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Denied SSDI for the 4th time.

Discussion in 'Medical Discussion' started by BigDaddyVapor, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. momofthegoons

    momofthegoons vapor accessory addict

    The important thing is that you finally found an attorney that seems to be on the right track.

    When is your next hearing; or don't you know?
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  2. BigDaddyVapor

    BigDaddyVapor @BigDogJunction

    I won't know @#$%, until the Fall. So they'll owe me almost 4 years at that point.
  3. chromehorse

    chromehorse New Member

    If I recall properly, one of my relatives who truly was disabled applied twice and appealed once before he got his SSD.

    Which is also good. I do remember he received a large retroactive check from the time period that he began the application.
  4. Vicki

    Vicki Herbal Alchemist

    Yes, and I also received a big retroactive check as well.
  5. Dreamerr

    Dreamerr Always in a state of confusion and silliness♀

    I am glad I didn't get a big retro check since I got approved right away. I am glad cause I couldn't handle what you all went through.
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  6. Fishkybizniz

    Fishkybizniz New Member

    I heard some cases need an attorney. If your in CA, I know a trial lawyer (civil & federal courts) that could probably refer you. He's amazing. I had an issue with an employer and he did such a wonderful job, I tipped him at the end of it all. Also, he's building a new website for those who work needing MMJ. Employers and employees have no clue what their rights are. Here's the link to the site. http://emmacal.org/
  7. Fishkybizniz

    Fishkybizniz New Member

    It's sad that we have to hire lawyers to get access to our own $$$. :\
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