELL NO! :tup::rockon:
  8. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Tires too....
    Or tyres depending on geographical location.....
  9. Cl4ud3

    Cl4ud3 Well-Known Member

    and Bacon . . . .:mmmm: bacon . . .

    Strangely I still love smoked food but hate smoking now.
  10. Squiby

    Squiby Well-Known Member

    Don't forget smoked salmon..... yummy. :love:
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  11. Waldorulez

    Waldorulez Well-Known Member

    Just ordered sum pipes have u all got sick,,from,all the heat I have real dehydration it seems I use my mflb an that's it cuz all the heat was making me sick had to start smoking after 8 years last year I noticed it was bad during the summer inhaling a furnace I said smoking never hurt me this bad
  12. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    Maybe the heat is getting to me too, caus I don't quite get what your saying...

    Are you saying vaping in the heat is bad..???
    So you went back to smoking..???

    Consuming cannabis dehydrates you, anyway you choose to consume it..
    At that to 35 degrees, and it's not always too pleasant getting high in the heat....

    I drink alot of water... done 5.5 litres yesterday...
    I also choose to vape through water more in the heat....

    Sometimes even some icey cool water...
    I know the science behind condensation, I know I lose some actives... But it's negligible and I don't care...

    Being high in the sun if fine as long as you
    keep cool and hydrated.....
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2017
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  13. C No Ego

    C No Ego Well-Known Member

    so far we have found that vaporizing equates somewhat to a fireman going into a burning building breathing hot dry air... that is one of the only harms I have heard of from vaping and a glass of water to hydrate with and a bubbler/bong/ etc to vape through fixes the problem.... with a bubbler you need to condition the vapor to be more moist and less dry
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  14. stonedbob

    stonedbob 100% THC

    some people also add ultrasonic mist makers to their rig so they drop it in to the bong and that brings you 99% humidity, you cant get dehydrated from that.

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  15. Waldorulez

    Waldorulez Well-Known Member

    Vaping made me alote less ashy but I didn't feel I was getting the medicine in my body I needed an the amount I needed an dehydrated was a issue from it even doe I drank water my throat hurt an stomach it also made me feel I don't need weed I do,need it I say I guess I wasn't getting the most out of it vaping it cuz I just to learn to deal wit the pain an this new pain I got now
  16. esrever

    esrever Herb: best aphrodisiac and stereo tweak on Earth

    In addition to herring, sardines, gouda and salmon, sea salt is pretty good smoked.

    But joints, too wasteful and inefficient. Even pre-vape days I was a bongster and dugout one hitter.

    For those with throat irritation from vaping, try a cough drop (in your mouth while drawing).
    Anything mentholated or eucalyptus is soothing, although it covers up the taste of cannabis.
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  17. grampa_herb

    grampa_herb Epstein didn't kill himself

    why is the door locked?
    Same here. Joints work better with a partner(s). When alone I tended to space out after a couple hits and it would just keep burning...
  18. Chocu1a

    Chocu1a Well-Known Member

    So, I know this is about joints, but I had to chime in on combustion. I purchased a glass bong recently to pair with my Solo. So, it has been at least 10 months since I last combusted. The bong came with a bowl, so I thought, what the hell,, ya know? Decided to take an old school bong rip tonight. Holy effing monkey balls...the taste was gut wrenching. I cannot get the disgusting burnt taste out of my mouth. It is so deep in my lungs. It felt so horrible and hot and I immediate started to violently cough. I have been a user of mj for over 27 years. I only switched to vaping less than a year ago. WTF was that? I don't ever remember reacting like this before. Yuck & done. Never again. Pass.
  19. Stu

    Stu Maconheiro Staff Member

    southeast of disorder
    I had the same reaction when I first smoked a bowl after switching to vapor for a while. It really shocked me at the time. I've heard the same from countless people on this forum. As much as we all like to disagree about stuff on FC, the one thing we all seem to agree about is that returning to combustion after a vapor-only diet for a while seems to give us all the same reaction. :puke:.

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  20. smokum

    smokum I am who I am and your approval isn't needed!

    I still enjoy traditions hashes (a lot), and the social 'sharing/passing' of a joint in groups or with a buddy. So, YES, I do still indulge since vaping bud... but at least now it's sans tobacco ;)
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  21. ilsasta

    ilsasta Well-Known Member

    That's the most important thing, fuck tobacco.
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  22. Marihuana

    Marihuana Iso Tensei

    I don't ever roll joints for myself. I only vape during my private time, and try my hardest to turn social sessions into vape sessions... However, I'm just not the type of person to say no when someone offers me their cannabis. I know it'd probably be healthier for me if I didn't combust at all, but personally it would feel impolite to turn down someone who wants to share their ganja with me.
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  23. grampa_herb

    grampa_herb Epstein didn't kill himself

    why is the door locked?
    Y'all who mix tobacco and bud; why? It's more efficient to hold your hit. Do you do that also with tobacco in the mix? Is it a taste thing?

    I've seen many mix hash in their joints in Holland. Seemed like they were already used to smoking hand-rolled cigs so they just toss some hash crumbles on top.
  24. Aizen-sama

    Aizen-sama Fmr. Captain of the 5th Division

    Hueco Mundo
    When I used to do this back at university it was just to conserve weed. My friends and I smoked cigarettes then too, so nobody minded it really.
  25. kellya86

    kellya86 Herb gardener...

    It's just how it happens in uk and some of Europe...
    Street weed can be very expensive here...
    As little as 0.5 for 10 UK pounds....

    As a kid, who can afford to smoke pure...???
    Cigarettes are nearly weed prices now too here...
    £10 for 20.....

    Yet you can order harmfull or deadly, synthetic cannabis online for basically fuck all monies...
    And they wonder why all the kids are on it...

    Money aside, I could never get on with smoking pure weed joints...
    It was just way too harsh for me...
    I tried many time with many strains...
    I just didnt enjoy it....

    Maybe it does all stem back from the days in the uk before flowers came about...
    All we had was shitty soap bar hash...
    You cant smoke that pure in a joint...

    So dont look down on us for doing It, it's wasnt our fault......
    We had to do it.....

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