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Cheap beginner vape

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by kinghenry, May 8, 2014.

  1. kinghenry

    kinghenry New Member

    Hello, I am currently getting into the scene of vaping and I was wondering what would be a good first purchase.

    My budget is between $40 - 70

    I am looking for something that is very well made, and I will mainly be using this around the house.

  2. Mr. Gweilo 420

    Mr. Gweilo 420 Dude

    The Far East
    You may be in luck my friend. Check out the Vapormax V thread. Very cheap and early reports are good. I just got one but have not tested it yet. Depending on your location it should cost between $60-$80. Otherwise for that price you would have to get something very basic like a Vaporgenie or some similar model.
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  3. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    If you can up your budget just a little more, you could pick up a vapolution 2.0. I haven't used one, but a lot of really respected FC members love it.

    You could also look at an MFLB through eBay, but I'm not really comfortable buying vapes from them. Again, if you can up that budget, I might send an E-mail to Randy at puffitup.com and see if you can work out a deal that benefits you both for an MFLB.

    Ideally, you'd want to assume that you're going to love vaping, and really invest in a quality unit that you'll hang onto. The MFLB could be one of these (some people don't like it so much), the Vapolution 2.0 will probably be one. If you can find a way, the Solo would be a great option too, but it's a little bit over what your budget allows. Would probably pay off in the long run though. I just last night bought another Solo to replace the one that seems to be on permanent loan now.

    Just ideas here. Don't take 'em too seriously or anything.:ko:
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  4. kinghenry

    kinghenry New Member

    What if I were to get a portable vape which one would be the best for my needs?
  5. EveryDayAmnesiac

    EveryDayAmnesiac Well-Known Member

    Do your needs include anything more specific than around the house, well made, and within the budget you suggested?

    If so, I'd stick with what I said about the MFLB and Solo.

    But you'll definitely want to wait until more people chime in. :)
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  6. stickstones

    stickstones Vapor concierge

    The vapor genie is in that price range and works great with proper technique. Not my first choice for a vape, but in that price range you are limited and it can hit very hard.
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  7. Ratm22

    Ratm22 Cloud Transcender

    Manual torch heated vapes are the only thing that can be purchased on the low. I personally would never go that route. Especially if you want to use it indoors
    It reminds me of this video:

    Click to play YouTube Video

    Used, go used. Ebay, classifieds. I have a magic flight box listed. We can work out a payment plan:p

    Make sure to get a well known one than a dud knock off of, whichever you choose.

    Glad your mind is focused on quality over quantity, but with that comes a cost. YOLO:rofl:

    I am going to say that the ease of use of the WISPR is what you want. My non-herb-addicted roomate just got one and he could not be happier with how it operates. He even cleans it out and puts it back in bag and then back in the box after every use. O the good ol days of learning vaping.
    Last edited: May 9, 2014
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  8. Captain Comply

    Captain Comply Wellness over intoxication

    Welcome to a healthier way of life. Welcome to FC. Congratulations on putting your health first! With respect I offer you this advice. Double your vaporizer budget your lungs and body will thank you.

    I'll never forget the feeling I had driving home with my first the Vape that I spent $140 on.
    I felt like I just wasted a bunch of money to believe I spent all of that on something I have never used before.

    That was almost 9 years ago and well over a couple thousand dollars still never looking back. Live Clear.

    Captain C
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    RUDE BOY Space is the Place

    You may be able to find a new Vapir NO2 for around $70 on e-bay. Ain't fancy but works really well, I have found it a great first vape for new vaporists that turns into a solid always ready no frills backup vape.
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  10. olivianewtonjohn

    olivianewtonjohn Well-Known Member

    If you can add $50 or so you could get the solo

    At first I was looking to spend $70 or so on my first vap and was really checking out the MFLB. Through the recommendations that I received I bought the solo (better flavor, longer battery, no AA to carry, can easily hook up to waterpipe, really powerful portable kind of like a portable/desktop hybrid, reliable, etc). I am biased towards the solo but probably not the only one on these forums, the thread is 1000+ pages after all.

    Other two recommendations that I received was the herbalaire and the vapolution.

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