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Completely fucked from eating .8g of vaped weed

Discussion in 'Cooking with Cannabis' started by Nereocystis, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Nereocystis

    Nereocystis New Member

    Ok, so yesterday afternoon i decided to experiment with eating vaped weed to see what it could do. I made myself a fantastic milk shake, with peanut butter, milk (obviously) and cookie dough ice cream. Now, i read online that someone used 2g of vaped weed in his sandwich, and had a very intense experience. So i decided to test the field with only .8g of vaped weed (i have a scale). I started to feel it kicking in about 45 min after drinking my creation, and slowly it got more and more intense (i was cleaning my van at this time for an upcoming roadtrip). I then drove to a buddys house where we went to a&w for a burger. Now at this point i was so rickjammed i could not focus on anything, and probably shouldnt have been driving, but we made it back to his house safe and sound where we ate our food. About 15 min after that i got extremely nautious, was starting to black out for few second intervals. Then i threw up everything and anything for the next few minutes, luckliy there was a chip bag next to me. I then blacked out again, falling backwards on the couch and spilling almost the whole bag on me. ): over th next few hours my buddy helped me to their washroom, where i hurled some more and just laid there, i could not move at all, but slowly started feeling better again. I then got a ride to emergency to see if my kidney was fine as i lost the other a few years back mountain biking. I got some blood work and a urine analysis done, and my white blood cell count was double the usual, and my neutrophils were elevated, this could only mean that i was fighting off some sort of an infection. But it doesnt seem like this was a coincidence with just eating the vaped weed.

    SO, do you guys think this was just an awful green out, that i was puking and unable to move for hours based of other stories, or your personal green outs, or could this have been because i didnt cook the vaped bud, or maybe didnt eat anything for hours after the milk shake,
    Maybe food poisoning but my buddy had the same burger i did and was fine, i have no idea. I dont think it could have been just the bud, cuz i know tons of people who had had edibles with far more than .8g, and of fresh bud as well, not just vaped stuff, and they just had a good time.
    Any replies would be appreciated.
    Thanks for reading!
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  2. Bouldorado

    Bouldorado Well-Known Member

    I've had 2 incidents in my life that I'd consider "green-outs". Those are only times I considered myself too high too drive. One of those happened when a buddy and I went through almost a gram of hash oil in less than an hour (this was shortly after we discovered dabbing). I ended up passed out on the couch at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Woke up at 10 pm, still high as shit. Didn't really feel bad/sick from this, I just greatly underestimated the strength of solvent hash.

    The second incident was from a homemade abv edible. This was unenjoyable and probably the only time in my life I regretted ingesting THC. I had saved up a decent amount of abv (2-3 oz) and baked a batch of brownies with it. I knew it wasn't going to taste very good, so I made QWISO oil with half of it. This resulted in a dark brown/black sludge.

    In addition, I ran the other half of the abv through a coffee grinder and substituted it for flour in the recipe. I had sifted the stems out so it wasn't too far off texture-wise from a normal brownie. However it tasted very strongly of abv; bad enough I had to wash it down with milk to avoid gagging. This should have been a sign stop eating it, but I persisted, mainly because I wanted to test out the strength. For some reason I had decided to divide the batch into 10 portions (and ate a whole one), which means each serving had the equivalent of 5+ grams of abv.

    About two hours after eating it I knew I made a mistake. I could barely stand up, and couldn't read, much less focus on a TV/computer screen without getting nauseous. I didn't vomit, but came pretty damn close. Couldn't fall asleep because my head kept spinning, so I basically laid on my couch for 5 hours until the effects started to fade. Although the brownie tasted pretty gross, I don't think that's what caused me to feel nauseous. The high felt much different than that from a dispensary edible, so I assume I just wasn't used to the different ratios of cannabinoids.

    This turned me of edibles for a while, but whenever I make them now, I strictly limit the dose to the equivalent of 1 gram or less of abv per serving. Bottom line: abv is unpredictable and easy to underestimate it's strength.
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  3. LooneyTune

    LooneyTune Well-Known Member

    that's something to keep in mind, thanks. It's pretty clear that ABV has a totally different profile of cannabinoids than flowers, since a specific part of their spectrum was already vaped. So it's a different kind of beast and has to be approached little by little until it's familiar.

    On the other hand, how well was the abv stored? What about the possibility of mold? Never underestimate the strength of the fungi dudes as well :myday:
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  4. vaporonly

    vaporonly living in a van down by the river

    My stomach hurts and feels nauseous when I eat the avb plant material but that goes away for the most part when I strain it out...i've been on the throw up and curl up train

    never passed out from it though

    To the OP, I can't help wonder if your experience is due to your condition from that accident.

    sounds really scary, glad you are ok
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  5. Nereocystis

    Nereocystis New Member

    Ok, thanks for the replies, i dont think having only one kidney should have affected anything, with 2 you have 200%, so one is still 100% function for the body, and its already grown quite a bit to help compensate.

    I never thought about mold or anything but that could very well be a possibility, its not stored in an air tight container or anything, and some of the bud in there is a few months old. It just seems so odd that that happened off just .8.

    I read that thc lowers the white blood cell count in the body, so maybe i was fighting an illness (i was feeling a little off in the morning but nothing bad) so maybe just the drop of wbc caused a boost in the infection idk. But the mold idea is a good one, who knows, i guess my buddies and i will find out soon if it happens again! Haha

    But anywho, with the topic of milkshakes, anyone have any good milkshake/smoothie recipes?
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  6. TylerVapeBoss

    TylerVapeBoss New Member

    I've been recently intrigued by the cooking benefits, I've got about 3/4 oz avb saved up, I'm gonna take 4g and mix it with a cup of peanut butter in the oven at 325 for 20-30 minutes and that should give me a nice peanut butter avb mixture ready to eat. I wanna know how you guys are getting effects from avb without cooking it, I only feel effects if I make s'mores and heat up the marshmallows and I've done this at least 4 or 5 times without heat and only the recent attempt with heat was successful. I've tried peanut butter and I've tried Nutella and both and then today I used marshmallows and Nutella and graham and it worked because I torched the mallow. I'm so excited to use my avb in brownies and cookies with cannabutter I just have the issue of the smell flooding my house. I'm trying to find all the simplest vaped bud recipes I can find that don't require a long soaking process. I can't find a forum that's less than 2 years old. Must use full Herbalizer and Arizer Solo potential.

    I'm gonna make some pepperoni bagel bites right now and after I mostly finish cooking them I'm gonna throw my avb on them and let it sit at 320 for 15 min
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  7. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    Go really easy with the edibles, start slow and allow 3 hours before taking anymore. I've have too much of an edible and it was a peanut butter milkshake. I took more ABV than .8 gram and learned a lesson.

    Having signs of the elevated blood cells wouldn't have anything to do with the cannabis. It sounds like food poisoning.

    Once you take the edible and it starts to kick in it's too late to do anything you have to ride it out.

    Make sure if you are experimenting with doses of cannabis edibles do it at night and you don't have any commitments like driving or taking care of small children.
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  8. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    A friend made a cake with all her low quality herbs. A Lot of herbs. She gave me a piece and I tried about half of it. A few hours later I was more impaired than I have been since I was young and mixed smoking and drinking. Waiting for it to wear off is not a sensation I enjoy.
  9. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    When I had over done it on edibles, it reminded me the first time I used cannabis as a teen and drank alcohol too, I know what you mean ha ha @little maggie.
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  10. TylerVapeBoss

    TylerVapeBoss New Member

    I'm yet to feel effects from avb... I took 4.3g and mixed it with 1 cup peanut butter and wrapped aluminum foil over it and cooked it at 325 for 27 min and I spread 1/3 on white bread and Nutella and ate it that was probably 2 hours ago and still nothing. The next step is to make a straight up cannabutter and cook it into brownies
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  11. DDave

    DDave Vape Wizard Accessory Maker

    Judge the Vaper by the Vapor
    For consistency with edibles dosing, one must focus on that word consistency on everything prior to eating a specific amount of the edible itself.

    For the most consistent outcome, one could keep these items as static as possible.
    * Vaporizer used (not just the specific model, but the specific vaporizer itself).
    * Same Strain, preferably from same batch.
    * Same temperatures used during vaping sessions
    * Same session parameters (number of hits, at specific temperatures for those who step up temps)
    * Same recipe, with same ingredients in same amounts.
    * Same cooking process (same temps, same cooking equipment, etc)

    From above, the first set of "static" items would ensure as close to the same potency of ABV would be available with which to make the edibles. And the second set of static items would equate to things like same fat content in recipe, same temps used when cooking, etc...

    That's in a perfect world!

    For the real world, trying to keep these items as close as possible through all vape sessions and cooking will allow one to maintain as much possible consistency between edibles batches as possible.
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  12. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    It depends on a lot of variable as the stomach contents and fat in the food as to how medicated that you get. Most important thing is if the ABV has good stuff left in it.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2015
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  13. SD_haze

    SD_haze Well-Known Member

    San Diego, CA
    Broken down like a pro!
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  14. Gunky

    Gunky Well-Known Member

    Northern California
    ABV is fairly upsetting to the stomach, as are meals containing tons of leaves. If the upset is happening during or after onset of effects, it becomes heightened by the sensitive, medicated state. If something tastes vile in your mouth your stomach will probably react similarly. I make oil with ABV. Even that tastes pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as the raw ABV.
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  15. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    ABV with peanut butter and chocolate made into a milkshake, you can't even taste the ABV. The peanut butter does a good job of disguising the taste and so does the chocolate. Strait ABV doesn't taste good and in some recipes you can still taste it.

    I've heard folks putting it in their sauces, like spaghetti or stroganoff. You would need to have some sort of fat with the recipe. I made Spanakopita once but I didn't notice any medicated feeling from it. It tasted pretty good. The garlic hides the taste of the cannabis plus it calls for spinach that also does a good job combined with the cannabis.
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  16. pressure

    pressure Active Member

    did you ever find something that works? I just tried something like you did but I put it in micowave. going to eat a burger and put another 3.5 grams on it. see if it works
  17. TylerVapeBoss

    TylerVapeBoss New Member

    First off, I'm happy to see this in my email as I'm packing my current (purple girls scout cookies) herbalizer bowl. Ha I have so much AVB rn and I'm going to turn it into brownies I just need to get a few hours down a dirt road to do it because it'll stink up my house, but no I have not given AVB consumption another go since my post. I tried it for the first time on just Nutella and crackers, then I found what I did in my post and that was said to work well but didn't get me feeling any different. I was happy to find how easy it was to make weed tea though.

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