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Best ultra portable vape?

Discussion in 'Ask FC' started by ajvapegod, Sep 4, 2017.


Which vape should I get?

  1. Grasshopper

  2. Pax 3

  3. Davinci IQ

  4. Firefly 2

  5. Ghost MV1

  6. Arizer Air 2

  7. Haze Square

  8. Other

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  1. ajvapegod

    ajvapegod Member

    Hi I'm looking to get a new vape, one that's ultra portable that u can just toss in a pocket and go. I already have a mighty and a vapcap, so as far as big electric portables and ultra portable butane vapes I'm set, but I want a ultra portable electric vape so I don't get looks like I'm smoking crack when I pull out the vapcap. I also prefer on demand as I want to be out take a hit or two and stop and then also be able to do the same process throughout the day as needed. But as a lot of ultra portables are conduction, I will be ok with that as long as I will be able to turn it on have a lil mini sesh of a couple hits and then turn it off and the bowl will still be good for another mini sesh again later. This important to me as I prefer smaller size bowls, or it it only has a big bowl stretching that out to multiple mini senses. So far I've narrowed down the vapes to a couple so far-

    Grasshopper- This vape seems to have everything I want personally. Incredibly portable, full on demand that you really can hit once and come back to later with seemingly one of the best vapor qualities. The one thing that holds me back a bit is it's malfunction rate as I don't want to be constantly sending it back, although the lifetime warranty is a plus that is nice. The price is getting bumped up very soon as well, which is another downside, the price. Getting a titanium version with a Performance Front End and an extra battery will be around $280 which is quit high compared to other vapes I can get with discounts, almost the same price as my mighty! With all that said the grasshopper seems to me to hit all the points I want best and when it works it seems to work very well.

    Pax 3- the apple of vapes. Although not as small as he gh it's a close second. They have also been proven to be pretty reliable and a decent warranty. I do like the newest features on the pax such as the lip sensors, but I do see how the inherent design of its conduction oven won't allow me to get just one hit from it and turn it off. What I want to know is how good is it at packing it's larger oven up and having a couple mini seshs with it, or if it's really a one sesh a repack kind of vape. Also the vapor quality seems to be pretty good but not on par with the grasshopper.

    Davinci IQ- essentially a different take on the pax with upgrades that can potentially make it better. I won't go into all the little differences between the two as that can be a whim post on it's own, but the way I see it is the IQ is a pax with little differences that make the easy of use, flavor, and overall experience a bit better, but the pax is the tried and true and doesn't seem to defect as much as the IQ which I've heard had terrible customer service.

    Firefly 2- the last of the 3 mainstream ultra portables (it, pax, and IQ). The only one with the on demand convection that the gh has as well as a great taste. But that being said the ff2 has a lot of downsides, the hard technique needed to draw properly, the discretion factor being hurt by its open window design and the need to open it up and stir every couple draws, and the need to clean and maintain it quite a bit. Seems overall people were a bit disappointed by it, but at the same time if the taste and on demand aspect is as good as it could potentially be it might be ok.

    Upcoming vapes-

    Ghost mv1- a controversial vape to say the least. Originally was debating between this and my mighty before I decided to pull the trigger on the mighty. Has the on demand convection style benefits I want, but it's size is what's holding it back. Weighting a significant more then my mighty it seems to not be even close to as portable as the others, especially with its oven design, but at the same time in the size comparison pictures the body appears to be about the size of the ff2. Doesn't really seem as portable as I want, but I thought I would include it in the options as it's potential is high and I could potentially work with the size of it really is all that. Worried it will be to big though and would end up filling the same use as my mighty, which is already filling that role perfectly.

    Arizer Air 2- the upcoming sequel. I like the improvements so far with the LCD display and supposed updates like improved battery life and airflow. The inherent design of the vape with its glass stems worry me in terms of portability though. It also seems like it could end up being like the mv1, a smaller but not necessarily more stealthy and portable alternative to the mighty with the same session style.

    Haze Square- another vape that could possibly hit most of my wants. On demand and the 4 rotating bowls is perfect to load and put in your pocket with enough to last me while I'm out and about all in a small package. Haze vapes are not as familiar to me as the others are and I'm worried about the vapor quality on this one, all convection is a lot harder to get right then most companies assume I feel. It's also not as sure as the other two upcoming vapes as they showed off this vape over a year ago, and now they just say their on the prototype stage, so as with a lot of vapes it could be a long time before this comes out. With all that though if this does come out in a timely manner and if the vape quality is there this could really be a front runner as the ultra portable for me

    All in all I think I have the grasshopper as the front runner for me right now, the reliability is the only big negative for me, but the lifetime warranty could fix that depending on what you guys have to say about it. These all are the ones I have found for myself, but of course if you guys know any other vapes I should be considering or that you think is better then these please lmk. With this vape I think I'll finally have a vape for all my situational needs, although VAS is quite addicting as you all know! Thanks so much for the advice you guys!

    I've also started to think about a MFLB but I'm worried that it just can't hold up to the others in turns of easy of use, battery life, vapor quality, etc. but it's definitely another vape I'm considering, especially for the value compared to the other vapes. (If MFLB or another not listed is your vote vote for the other)
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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  2. Chingas

    Chingas Well-Known Member

    I voted Grasshopper. It sounds like what you are looking for. Small, fast and a really good hitter. Decent taste too as long as you don't start on 5. Yes, there are tales of woe for some users with too many returns so I could never recommend it as someones only vape. After 6 months of usage I had to return mine. Turnaround was quick and it hits better than ever. I had to turn the temps down because level 5 felt like it was 1 degree from combustion. Since you already have the ever reliable Mighty and Vapcap I can recommend going with this choice to fill this particular role for you.

    I like the FF2 but I think it sucks as a portable. If you load it and put it in a pocket then that load will spill out and get all over the inside of the unit. Great with concentrates but every freaking time I tried to use it on the go I always had to open it up and peel the pad off of the lid it was now stuck to. Plus, even if no one truly knows what you are doing they will still think you are smoking weed. With the way you hold it it looks like you're hitting a pipe. Taste is stellar.

    I've never been attracted to the Pax or impressed by anything that DaVinci has done.

    I'm sure the Arizer Air 2 will be a solid vape. Everything Arizer does is consistently well made and reliable. I share the same sentiments about the pain in the ass it is to walk around with that stem. It was always my least favorite thing about the Air and Solo.

    Ghost and Square? :shrug: I'll let many others beta test those before ever considering them. I have a bad feeling about the Ghost.
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  3. ajvapegod

    ajvapegod Member

    Thanks for the great feedback! Yea the gh has seems to me to be the one that fit all my needs and you do make a great point about not having to worry if I do need to send it back as I will have my old reliables with me.
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  4. Chingas

    Chingas Well-Known Member

    Glad to help out. It looks like you're doing a wise job of considering these options. I enjoy my hopper so much I regularly use it at home over the Mighty and Vapcap too. Nice big rips in seconds and it really does a good job of take a hit, put it down, hit it later with out waste. I used to try that with the Mighty and was consistently underwhelmed in comparison.

    Love the pfe for home use and the pen tip for out and about. I'd suggest getting a leatherish pen holder for on the go. It does a great job of protecting the finish while adding to the stealthy pen look of it. If you ever do rma it then you'll just have to use the Mighty or Vapcap. Awwww, poor you.

    If you do go with the hopper you should look into some accessories that Ratchett over at Delta3D Studios makes. I love the charging stand and hopper/doob tube loading funnel. My hopper is always charged up and it holds the hopper upright for easy loading with the funnel. I also have his 3x1 battery holder. Easy transport of multiple batteries on the go if you need and it keeps my spare batteries organized and not rolling away from me at home.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  5. ajvapegod

    ajvapegod Member

    I'm most definitely going to check out those accessories thanks!
  6. GreenHopper

    GreenHopper 20 going on 60

    I voted for GrassHopper. It is a great companion to the VapCap as it's got the stealth benefits but the VapCap will see you through those RMA times.

    I mostly use my VapCap at home with an Induction Heater and the GrassHopper when out and about.

    Haven't used my PAX2 since getting the VapCap/GrassHopper combo.
  7. Pustupillo

    Pustupillo 100% CombustionFree

    Tubo Evic?
  8. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    arizer air2

    whats that about ?
  9. ajvapegod

    ajvapegod Member

    I've thought about the tubo too but they don't seem to be very stealthy and they face the same problem as the air with the glass tubes
  10. ajvapegod

    ajvapegod Member

    It's the upcoming updated version of the air that's akin to the upgrades from the recent solo 2 they have already released a teaser on their website
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  11. Mr.Sifter

    Mr.Sifter Well-Known Member

    did not know of that.

    great. an updated air2.
    any specs yet ?
  12. invertedisdead

    invertedisdead trance-form

    The Grasshopper is the only one that really fits your want list to me, but the price increase is a major turnoff considering the companies history.
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  13. Andreaerdna

    Andreaerdna If God is the answer, then the question is wrong

    Why not MFLB?

    really it is old and all but nothing compares to it for stealth and easy to use in pubblic. Native (without stem) I was able to hit it in occasions where no other vape would have (without being noticed)
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  14. AtomicPB

    AtomicPB Well-Known Member

    I also wanted to suggest the MFLB.

    I personally own the GH and the MFLB and almost exclusively use my Omnivap since about a year.

    The GH is very nice and portable but I consider it too hot/harsh without water. Although taste is quite nice. The experiences of the GH being too hot seem to be mixed, lots of people do not consider it too hot or harsh. Also, the battery-life is not that great, which means your should have some spare batteries on you being on the go. My GH was used several times a day through water for a couple of month and it still worked after not being used for a longer while when tested lately. So at least for me it was reliable until now.

    The MFLBs heat-up time is on par with the GH. I also like the signature of the MFLB a lot but that is very subjective and most would probably consider it worse than the GHs taste. Splitting sessions I like a lot better with the MFLB, somehow the hits from the GH don't seem to be as satisfying after picking it up again with a previously heated load. Batterie-Situation is kinda the same for both. What I consider a little inconvenient sometimes is that you have to shake/mix the load in the MFLB after every toke.

    The GH is great if do not have a sensitive throat and if you have reliable unit.

    I like the MFLB better, because I can use it without having to cough for it being to hot and because the hits after picking it up with a previously used load are better (the extraction seems to be better divided throughout hits, while the GH gives fewer bigger clouds at the first 2 to 3 hits).

    Good luck with your decision. Let us know what you decided for in the end.
  15. VisiblyVaped

    VisiblyVaped Well-Known Member

    Vapcaps dude. Definitely vapcaps
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  16. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit

    Firewood 4. Or VapCaps.

    I prefer FW4 it's obviously much more inconspicuous, but VC can work in a pinch if you're clever.
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  17. namasteIII

    namasteIII Well-Known Member

    how many seconds does it take until your getting decent vapor with with the FW4? Some call it session others call it on demand. I've never been sure myself.
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  18. Krazy

    Krazy Well-Known Member

    up on a mountain
    VapCap for me.
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  19. muunch

    muunch hotboxing the cockpit

    Just a few. I noticed his website says "vapor within 20seconds" or something, but I'd say around 5 or 10 to start producing, by 20s - that baby is ripping! unless of course you're on stock temp1....... in which case... gl

    ...But it's convection. First hit is going to be light on vapor no matter what the device... unless you're just roasting it all in one hit... (stares at flowerpot) or going for big hits off the bat...

    It's on demand, but I session with the capsules. And what I mean by that is; rarely will I leave a little bit in a capsule for later. I can get like 10 or so good pulls off a capsule before it's done. I chill on temps 2 and 3 ... 4 is for water only, which rarely happens. I did the lil trickarooni and bumped all levels up +7degres f

    Once a capsules done, I switch it out, then go back to work... repeat later when I need to "take a walk" or etc. Same shit between classes. Rip a capsule til it's roasted, switch it, done. Takes like 3min or 5min if I'm just lounging around with time to kill, but usually just in for the kill on a quick sesh with the FW4.:tup:

    Quicker than 5-6 heat cycles on a vapcap w a triple torch imo, and a hell of a lot stealthier.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
  20. little maggie

    little maggie Well-Known Member

    Not sure your problem with the tubo. The solo also uses glass tubes- or at least the solo 1 did. The MVT with a wood stem would work well given your specs. I also have a wood stem for my tubo. And either work great with Ddave's quad preload stem pack. That would take 2 pockets- 1 for the pack with 4 prefilled stems and the other for the MVT or tubo.
  21. emmdeemo

    emmdeemo I am being the five years old.

    Have you looked at Pipes glass Project, with a stealth mod box?

    Or one of Pipes portable electric vapcap heaters?
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  22. Jill NYC

    Jill NYC Portable Collector

    GPS signal lost... Rerouting...
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  23. ajvapegod

    ajvapegod Member

    If I were going to go with a vape like the Tubo or MVT which one should I go for. The tubo, MVT, firewood 4, milaana, etc. I'm leaning toward the MVT at the moment mainly because it's on PIU and I love them quite a bit. Remember I'm looking for the best in terms of portability and how well it handles multiple small seshes on one bowl
  24. Tiny88

    Tiny88 Deluxe420

    Vancouver, BC
    I like the Healthy Rips Fury.

    - pretty small and stealthy
    - hybrid heating technology
    - does concentrates (quartz cup)
    - heats to 360 in 22 seconds
    - price point is very attractive ($119.00 now with discount code - check thread)

    - battery is not interchangeable
    - some people have found the taste of the vape unpleasant (I didn't have this issue)
    - battery life could be longer

    Here is a video...

    Click to play YouTube Video


    - forgot to mention that the build quality is pretty solid
    - vapors are really smooth

    Good luck finding your ideal vape.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
  25. CarolKing

    CarolKing Singer of songs and a vapor connoisseur

    The Grasshopper is the most stealth and it looks like an ecig. I went on vacation with mine and it was perfect. I would walk around with it and nobody knew I was vaporizing cannabis. I didn't get really close to people while drawing. I didn't want to give myself away. I would sit at the picnic table at a park without anyone noticing. A very easy vaporizer to use and clean too.

    I have some issues with my GH and will be sending it in for repair soon. There are some faulty units still out there so it is buyer beware. You have back up vaporizers so that's good. The GH does have a lifetime warranty but you have to pay for shipping back to CO.

    I have the Solo 2 and love it but it's not that stealth. It has good flavor and I love the upgrades. It's well worth the $200 to me.

    The Arizer Air 2 looks interesting with the upgrades. It's not on the market yet. I'm not sure when it will be released? I have the original Air but never used it as much as the Solo. The new Arizer Air would be somewhat stealth and it would pass as a large ecig.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
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